Toys for a 5-Month Old

If you’re looking for the best toys for a 5-month-old baby, you’re in the right place.  Whether you’re shopping for your baby or the child of a family member or friend, we’ve got you covered. We've put together this guide to the best toys for 5-month-old boys and girls for all occasions. 

We included developmental toys, sensory toys, Christmas gifts, and toys that are just for fun. So you can find the perfect gift, or combination of gifts, that are educational, entertaining, or both. Make an infant’s day (and put a smile on their mom’s face too), with one of the toys in our gift guide, below. 

What this article covers:

Top Toys for a 5-Month-Old

best toys for 5 month old

People often aren’t sure what the best toys for babies under 6 months old are. Should they choose them according to gender, developmental stage, or occasion? It depends on the situation, and any of these are acceptable criteria. So we divided our gift guide into these categories to help you decide.

Best Toys for a 5-Month-Old Baby Boy

Animal Toys

Baby boys love learning about the world around them, and this natural curiosity extends to the natural world. Stuffed animals have been a favorite for baby boys for generations. And you’ll find these and other baby favorites in our range of natural baby toys.

gifts for 5 month old

Hand-knitted in Peru from the softest, purest cotton, these toys are fit for any occasion. Buy them singly or in sets. Any baby boy will love to play with these right up to the toddler stage. 

Sports-Themed Ball Toys

Give that budding little sports star a good start with some sports-themed ball toys. Our soft baseball toys are made with 100% certified organic cotton. 

5 month old toys

They are soft and comfortable for a 5-month-old’s hands to hold. And they all mix and match perfectly. Some also double up as rattle toys. They make ideal toys for 5-month-olds and can be paired with sports-themed baby gear for the ultimate sporty gift.

Best Toys for a 5-Month-Old Baby Girl

Soft Dolls 

Baby girls have always loved knitted dolls. They are comforting and soothing to fussy babies. And they are perfect for the developing senses of a 5-month-old. So select one of our soft, knitted dolls for the ideal 5-month-old baby girl gift. 

christmas gifts for 5 month old

They are available in a range of adorable characters and will continue to delight any baby girl right through the toddler years. They make lovely toys for bedtime and playtime.

Baby Feminist Toys

Babies can be feminists, too. Delight the feminist parent of a 5-month-old baby girl with some feminist toys. And while you’re about it, include some clothes that coordinate in design and purpose. 

Our feminist baby onesies coordinate with all our feminist baby books and toys. Give them as a gift set, or individually. This is also one of the best gifts for a 6-month-old baby girl.

 5 month old baby toys

Developmental Toys For A 5-Month-Old

Floor Cushion With Toys

At 5 months old, most babies can sit up with the aid of pillows, and roll over in both directions. Help them stay comfortable and focused with a floor cushion that comes with its soft toys. 

If you are handy with a needle, you may even choose to make one yourself. Look online for easy-to-follow patterns. Fabric stores offer a wide range of colorful and cute prints, including some that are suitable for babies.

But use only breathable fabrics, like cotton. And to make it as practical and easy-care as possible, make a slipcover that can be removed and machine-washed. Use a pillowcase design for the cover. Avoid zips or buttons, as these could harm a curious 5-month-old’s delicate skin.

Mobiles For Feeding Chairs

Most 5-month-old babies are starting to enjoy larger, but less frequent feedings including solid foods. That means they’ll soon be spending more time in a feeding chair (also known as a high chair). Encourage them to sit in it with toys designed to attach to the feeding chair.

Not all babies love their feeding chair at first. It takes some getting used to, which is why a high-chair mobile is such a useful gift. These are readily available online and at most baby supplies stores. And make feeding time even more enjoyable with a few of our organic cotton baby bibs

5 month old christmas gifts

These are adjustable so that they can be used up to the toddler stage. And best of all, they coordinate beautifully with all our baby clothes and toys. Bibs are no longer boring, as these bibs have a stylish kerchief design.

