Things I Wish I Put on My Baby Registry

Once the baby arrives, many moms realize that they need things that were not included on their baby registry. This can be a very frustrating and stressful experience, filled with frenzied last-minute shopping. You’ll find a lot of them talking about “things I wish I put on my registry”. Don’t let this be you.

With our guide, you’ll be able to ensure that you include everything you will need when your baby arrives. We discuss must-have items, suggest the amount you will need, and also broach the topic of baby registry etiquette.  

12 Things I Wish I Put on My Baby Registry

what i wish i put on my baby registry

Soft Soother Blankets

This is perhaps one of the most important baby registry items you didn't think of at first. But they will quickly become your and your baby’s favorite item. All newborn babies want to feel safe and comforted. Soother blankets play a big role in this. In fact, they can be useful right up to the toddler stage.

Because babies are naturally curious, they end up putting the corners of blankets into their mouths. But you need not be alarmed. This is a perfectly safe and natural behavior. And when your baby’s soother blanket is made of soft, organic, and non-toxic cotton, you can rest assured they will be alright.

That is why we are so proud of our soft cotton baby blankets. And we are sure that both you and your baby will love them too. They make great soother blankets and can be used in many ways for your newborn. Be sure to include one or two on your baby registry.

things you wish you put on your baby registry

Diaper Bag & Changing Mat

A fold-up diaper changing pad and diaper bag are essential items for moms on the go. When out and about with your baby, you need to have certain things with you in case of a diaper change. There is no way to predict when your baby will need a change, so be prepared by getting the right products. 

Try to choose a diaper bag that is machine washable, as this makes it easier to keep it looking good for longer. 

A Comfortable Baby Carrier

One of our top tips for building a baby registry is to include a baby carrier. But this is an item where both your and your baby’s comfort is important. 

Baby carriers come in different styles, so pick one that will be comfortable for you to wear. But also try to choose one that offers your baby the best head and neck support while still being comfy and snug. They also feature different types of fastenings. Do the research and figure out which one is best for you.

A working mom will have different needs than a stay-at-home mom. And how active you want to be with your baby will dictate your baby carrier style, too. Here are a few examples: 

Wrap Baby Carrier

A long fabric sling that you can wrap around your body, is suitable for keeping your baby close while you move about the home. 

Baby Carrier With Straps 

This one has a panel supporting your baby and 2 wide straps that go around your shoulder and waist, great for going out with your baby. 

Structured Baby Carrier 

This is similar in design to a backpack and is perfect for active and working moms.

But a baby carrier is a great gift for all moms. It allows you to keep your baby close and your hands-free, no matter your lifestyle. 

If you plan on taking your baby with you while shopping, a baby carrier may sometimes be better than a stroller. You’ll be able to move about freely while still providing your baby with comfort, security, and support.

Season Specific Rompers

Baby clothes are an important part of your baby registry. But the one factor that so many expectant mothers seem to overlook is the season their baby will be born. 

what you wish you put on your baby registry

Include newborn and 0-3 months sized rompers that are suitable for the season. As babies spend their first few weeks living in rompers and bodysuits, get the best quality ones in soft, breathable material. 

If you are expecting a winter baby, most of the rompers should have long sleeves and legs. Sleeveless rompers are only ideal for summer babies or very warm climates. Because babies feel the cold easily, this may not be the best choice for other babies.

Bath Time Essentials

If you completely forgot about bath time products, we understand. It’s easy to forget items that don’t seem to fit in with clothes, diapering, or toys. This is why a baby registry is necessary, as it can be divided into easy-to-read categories which make shopping so much simpler. 

A baby bathtub and special baby towels are not strictly essential, as you could bathe your baby in your tub and use the soft hand towels that you already have. Of course, if you have a shower but no tub, then you will want to include a baby bathtub.

Just remember that a baby’s skin is very sensitive. This is why special baby bath products exist. Ordinary toiletry items are not always suitable for use on a newborn’s skin. You can forego a baby bathtub and baby-sized towels, but don’t forget to include gentle baby bathtime products like baby soap and shampoo. 

Soft Newborn Hats

Babies' heads are very sensitive to the cold, and can also be sunburned very easily. So no matter your climate or the season, you need to include a few newborn baby hats. Surprisingly, many first-time moms forget to include this on their registry. But such a simple item can be very helpful to your baby.

Whether you prefer plain soft cotton caps, traditional-style bonnets, or knitted beanies is up to you. The latter may be more practical if you are having a winter baby, though. But we offer various styles to cater to every season, from newborn baby boy hats to soft beanies in gender-neutral colors.

what things i wish i put on my baby registry

Include one or two baby hats on your registry no matter the season, but in winter you may want to add an extra knitted beanie or two. And remember that beanies come in sizes too, so include newborn as well as 0-3 months size beanies.

Knitted Booties & Mittens

For a perfectly coordinated outfit in winter, add some soft knitted booties to your winter baby registry to complete the look. But this is a good idea for any baby registry because little hands and feet get cold as quickly as that little head does. 

Opt for booties made of natural materials like organic cotton, instead of synthetic fibers. As babies have very sensitive skin, it is advisable to always choose natural materials for items that fit snugly against the skin.

