Most Forgotten Baby Registry Items

The most forgotten baby registry items often end up being things we wished we had. They’re either things we decided not to get, or they never even crossed our minds. They aren’t usually considered must-have baby registry items, but we often find ourselves wishing we’d put them on there months or even years down the line.

And how can you know if you’ve forgotten something when you’ve never done this before? 

We’ve compiled a list of forgotten baby registry items. Some of the items on our list might be things you shrugged off and others you might never have considered. Either way, with this list, you’ll get some handy tips and tricks to help you figure out what you need.

What This Article Covers

Things You Don't Think to Put on Your Baby Registry

Bedding and Clothing Essentials

overlooked baby registry items

Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are one of the most forgotten baby registry items. They’re rarely added to a baby registry for first-time moms. 

Despite what diaper brands say, they usually end up leaking at some point. Sheets and bedding are easy to clean, but a soiled mattress? Not so much. 

Besides diaper leakage, babies have no control over their bladder. It’s common for them to ‘let go’ as soon as you open the diaper. Cold air is often to blame for this, but you’re left with a soiled mattress. 

And if you’re co-sleeping, consider getting a mattress protector for your bed as well. 

Baby-Sized Hangers

Hangers are another overlooked baby registry item. Yes, baby clothes need hangers too. 

Trying to fit winter jackets into a drawer is not ideal. It’s much easier to hang them in your closet. And if you’re having a baby girl, it would be best to hang those cute dresses too. 

Are you looking for cute gifts for a baby girl? Take a look at our feminist baby clothes.

forgotten baby registry items

Two-in-One Swaddle

Swaddling a newborn is a tricky business since they tend to be a bit squirmy. One arm always ends up pushing out of the blankets. 

Getting a two-in-one swaddle will save you time and effort. It’s quick, easy, warm, and super comfy. 

If you have a winter baby registry, add a thick two-in-one swaddle. It’s great for cold nights or when you have to leave the house with your baby. 

Baby’s Health Essentials


It’s not unusual for newborns to have nasal problems in the first few months. And while saline drops work well, it’s not ideal when your baby’s asleep. 

A humidifier will prevent congestion while you’re baby’s asleep. This might also help them sleep easier, and thus, longer.  

Tips for choosing a humidifier:

  • Find one that allows you to add essential oils. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils are great for congestion. 
  • Choose one with multiple diffuser settings. 
  • Make sure it will switch off once the water is gone. 
  • There are ones with an LED light. It could double as a toddler nightlight. 

A quality humidifier will last you a good few years, just remember to clean it regularly. 

Infrared Thermometer

Digital thermometers are common registry items. But an infrared thermometer is one of those things people forget to put on a baby registry. 

Many new parents don’t even consider this item. If you have a digital one, why would you need an infrared one? 

But, sick babies are fussy, and they rarely hold still long enough to get a proper reading.

Infrared thermometers provide instant results. You won’t have to lift your baby’s clothes to get a reading, either. 

While they are a bit more pricey, it’s worth it in the long run.

Diaper Changing Essentials

Diaper Rash Cream

Newborns have sensitive skin, this is why organic baby gifts are so important.

things you forget to put on baby registry 

Adding a thin layer of diaper cream during every nappy change is important. It protects those sensitive areas and prevents painful rashes. 

You could use vaseline as an alternative, but the diaper cream is more effective. 

A Wet Bag

This is one of the more unique baby registry ideas. What’s a wet bag, you ask? It’s a waterproof pouch for any wet or dirty items. 

It’s great for soiled diapers, dirty clothes, wet bibs, etc. The wet bag fits nicely inside the diaper bag too. 

Alternatively, you could get disposable diaper bags instead. But, having a reusable bag is more economical. 

Diaper Bin

Speaking of soiled diapers, you’re going to get a lot of those in the first few months. A diaper bin is one of the most overlooked baby registry items. 

You may think that it’s a waste of money. You can simply throw the soiled diaper in the actual trash can. 

But, new babies can poo a lot. It’s much easier to empty the diaper bin each morning than to make multiple trips during the night. 

Most diaper bins are also designed to keep odors from escaping, which is a definite plus. 

Bath-Time Essentials

Bath Mat (for Baby)

baby registry items you forget

You might be wondering why a bath mat is on our list. The truth is, that many new parents often forget that babies grow quickly. 

Your baby won’t use a baby bath for more than a year, and sometimes less than that. When they get bigger, they want to move around and explore. This applies to bath time too. 

But, babies are squirmy and slippery when wet. To prevent any accidents, it’s best to get a bath mat for the family bath. 