Mobiles for Cribs

Although a 5-month-old baby usually starts to sleep through at night, some can remain light sleepers for a while still. And when they wake up during the night, it helps if there’s something to keep them entertained until they nod off again.

Mobiles for cribs fell out of favor for a while, as people feared they were a choking hazard if the mobile toys fell. Babies love to put things in their mouths, after all. But you can lower this risk by checking that the mobile you purchase has soft toys only, with no small pieces that could easily dislodge.

Baby Blocks

toys for a 5 month old

These are top-rated baby toys for 3-6 month-olds. A 5-month-old will be able to pick up larger, easy-to-grasp objects by now, like blocks or soft balls. Encourage these fine motor skills with a set of colorful baby blocks.

As the baby grows and develops, the different sizes, colors, and textures of these stacking blocks will be appreciated. This ensures that your gift will continue to serve both an entertaining and an educational purpose for many months to come.

Stacking Cups

Much like the baby stacking blocks, stacking cups also provide endless hours of educational entertainment. They are perfect for babies aged 5 months and up. Stacking cups are usually brightly colored, most often the primary colors.

Because babies start to identify colors at this stage, the colors alone will enchant them. But stacking cups also teach useful motor skills and will continue to offer developmental benefits as the baby grows. Almost all baby stores sell these traditional baby toys. 

Teething Toys

toys for five month old

Teething usually only happens from the age of about 6 months, but some babies start as soon as 5 months. At any rate, time goes by so quickly that this is a good time to get them a teething toy. 

Just be sure to buy them from a reputable dealer in baby goods. Check that the teething toy is made from non-toxic materials, and is comfortable for the baby’s delicate gums. And don’t forget to pop a tube of teething gel into the gift bag for their mom to apply.

Best Sensory Toys for a 5-Month-Old

Musical Toys

best gifts for 5 month old

Usually, 5-month-old babies start sleeping through the night, although night-time waking up is still common for some. Usually, they go right back to sleep after feeding. But a sensory toy that relaxes them and lulls them back to sleep faster is a great gift for babies and parents (moms and dads need their sleep, too!)

Musical toys for babies have always been popular for this reason. Unlike a white noise machine that makes soothing sounds, a musical toy will provide gentle lullabies and tunes on demand. This is also one of the best sensory toys for 4-month-olds who are still waking up a lot at night.

Bath Toys

Most babies love bath time, as the feel of water against their skin is very soothing. But for those who don’t appreciate this daily ritual, make it more fun with some bath toys. Bath toys come in all kinds of designs, from little boats to fishes and ducks. 

They’re usually brightly colored, and some even squeak when squeezed. They are perfect for active 5-month-olds who are starting to explore new sensations. Include a baby bath book too if you can. This is a picture ‘book’ made of soft, waterproof plastic. 

A fun idea is to make up a baby bathtime gift set of baby body wash, bath toys, a bath book, and a hooded baby bath towel. 

Rattle Toys

The traditional rattle fulfilled one purpose. It made a noise that entertained a baby. And while rattles still do this, our knitted baby rattle toys are a great combo of rattle and soft toys. And that means double the fun.

 developmental toys for 5 month old

Sold in themed sets and separately, they are available in a wide range of colors and motifs. But like all our baby toys, they are made from soft, organic cotton. So they’re completely natural and safe to play with.

Baby Mirror Toys

Encourage self-reference, memory, and interactive skills with a baby-friendly mirror. Toys for babies that include mirrors will appeal to any 5-month-old as they start to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings. 

Don’t give an ordinary mirror as a gift though, no matter how impactful and safe it may appear. Baby mirrors, unlike real ones, are not made of glass. Therefore they are safer for babies to play with. They usually come framed with a soft fabric.

best toys for 4 5 month old

Activity Gym

You’ll help to teach good hand-eye coordination and motor skills by giving a 5-month-old a baby gym. This usually allows the baby to lie on a soft, cushioned playmat and look up (and grab) soft toys hanging down.

