Toys for a 9-Month-Old

At 9 months, your little one is growing and developing quickly. This is the time when he or she is likely to be very curious and eager to explore the world around them. The best toys for nine-month-olds are those that offer a variety of sensory experiences, encourage exploration, build problem-solving skills, and promote fine motor development. 

This article will explore some of the best toys for this age group to help you get started. By the end, you'll be able to determine which toys will help your nine-month-old reach their milestones and provide hours of playtime fun.

What this article covers:

How to Choose The Best Toys for a 9-Month-Old

best toys for 9 month old

Before choosing the right toys for your nine-month-old, it is important to consider a few things. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing appropriate toys:

  • Size and Weight: Opt for lightweight and easy-to-hold toys. Your little one should be able to hold and manipulate the toy with ease.
  • Safety: Toy safety is of utmost importance during this stage. Opt for toys free from sharp edges, small pieces, and toxins.
  • Variety: Toys should offer a variety of sensory experiences such as auditory, visual, and tactile exploration. This will help to keep your little one engaged and will help them develop cognitive skills.
  • Durability: Choose toys that can withstand the wear and tear of your nine-month-old's exploration. This way, you won't have to keep replacing them every few months.

Top Toys for a 9-Month-Old

Best Toys for 9-Month-Old Boys

Stuffed Animals

toys for 10 month old

Organic stuffed animals are among the best toys for nine-month-old boys. These soft and cuddly animals look not only adorable but also provide tactile feedback and can be used for imaginative play.

When your boy plays with a stuffed animal, such as this Organic Peanut Stuffed Animal Toy, he'll be able to develop his fine motor skills and learn about different textures. This toy is made from organic cotton and polyester, making it a safe option for your baby.

9 month old toys

Ride-On Toys

When boys reach nine months, they start to become mobile. Ride-on toys are perfect for them as they help develop their gross motor skills. They provide the perfect balance between stability and mobility.

The best ride-on toys are lightweight and feature adjustable handlebars. They should also be able to handle the wear and tear of being ridden around. They help the little boys explore their environment and move around independently, which can be a great confidence booster. They are also regarded as the toys for babies 6-9 months and the best toys for babies under 1-year-old.

Musical instruments

There is nothing as fun and exciting as making music. Nine-month-old boys love to explore the different sounds that instruments make, which is why musical toys are a great choice for this age group.

Musical instruments like xylophones not only encourage auditory exploration but also help develop fine motor skills. They also provide an opportunity to engage in imaginative play. Others, such as a guitar or drum set, can help little ones practice rhythm. They help your baby develop essential skills such as hand-eye coordination and concentration.

These instruments are also great 8 months baby toys since they aid in their cognitive and physical development.

Building Blocks

gifts for 9 month old

Building blocks are great toys for nine-month-old boys. They help develop finger dexterity and strengthen eye-hand coordination while also teaching problem-solving skills.

The set of building blocks should have large pieces that are easy to hold and manipulate. Wooden blocks with smooth edges are the best choice since they provide a tactile experience and can last for a long time. These blocks are also regarded as the best toys for 11-month-old babies.

Activity Walker

Activity walkers are a must-have for nine-month-old boys. They provide the perfect platform to help your little one explore their environment.

These activity walkers are designed with multiple features, like adjustable speed settings and music-playing functions, which can help develop hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility. Their bright colors, interesting shapes, and sounds also help stimulate your baby's senses.

Steering Wheels

best gifts for 9 month old

If your 9-month-old is already crawling, then they may be ready to explore the world with a steering wheel. These toys can help develop their balance and coordination as well as teach them about cause and effect.

Steering wheels come in different versions such as remote control cars, scooters, and motorcycles. They are designed with bright colors, interesting shapes, and fun music which can keep your little one entertained for hours. They also provide the perfect opportunity to help him explore his environment while having lots of fun.

Best Toys for 9-Month-Old Girls

Soft Blocks

Soft blocks provide a safe and stimulating way for little ones to learn. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are perfect for encouraging visual exploration.

