Gifts for a 5-Month-Old Baby Girl

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl?

Then luckily, you’re in the right place!

We’ve put together a list of the top 26 gift ideas for a 5-month-old girl. We’ve judged them based on age appropriateness, educational stimulation, safety, longevity, usefulness, and of course, how adorable they are.

We understand that you want the best for your little sweetheart. She’s rapidly growing, developing, and learning and we know you want to give her the best start in life by providing the very best gifts.

So whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, Christmas present, or just something to spoil your little one, read on to discover the best gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

Gift Ideas for a 5-Month-Old Girl

5 month old christmas gift ideas

Play Gym

Play gyms are by far one of the best gifts you can invest in for your baby girl.

Unlike most gifts, you’ll be able to use this for the entire first year. They’re a safe place to put your baby, and most importantly, they’re colorful, exciting, and engaging.

And there are tons of different options out there. From simple toys hanging to singing and dancing characters, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, they are durable (meaning you can save them for any future children).

Adorable Baby Onesies

It goes without saying that babies need a lot of clothes. That’s why these knitted onesies for babies are one of the most popular gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

christmas gifts for a 5 month old

Parents love their soft cotton fabric which is perfect for your baby's delicate skin. Plus, the easy snaps on the crotch are a game-changer when it comes to changing diapers.

Organic cotton baby onesies are a must-have for any parent.  And with these unique character designs, who can resist them?

gift ideas for a 5 month old girl

And if you're raising a strong, independent girl, check out these fabulous feminist baby onesies. They’re also one of our most popular Christmas gifts for a 5-month-old baby.

5 month old baby christmas gifts

Tummy Time Pillow

This is one of the top-rated baby toys for any baby aged 3-6 months.

As your baby is now trying to balance on their belly, give them a helping hand with a tummy time pillow.

These pillows will enable them to stay on their tummies for longer. This allows them to get stronger in their arms, legs, and necks.

Bath Toys

As your baby grows, it’ll start to enjoy splashing around in the bath as well.

That's why this is the perfect age to buy them cute bath toys such as rubber ducks or books for the bath.

Plus, they are double the fun as they’ll make fantastic beach toys for 6-month-olds, too!

Cuddleable Stuffed Toys

Our special ranges of organic cotton stuffed animals are fabulous gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

gift for a 5 month old baby girl

You can find anything from lions and owls to taxis and apples which means there’s something that suits everyone.

Plus, they’re soft without any sharp edges making them one of the most recommended toys for 5-month-old babies.

Crib/Stroller Hanging Rattles

We know that taking your baby out has its challenges and it’s not always an easy walk in the park.

So why not make things easier on yourself by providing some easy entertainment for your baby?

Hanging rattles are essential for peaceful, long outings. And there’s so much choice out there. The colors, noises, and amusing characters will keep your baby happy for hours.

Hand-Held Rattles

By now, your baby girl is probably starting to use her little fingers and grasp onto things.

To encourage this movement, why not get one of the best toys for infants 0-6 months? Rattles are simply everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from fruits to keys to flowers.

They’ll help your little one to develop motor skills while providing fun and whimsical entertainment.

What’s more, they’re excellent for teething babies as they can bite them to soothe their sore gums.

Snuggly Blankets

It’s no secret that babies need a lot of sleep and, with that, babies need blankets, too.

Our soft organic baby blankets are suitable for all baby age groups making them great 6-month-old girl Christmas gifts.

5 month baby girl gifts

Parents love the adorable and one-of-a-kind designs as well as their soft fabric.

And if you're looking for something extra special, check out these lovey blankets for babies. These hand-knitted security blankets will keep your little one warm, especially over the winter months.

gift ideas for 5 month old baby girl

Finger Puppets

Here’s one of our favorite gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl that is sure to spark your baby girl’s imagination.

And finger puppets are fun for everyone. You can enjoy bonding with your baby as you enter a world of interesting characters, exploring new dimensions, and creating new songs to sing to your little one.

Available in all kinds of colors and characters, you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you and your child.

Plus, they’re a great 6-month-old gift idea.


Now that your baby is holding onto objects, this is the right time to buy her an adorable comforter too.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are lots of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from.

We love the ones that have a knitted animal on top and then blend into a small blanket.

Because they're not so big, they are ideal for taking anywhere. That means your baby will feel safe and comforted everywhere you go.

Teething Toys

gift for 5 month old baby girl

Similar to rattles, but without the noise (which is a massive bonus).

Perfect gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl who is expecting her first tooth at any moment. Teething toys are also great gift ideas for 4-month-old babies because this is the age when more of those tiny teeth start appearing. 

While this is an exciting development, it can be painful for both babies and their parents.

Luckily, you can ease this pain with teething toys. Made from silicone or rubber, they serve as safe, natural pain relievers.

Activity Books

Spark your baby girl's imagination with bright, colorful, and animated books. This two-way interaction with your baby is important for parent-child bonding.

What’s more, research shows that reading to babies from a young age can aid with language development further down the line.

best gift for 5 month old baby girl

Plus, it’s possible to find books with special sensory features for seeing, touching, and feeling. For example, books often come with mirrors, rustle fabrics, fluffy fabrics, and more.

Cozy Baby Hats

Are you looking for 5-month-old Christmas gift ideas? Cozy baby hats are the way to go.

Handmade from organic cotton and available in a variety of colors, these hats are the perfect gift for keeping your baby warm in the cold winter weather.

Play Water Mat

Here we have an amazing gift for aiding your baby’s sensory development.

A play water mat allows them to explore the exciting world of water without getting wet!