Tips for choosing a bath mat:

  • Pick one that’s nearly as long as the bottom of your bath. 
  • Make sure it has suction cups to keep it in place

Bath Kneeler (for Mom and Dad)

A bath kneeler can certainly be considered an unusual registry item. But anyone who’s had a baby before knows how tough bath time can be. 

Bathroom floors are usually tiled and even with a rug, they’re hard on the knees. 

Sure, you can just bend down to wash your baby, but that will hurt your back. It’s much easier to kneel beside the tub. 

This is especially true when your baby hasn’t quite mastered their balance yet. You’ll want to hold onto them while they’re in the bath. That’s a long time to lean over or kneel beside the tub. 

A bath kneeler, with lots of padding, will protect your knees. Make sure it has a strap so you can hang it up to dry after. Babies tend to splash a lot, and it’s bound to get soaked. 

Mom Essentials

baby registry forgotten items

Mom essentials are common things people forget to put on a baby registry. If it’s for mom, then can you really put it on the registry? 

More often than not, moms end up buying their essentials at the last minute. And make no mistake, they are essential.

Nipple Cream

Nipple cream is important because despite what everyone says, breastfeeding hurts. It takes a little while for your nipples to adjust to your baby’s feedings. 

Applying the cream after every feeding will help with raw, cracked, and sore nipples. 

It’s difficult to bond with your baby if breastfeeding makes you cringe. You need to take care of yourself too. 

Maternity Pads and Underwear

Maternity pads and underwear might not seem like a priority, but they’re important. 

For one thing, tampons are not going to work after you’ve just had a baby. And for another, you don’t want to ruin your underwear. 

Maternity underwear is disposable, comfortable, and won’t put any pressure on your swollen stomach. 

What Am I Forgetting on My Baby Registry?

Pregnancy brain is a real thing. It’s a result of all those extra hormones, plus everything else you need to think about.

This makes it easy to forget what you should put on your baby registry. 

So, how do you know what you’re forgetting? Here are some easy solutions to figure it out. 

Create a Checklist

things people forget to put on baby registry

A baby registry list for a second baby isn’t all that tough. But for a first-time parent, it’s difficult to know what should go on your baby registry. 

There are so many things to think about, and it’s easy to forget the simplest things. 

You can create a baby registry checklist of all the essentials you think you’ll need. But, how do you know what you should include? 

Should you have a separate baby registry clothing checklist? But, how do you know how many clothes your baby will need? 

Here’s how you can create your checklist.

Ask for Advice

This is by the far the easiest way to make up your baby registry checklist. 

Seasoned moms can help you create your checklist. Ask your mom, aunts, cousins, or any other family or friends who already have kids. 

It’s okay to ask for help. They want to help you. People love giving baby advice to first-time moms. 

Use a Pregnancy/Baby App

These apps are great for tracking your baby’s development during pregnancy. They often have features to track your weight, symptoms, and overall health. 

And, many of these apps have a baby registry checklist. 

It’s usually a simple baby registry list, with all the essentials you’ll need. You can always add more things that you think you’ll need. 

Join a Mom’s Group on Social Media

things you don't think to put on your baby registry

Mom groups can be incredibly helpful. The members are always willing to lend an ear, offer advice, or simply commiserate with you. 

Ask them to list all the things they needed or wish they’d had before giving birth. You might be surprised by their answers. 

More is Better and Variety is Best

You need to stock up on two essential things before your baby arrives: diapers and baby wipes. 

You’re going to blow through a ton of both during the first three months. Stocking up isn’t a problem with the wipes. Buy them in bulk and put them away until needed. 

Diapers, on the other hand, will be a problem. First, you don’t know how big or small your newborn will be. And second, babies grow fast

For this reason, it’s best not to buy too many newborn diapers. Get a few packs of bigger sizes too, just in case. It’s not like they’ll go to waste. You’ll use them eventually.

This rule applies to buying clothes too. Newborn knitwear is adorable, but try to include bigger sizes too. When adding baby clothes to your register, include a range of sizes from newborn to 3-months. 

That way if your baby is big, you’ll still have clothes that fit. And if they’re small? You won’t have to get bigger sizes for a while.

what am i forgetting on my baby registry


The most forgotten baby registry items are often the most convenient too. They tend to make parenthood ten times easier. 

And while our list might seem like unnecessary expenses, these items will help. Like the mattress protector and two-in-one swaddle. They save you extra time and effort. 

We hope this article helped you create the perfect baby registry. Are you looking for more registry ideas? Take a look at our eco-friendly baby registry list or our summer baby registry.

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