Soft blocks also help to develop fine motor skills as your baby can hold, stack and pull them apart. Plus, they come in different textures which encourages tactile exploration.

Pretend Play Toys

9 month old christmas gifts

At this age, little girls love pretending to be a mommy or daddy, taking care of baby dolls, or playing tea party. Pretend play toys include kitchen sets, baby dolls, and toy animals for imaginative play.

These toys help to develop language skills by using words like “milk” and “doll” as well as hand-eye coordination as she imitates your hand movements.

Shape Sorters

Shape sorters are great for teaching colors, shapes, and problem-solving skills. They also improve fine motor skills as the baby reaches for the different shapes and places them in the correct holes. Plus, when she masters the shape sorter, you can add a fun twist by using the shapes to create patterns.

Rattles and Musical Toys

Rattles are fun and provide auditory stimulation. They also help the baby with hand-eye coordination as she tries to grab onto them and shake them. Musical toys can play soothing music which helps relax your little one.

These types of toys are also great for developing language skills as they introduce your baby to words like “up” and “down.” They also help the baby to distinguish different sounds like “meow” and “woof.” No wonder they are also the best Christmas gifts for a 10-month-old girl.


best toys for 9 to 12 month old

Dollhouses are fun for pretend play and can help to develop imagination. They also give your baby a place to practice problem-solving skills as she uses the tiny furniture and figures in different ways. Dollhouses come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs.

The best dollhouse should be safe, durable, and easy to clean. You can even get one with extra features like lights and sounds for added fun.

Developmental Toys for a 9-Month-Old

Developmental toys are those that help babies learn, explore, and grow. At nine months, your baby is ready to have fun while learning important skills like crawling, walking, and problem-solving. Here are some of the best developmental toys for a 9-month-old:

Stackable Blocks

Stacking blocks can help develop motor skill development as well as imagination. Start with simple shapes and sizes that your baby can easily grab and manipulate, such as cylinder blocks or cubes. As they get older and their skills grow, you can add more challenging pieces like pyramid shapes or curved bars.

Baby Gym & Play Mat

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A baby gym is designed with colorful objects hanging from an arch. This encourages your little one to reach out and grab them, building hand-eye coordination. A play mat is also a great choice for babies as it encourages them to explore their environment through sight, touch, and sound.

Having a baby gym and play mat can also help develop your baby's gross motor skills. For instance, they may learn to crawl, balance, push and pull objects.

Shape Sorter

Shape sorters are a great way to help your little one learn the basics of problem-solving. They come in fun shapes like triangles and cubes that can fit into the right slot on a board, helping babies figure out how to match shapes and solve puzzles.

Ball Pit

Balls are a great way to help your little one explore their environment while also having fun. A ball pit is a great place for them to use their newfound motor skills and get physical activity. You can fill the ball pit with soft balls that your baby can scoop up and throw, as well as colorful rings they can pick up and place.

Soft Books

10 month old toys

Soft books are great for introducing your baby to stories, colors, shapes, and numbers. Most soft books come with crinkly pages, rattles, and other fun features that encourage their senses. You can also use them to teach about animals, objects around the house, or even the alphabet!

Rocking Horse

Rocking horses are classic toys that can help promote balance and gross motor skill development in your 9-month-old baby. They also provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative play and fun. Look for a toy that is made with sturdy materials and isn't too heavy for your baby.

The best rocking horse should have several features, including a saddle with high sides and handlebars for security, a sturdy base, and wheels so your baby can easily move it around.

Wooden Rolling Drum

best toys for 9-12 month old

Wooden rolling drums are great for developing hand-eye coordination as your baby learns to roll the ball around. They also help with sensory development by introducing different textures and sounds. Plus, it's a fun way to introduce cause and effect by showing your baby what happens when she rolls the ball in different directions. 

Pop-Up Toy

Pop-up toys can be a fun and interactive way to help your baby learn. Look for one that comes with colorful, soft characters or shapes they can push down and make "pop" up, as well as activities like spinning wheels or moving animals.