They usually come with little fish that move around so your child can enjoy learning how to move them, too. 

Plus, it’s one of the most useful gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl because you can use it almost anywhere. You can place it on a chair, on the floor, or even use it on the go making it great entertainment in any setting.

Mess-Free Bibs

best gifts for a 5 month old baby girl

Now that your baby is growing, they’re getting ready to start eating. This is a huge milestone in your little one’s life.

But, are you worried about the mess when eating? Thankfully, we have the ideal solution. These organic baby bibs are a no-brainer and will help limit the mess.

Parents love the delightful designs and adjustable neck snaps which allow them to be used up until age one.

Stack-Up Cups

Available in bright, engaging colors, stack-up blocks are one of the best gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

They encourage grasping and holding and can provide hours of entertainment.

Stack-up cups are also a lovely addition to bath time. Because they’re made from plastic, they won’t get ruined.

And your baby girl can enjoy this gift for many months to come. Stack-up cups are also fantastic baby toys for 6 to 9 months when your little one starts fine-tuning their motor and coordination skills.

Stacking Rings

Here we have one of the most highly recommended toys for 5-month-old babies.

Fun for babies and parents, stacking rings come in different sizes, bright colors, and fun textures which make this gift lots of fun for your baby.

At 5 months old, it’s likely your baby is exploring the world by putting everything (and anything) in their mouth. For this reason, we love stacking rings because it's a super safe toy and can actually be soothing for the baby and act as a teether.

What’s great about this gift is that it lasts for a long time. Your baby will start playing with it around 5 months old but will enjoy it well up to around 1.5 years.

Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes

gifts for 5 month old baby girl

You can’t talk about 5-month-old baby Christmas gifts without mentioning adorable baby clothes.

Available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with our cute organic baby clothes. And because they’re made from natural cotton, they are sure to keep your baby snuggly and warm this winter.

Plus, our unique New York designs will create countless photo opportunities for you and your baby! This makes them one of the sweetest gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

Little Booties

Every parent loves dressing up their baby girl in adorable outfits. They're just too cute! So why not complete the outfit with sweet little booties?

And with endless designs, there's going to be something that suits your little one perfectly.

What's more, they'll keep your baby's toes nice and warm throughout the winter months.

Singing Stuffed Toys

This is the perfect gift as it doubles up as a fun toy as well as an aid to help your baby fall asleep. They’re also one of the best toys for 4-month-olds.

Available in a variety of designs, ranging from playful characters to floating clouds, there's bound to be something you'll love.

gifts for 5 month old baby girls

You can entertain your little girl for hours by creating funny puppet shows and dancing along to the tunes that it plays.

And when she's worn out, you can use it to play a gentle lullaby and soothe your baby to sleep.

Activity Chairs

This is one of the most popular gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

Activity chairs come with all sorts of add-ons that are great for your child’s educational development and provide hours of fun.

They can learn to press buttons, begin to learn animal and their sounds, enjoy simple tunes, watch light displays, and much more.

This gift lasts for a long time, too. Your little one will enjoy it at least for a few months and then you can save it for future children or pass it along.


5 month old baby girl gifts

As your baby approaches the half-year mark, you might be considering stopping breastfeeding. That means your baby is more likely to take a pacifier now.

And if you’ve chosen not to breastfeed and don’t already have pacifiers, this one’s definitely for you!

Although there are a lot of different opinions out there regarding whether or not babies need them, they have been proven useful over the years.

They help with teething, provide comfort, and can help your baby fall asleep easily. So why not give it a go by getting your little girl a pacifier?

Play Mat

Fun play mats are excellent gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl. You can put them underneath your baby's play gym to provide comfort for your little one.

At 5 months, your baby is starting to master the art of rolling over. This means tummy time is on the increase and they’ll enjoy looking down rather than looking up.

Make sure you have an interesting play mat for them to engage with. They come with fun illustrations and sensory features such as fluffy fabrics and strings to pull.

And as an added bonus, the play mat will keep them on their tummies for longer!

Baby Bounce Chair

best gifts for 5 month old baby girl

We love this gift because it shows parents just how far their babies are coming along.

Babies love watching what's going on around them, and the baby bounce chair is the ideal place to do just that.

Simply strap your baby in, attach a few toys to the overhead bars, and you've got one happy baby.

They'll be happy to sit there for a long time watching the world go by.

Plus, imagine being able to put your baby down for a decent amount of time in a place where they're happy, safe, and entertained. Now you can make something to eat or run to the bathroom without worrying about your little one.

Sensory Stuffed Toys

There’s a whole world of stuffed toys out there just waiting to be discovered by you and your baby.

Whimsical stuffed animals are by far some of the most popular gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

best gifts for 5 month old baby girls

They are amazing for your child’s attention, eye movement, head movement, and imagination.

Have fun by waving the toys slowly from side to side and watching how your little one follows the toy. Or you can create puppet shows and sing songs to aid your child’s development.

Crib Mobile

Having difficulty getting your baby to fall asleep? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and plenty of parents before you have struggled with this problem.

Luckily, they’ve come up with a magnitude of solutions.

One of them is the crib mobile. Not only is it super handy for nudging your baby toward sleep but can be used as a toy, too.

Your little one will love watching the elements move around above them while listening to soothing lullabies.


best christmas gifts for 5 month old baby girl

So, here we have it. A complete list of the best gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

We know that because there are so many great gifts out there, finding the perfect present can be hard work. So narrow it down to what your baby needs the most and you’ll be sure to find the right thing.

And if you're still stuck, check out our organic cotton baby gifts collection for more gifts for a 5-month-old baby girl.

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