Toys for a 4-Month-Old

Buying toys for a 4-month-old baby can be a very overwhelming task. It can be hard to keep track of what developmental and physical milestones a 4-month-old should be hitting. You don’t want to buy them something that they won’t be able to use for several months.

So we’ve done the research and put together a list of all the best toys for 4-month-olds. This list looks at things that are helpful for their overall development, but also specifically helping them to work towards sitting up. 

Best Toys for a 4-Month-Old

When it comes to gifts for 4-month-olds, there is a large range of options to choose from. While some people tend to choose gifts based on the gender of the baby, there are a lot of great gender-neutral options, like our organic gender-neutral clothing.

best toys for 4 month old

We’ll be looking at some nice ideas for boys and girls, and then focusing on toys that are focused on areas of development. Most toys that are a good fit for 4-month-olds are focused on some area of sensory stimulation or development.

We’ll be looking at toys that help with mental and physical development, as well as toys specifically designed to help 4-month-olds with the process of learning to sit up. This is a vital milestone for them to be working towards, and toys can be a helpful part of that. 

Best Toys For A 4-Month-Old Baby Boy

Sports Themed Toys

A very fun option when it comes to toys for a 4-month-old baby boy is some stuffed sports toys. While the baby won’t know what they are playing with, it can be a real treat for the parents if they are big sports fans.

4 month old baby toys

Because of the high quality of our products, these sports toys will last for a long time, and might even end up being part of what encourages a child to pursue a sport. If they’ve grown up with a beloved stuffed football, they’ll probably be keen to explore the real thing later in life.

Best Toys For A 4-Month-Old Baby Girl

Soft Toys

Stuffed animals are a classic toy when it comes to children of all ages, and 4-month-old baby girls are no exception. Our wide range of handmade stuffed animals can provide real emotional support to young babies and can result in a lifelong favorite toy.

4 month old toys

One of the other benefits of stuffed animals in particular is that they provide really interesting shapes for young babies to engage with. There are certain irregular shapes that only occur in nature, and a lion’s mane or set of shark’s teeth provide fascinating textures for babies to experience. 

Of course, there’s no reason that a little girl might not want a stuffed baseball over a stuffed owl. Part of the appeal of our collection is that we offer a wide range of safe, sustainable options guaranteed to satisfy even the fussiest babies. Our stuffed animals are still great gifts for 6-month-old babies and even older ones. 

Feminist Clothes

While clothes might not be something that a 4-month-old really appreciates, it’s a lovely gift for the parents. And it’s even better when those clothes send a positive and empowering message to young girls (and everyone).

Our collection of feminist baby clothes seeks to send a positive message about the power of women. It’s never too early to start reminding girls of how powerful and capable they are. They won’t remember the outfit, but they will absorb the messaging they received from as far back as they can remember. 

toys for 4 month old baby

Because of our focus on being environmentally friendly, this gift ends up being incredibly practical, positive, and good for the planet. Just be sure to check what size she needs, because not all 4-month-olds fit into clothes for 4-month-olds.  

Developmental Toys for a 4-Month-Old

When it comes to developmental toys for 4-month-olds, you want to focus on developing the skills they already have, while pushing them to further develop. This means an increase in open-ended and creative play. 

It also looks like a focus on gross motor skills, particularly when it comes to holding things in their hands, as well as full-body movements like rolling over and reaching for objects. 

developmental toys for 4 month old

Bath Toys

Bathing and hygiene are such an important part of raising a child. As a parent, the earlier you get your baby accustomed to bath time, the fewer battles you will have to fight in the future. So when you’re looking for a gift for a 4-month-old, bath toys could be a really fun and practical option.

Bath toys like rubber duckies are classic, but toys that a baby can squeeze to fill with water are a great way to encourage babies to do things with two hands rather than just one. 

Of course, when that water comes out, there will be water everywhere, but that’s just part of the fun. In fact, these bath toys can also make for good beach toys for 6-month-old babies on their first trip to the beach. 


When it comes to helping with development, books are one of the most important parts of a toybox. This includes both fabric books and card books, both of which provide great stimulation for a 4-month-old.

gifts for 4 month old

While they won’t know what is going on with the pictures or the story, reading a story to a baby fosters great interaction. This is easy if the person reading uses funny voices, makes big facial expressions, and turns story reading into an experience. 

At this age, babies are old enough to be able to start meaningfully interacting with people, and reading can be an exceptional tool for that. While 4-month-olds are a long way away from language, this kind of mutual feedback helps to develop the brain in that direction. 

When choosing a book for a 4-month-old, you also want to look for books that are interactive. At 4 months, their interaction will be limited, but books with pull tabs or pop-ups also make wonderful Christmas gifts for 5-month-old babies. At 4 months, you can focus on books with interesting textures or ones that come with little sounds. 


You may wonder how organic baby bibs are useful for development, but it helps in two ways. At 4 months, you can start to think about introducing pureed foods or even very soft food. This is a major milestone for your baby, but it is important to only do it when they are ready.

 4 month old christmas gifts

When you start feeding foods other than breastmilk and formula, it’s going to get very messy very fast. Bibs are a lifesaver for new parents, and you can never have too many. This makes it easier to focus on the excitement of new foods rather than stressing about the mess. 

A good bib means that you don’t have to do a complete outfit change after each meal. Secondly, as your baby’s diet progresses, you may be able to introduce finger foods. These are important both nutritionally and in terms of motor skills as your baby learns to grasp and move around objects. 