If you prefer, substitute cloth shoes that pull onto your baby's feet for summer instead of knitted booties. They can be matched to your baby’s rompers and onesies, and are usually machine washable too. 

Mittens keep your baby’s hands warm and protected during winter, but may not be necessary past the newborn stage. Because as soon as your baby starts grasping at toys, their little fingers will want to move. 

Packs of Diapers

This is one of those baby registry dos and don’ts that expectant mothers find so confusing. Diapering can become very expensive, but diapers are essential for your baby’s care. Anything that is a “must-have” can go on your baby registry. That being said, there are different price points for diapers.

Diapers don’t have to have cute pictures or fancy elements on them to be functional. And their function is simple. To keep your baby dry and comfortable. Most diaper brands achieve this, so you can include diapers in any price range that you feel comfortable with. 

Remember that the more affordable they are, the more you’ll receive. But there is one very important thing to note here. Babies grow so fast. So, don’t focus only on newborn-size diapers. Your baby will outgrow them pretty quickly. Include the different sizes up to 3-6 months at least. 

Soft and Safe Baby Toys

You can and should include some baby toys on the list. But they don’t have to be very expensive or in step with the latest trends. The baby toys you should register for are soft and safe for your baby to play with. 

Many moms prefer traditional toys but worry about their safety.  But we offer the very best and safest traditional baby toys such as rattles, knotted dolls, and handmade baby stuffed animals. These well-known and much-loved toys are given a modern twist. They are all soft, natural, and non-toxic. 

things I wish I would've put on my baby registry

The most important factor here is safety and comfort. That is why our toys are made from the softest, purest organic cotton that is gentle on little hands. Even our rattles are free from hard elements that could hurt your baby.

One or Two Baby Gift Sets

Including a few gift sets is always a good idea. A collection of baby clothes and toys that are both beautiful and eco-friendly are the ultimate gift. And we have several organic baby gift sets that would make the ideal addition to your baby registry. Don’t forget to add a couple of them to your list.

You may have assumed that gift sets are expensive and are unsure if you should put expensive items on your baby registry. But they can be quite affordable, and usually offer several essential items in one package.  

Your circle of friends and relatives will be working to different budgets, and that needs to be catered for. So give them as many choices as possible, as some of them may want to give you something extra special for your baby.  

exactly what to put on a baby registry

Several Adjustable Bibs

One of the essentials that almost everyone forgets about at first is the humble bib. Before you know it, your baby will be growing and starting to eat porridge and soft foods. But babies are notoriously messy eaters. That is why every growing baby needs a bib to protect their lovely clothes from getting stained.

Bibs get soiled quickly and regularly, so include a few of them on your registry. We have the very best bibs for babies to choose from. They are sustainably produced from organic cotton, in a stylish kerchief design. What’s more, thanks to adjustable fastenings they can be adapted to your baby’s growing needs. 

A bib is one of those essential items that every baby needs, so include several of these must-haves on your list. Choose bibs that complement the onesies or rompers on your list, and your baby will always look his very best.

things i want i put on my baby registry

A Coming Home Outfit

No matter which onesies and rompers you choose for your baby’s first months, you’d probably like something special for that first trip home. You may want to take a lot of photos that day, and you’ll want your baby to wear something really special. 

But that doesn’t mean getting an outfit that will be used once. An adorable newborn knit outfit can serve as a beautiful coming home outfit and be used for other special outings too. 

Our knitted newborn clothes are ideal for soft, sensitive skin. And they are gender neutral which means they are suitable even if you don’t know what your baby’s gender will be. 


Life can become very complicated when you’re expecting a baby and don’t have much free time to create a baby registry. But even if you only included the 10 suggestions in our guide above, you’d cope with your baby’s first few weeks. 

So don’t worry too much about creating the perfect baby registry. Focus instead on creating one that is perfect for you and your baby. Choose from our extensive range of baby clothes, blankets, and toys. They are all non-toxic, organic, and perfect for your precious new arrival. 

things i need i put on my baby registry

Things I Wish I Put on My Baby Registry (FAQs)

How can I avoid leaving important items off my baby registry? 

The sooner you get started on your baby registry, the better. It is when you leave it to the last minute that you will be likely to forget things. Create a baby registry checklist, and take your time going through each category until you know that you have included everything you will need.

What if the store I chose doesn’t sell everything I need for my baby registry?

You can have more than one baby registry, at different stores. It may be necessary, as your favorite store might not offer everything you need.  But don’t have too many, as this will only create confusion for your gift-givers. 

We recommend making things easier for people who work long hours by including an online store as well. This will be far more convenient for people with busy schedules. 

How soon must I complete my baby registry?

The idea is to have your baby registry sorted out in time for your baby shower party. You need to allow your friends and family time to shop for your gifts. And remember, babies sometimes arrive earlier than expected. So be prepared, and compile your baby registry as soon as you can

Why do I need a baby registry if it’s not my first baby?

If you have items left over from your first baby, that’s great. Re-use what you can. But it’s unlikely that you have everything that you will need for your new baby. Simply make a list of everything that you already have. And see where you need to fill in. And don’t forget, you’ll probably still need things like diapers.

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