But there are many ways this can be used. At 5 months, ‘tummy time’ is an important part of a baby’s playtime. At this age, a baby will continue to strengthen their muscles and grasp nearby toys. 

From 5 to 7 months they may also start to press through their forearms when placed on their tummies,  to lift their chests from the floor.   

Soft Beach Ball

At 5 months, babies start grasping at toys more. While they are becoming more curious, a soft and colorful beach ball is the ideal sensory toy. 

Babies of this age are becoming more aware of cause and effect. If they push the ball it will roll along. This helps to nurture their development. But the texture and color also stimulate sensory awareness. That makes this one of the best baby beach toys for 6 months and under.

Add a sunhat and a baby beach towel to this, and you’ll have made up the ideal summer vacation gift for a 5-month-old. 

Christmas Gifts for a 5-Month-Old

Now it’s time for some 5 month-old-Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas Motif Soft Toys

Reindeer and elf toys are perfect for Christmas, especially the ‘elf-on-the-shelf ‘ style toys that are so popular right now. But they should preferably be made of soft material or even knitted. This will reduce the risk of choking hazards or injury.

Many stores sell baby sweaters with reindeer or snowmen on them for Christmas. Alternatively, get a baby-sized Santa hat. That would make a lovely addition to a gift of a Christmas elf or reindeer toy.

Teddy Bear 

Teddy bears have been warming the hearts of children for generations. Many stores sell Christmas-themed teddy bears that are suitable toys for 5-month-olds. 

good toys for 5 month old

This would also make an excellent Christmas gift for babies 6 months of age, or any age. But choose a teddy bear that has soft, embroidered features rather than hard fixtures for the eyes and mouth. 

If you can’t find anything that fits the bill, add a soft Santa hat to a traditional teddy bear. Once Christmas is over, the hat can be removed and the teddy will remain a favorite toy.

Christmas Colors

If you can’t find any appropriate toys in Christmas motifs, opt for Christmas colors instead. A baby is born with poor vision, which then develops as they get older. By 5 months, a full-color vision should be established.

Bold hues of red and green are traditional Christmas colors, and red/white candy stripes are just as representative of the festive season. Any soft toy or mobile toy in these colors and prints will add an instant touch of Christmas cheer.

Don’t let the Christmas vibes end there, though. Add a cozy knitted beanie in one of the Christmas colors, to make this a more practical gift. 

gifts for a 5 month old

Christmas Story Time

Five-month-old babies are starting to appreciate funny sounds and voices. That is why they squeal with delight when they hear a familiar voice, or you make funny noises to entertain them. 

So get them a baby book of Christmas-themed stories. Read out loud to them, giving a funny ‘voice’ to each character as you narrate. They won’t yet understand the story, but they’ll love to look at the pictures and hear you read to them.  


With knowledge about a baby’s developmental milestones and a little imagination, you’ll be able to choose the best toys for a 5-month-old.

But when choosing a baby toy, a mom’s peace of mind is just as important as a baby’s interest. We meet this need with our range of beautiful handmade baby toys designed for safe and stimulating play.

Gifts for a 5-Month-Old (FAQs)

5 month baby toys

Do 5-month-old babies prefer stimulating or soothing toys? 

They like a bit of both. But because 5-month-olds are becoming more active, and can see better than before, brightly colored toys that encourage physical activity are ideal choices.

Can 5-month-olds recognize their toys?

No, babies only seem to recognize their toys at a later stage. But from about 6 months, they will recognize familiar faces. And at 9 months, they’ll recognize one of their toys even when partially obscured.

What’s the best toy for a 5-month-old baby?

Anything that is brightly colored and stimulates the senses is a great toy for a 5-month-old. Choose something that has an interesting texture and fun motifs for even more sensory interest

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