Musical Toys

Developing hearing and understanding the difference between different kinds of sounds is a crucial part of development, and toys are a wonderful way to do that. There are two separate kinds of musical toys: ones that play music, and ones that you can use to create music. Both are wonderful gifts and are some of the best toys for babies 3-6 months

There are many options for toys that play different songs or noises when you press different buttons, and this is important in babies learning to understand that certain actions cause certain outcomes. By 4 months, babies are beginning to understand the idea of cause and effect.

This is why musical instruments are so important as well. Things like rattles, xylophones, and drums are a great way for your baby to learn how to make noises using their body and are an essential part of overall communication. Music also encourages babbling, which is something that increases at around 4 months. 

 4 months 6 month baby toys

Soft Blocks And Shapes

While this might seem like a slightly boring gift, they are an important component of a 4-month-old’s toy kit. It is important to have toys that provide a large amount of external stimulation, like musical toys, but you also want to leave space for your child to play with things their own way.

The open-ended nature of soft shapes makes them excellent toys. And they don’t have to be boring. You can find wonderful examples that are bright or patterned or textured. But you can use them to show your baby things like building.

They won’t be able to do this yet, but watching you stack blocks is an important step in the direction of them being able to do it themselves. Because 4-month-olds are still learning to reach and grab, the soft nature of these is ideal. It is also nice to provide a different texture from other toys so that your baby is given a variety of sensory inputs. 

Wooden Blocks With Wheels

This might just seem like a roundabout way of saying ‘toy cars’, but there are some differences. Firstly, exposing your baby to a variety of different materials will be good for their sensory development, so it’s important to have wood, plastic, and other materials that are safe for babies.

baby toys 4 6 months

Secondly, with babies at this age, you want to focus on open-ended and creative play. A toy car is a car, but a block with wheels has a lot more imaginative potential. While a child won’t be able to do this kind of thinking at 4 months, these are toys that will last for years.

And one of the major benefits of the fact that they have wheels is that you can put them just slightly out of reach of the baby. This means that they will have to practice their newly developed skills of rolling and reaching. This helps with building muscles that will eventually allow them to crawl and walk. 

Sitting Up Toys for a 4-Month-Old

By the time a baby is 4 months old, they won’t be able to sit up by themselves. This is a developmental milestone that most babies start to hit independently around 6 months. But there is a lot you can do to help strengthen the muscles that allow this process to take place. 


Mobiles are a good way to keep babies entertained, but they are also important in developing muscle strength that later helps babies sit up. A mobile where a baby is lying on their back and looking up at things encourages the reaching and grasping instinct that increases at 4 months.

gifts for 4 month baby

This motivates them to stretch and that strengthens the muscles. As a parent, it’s important to make sure that the mobile is either just for visual stimulation and too far to reach, or close enough for your baby to actually grasp without stretching too far and hurting themselves. 

If you’re buying a mobile for a 4-month-old, you want to make sure that it is bright and visually stimulating so that the baby will want to engage with it and try to grasp the things dangling.


In addition to lying on their back, babies need time lying on their tummies. While this is important from birth, 4 months is around when babies start to be able to actually lift their own heads up for slightly longer periods of time. 

For tummy time, babies need to be on a soft, safe surface, but also one that is interesting for them to engage with. Playmats are designed with this in mind and will have interesting textures and materials. When on a playmat, you can also place toys slightly too far away from the baby to encourage them to lift their heads and roll around a little to try to reach the toy.

Floor Seat

4 month baby toys

Something new that can be introduced at around 4 months is a floor seat. As the baby’s muscles have been slowly getting stronger, they are now able to sit up in a chair designed to support them. This is important because it helps their body get used to sitting upright for the first time. 

As a gift for a 4-month-old, floor seats are developmentally fantastic, but also allow for the parents to put the child down and know that they will be safe. This obviously doesn’t mean leaving the child unattended, but it does mean that the parent can free up their arms for a few minutes without the child being able to put themselves in danger. 

It is important to acknowledge how much growth and development happens between 4 and 6 months for babies, and they need less sitting support. While this kind of seat is ideal for a 4-month-old baby, something like a teething ring would be one of the best gifts for a 6-month-old baby

4-Month-Old Christmas Gifts

Warm, Cozy Blankets

As we enjoy the Christmas season, it’s important to remember to keep warm. This is especially true of babies, who get cold far more easily. That’s why a great gift for a 4-month-old is a lovely organic cotton baby blanket.

good toys for 4 month old

These luxurious blankets provide the highest possible level of comfort, and you know that they are eco-friendly and safe for your baby to use, being made without any harsh chemicals. This is vital because babies love to put everything into their mouths, so you know they will be safe. 

We stock both large blankets to snuggle up in, and lovey blankets for babies, which are smaller and provide some interesting textures. These can be a fun addition to your baby’s collection of stuffed animals. 

toys for a 4 month old

Gift Sets

Another wonderful Christmas gift for a 4-month-old is one of our organic baby gift sets. These provide a wide selection of different options, allowing you to choose exactly what you want.

best toys for 4 6 month old

These gift sets include many of the wonderful gifts that we’ve listed in the article, making it the perfect choice if you’re struggling to decide what you want to buy. 

The benefit of our gift sets is that, whichever one you choose, it will be lovely for the parents and the baby. This takes a lot of the stress off trying to decide exactly what to choose. 

Baby Clothes

A great Christmas gift for new parents is some extra baby clothes. However, make sure that you get their size right beforehand. You don’t want to end up accidentally buying newborn baby boy hats for 4-month-old babies. 

best toys for four month old

We provide a wide range of excellent organic cotton baby bodysuits, suitable for 4-month-olds, but also great Christmas gifts for 6-month-old babies.

best gift for 4 month old


When it comes to choosing the best toys for a 4-month-old baby, you really are spoilt for choices, there are so many options available that will provide hours of fun while also helping the 4-month-old in your life to grow and hit their milestones.

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