One of the unique aspects of a pop-up toy as a developmental toy is that it can help your baby learn to wait and anticipate. Your little one will need to be patient as they watch the characters or shapes move up and down while also getting rewarded with a surprise when they finally pop back up. This also makes it one of the best baby toys for 0-12 months.

Musical Table

9 month old baby toys

The mind of a 9-month-old is like a sponge. It absorbs everything around it. That’s why a musical table can be a great choice for development. Filled with colorful lights, interactive objects, and melodic tunes, your baby will stay entertained while learning important skills like coordination, problem-solving, and color recognition.

Your little one can explore the table by pressing buttons to hear music, spinning wheels to watch colors change, and moving objects around for a tactile experience. It’s also great for teaching cause and effect since your baby will learn that certain actions result in different reactions from the toy.

A musical table is also a great way to introduce them to basic concepts such as numbers and the alphabet. Look for musical tables with various settings so you can adjust the difficulty level and make it suitable for your child’s age.

Light-Up Rolling Drum

A light-up rolling drum is a great way to introduce the concept of cause and effect to a 9-month-old. Your baby will be able to press down on the drum and watch as a bright ball lights up, rolls around, and makes musical sounds.

This toy also helps build motor skills while providing sensory stimulation. As they press down on the drum and watch the colorful ball roll around, they’ll learn to move their fingers in coordination with the sound and light.

Finally, a light-up rolling drum will help your baby develop hand-eye coordination as they learn to align the finger press with where the ball is going to appear.

Educational Toys for a 9-Month-Old

best toys for 9 12 month old

Education doesn't have to start when children enter school. At 9 months, your little one is developing cognitive skills and creativity. Fun and educational toys can help them learn and grow while having fun.

Below are some of the best educational toys for a 9-month-old:

Building Blocks and Stacking Toys

Problem-solving, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination skills can be developed by playing with building blocks and stacking toys. Wooden blocks, foam cubes, or other shape-sorting toys are ideal for nine months old as they learn how to pick up objects and use both hands together.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are great for introducing your little one to problem-solving. Puzzles can help them learn color recognition, and shape matching and develop hand-eye coordination. Look for puzzles with big bright pieces that they can easily manipulate and handle.

As one of the best educational toys for 6-12 months old, puzzles are good for developing cognitive abilities and improving patience and concentration.


best toy for 9 month old

We can't overlook the role books can play in a child's development. Reading books helps your little one learn new words and phrases, understand the world around them, and develop their imagination. Introducing your 9-month-old to books can help foster a love for reading that will last throughout his/her life.

Look for interactive books with flaps, colorful pop-ups, or feel-and-find books for tactile stimulation. They are undoubtedly the best brain-boosting toys for babies 6 to 12 months old.

LCD Writing Tablet

LCD writing tablets are an ideal choice for a 9-month-old. They provide a fun and safe way to explore the world of technology and encourage exploration, creativity, and problem-solving. The LCD tablet is child-proof with no internet access or buttons, so it's perfect for children still mastering their fine motor skills.

This LCD tablet can also be used as a drawing board, a notepad, and an electronic blackboard. Your baby can practice writing, doodling, and drawing on it and also learn basic shapes and colors.

Sit to Stand Learning Walker 

best toys 9 month old

A Sit To Stand Learning Walker is a fun and interactive toy that helps babies sharpen their gross motor skills. The walker has colorful buttons, small animals, and objects designed to intrigue your baby while encouraging them to stand and move around.

The learning walker also plays melodies, animal sounds, and other exciting sound effects that can keep the baby entertained for hours. As your little one grows, the toy can be adjusted and used as a regular walker.

When choosing a sit-to-stand learning walker, make sure it is lightweight and has sturdy wheels that can fit different types of surfaces. The best product can also be one of the greatest 7-month-old baby gifts for a special occasion.

Toy Telephone

Toy telephones are a classic toy that can help your 9-month-old learn about communication. Look for one with big, colorful buttons and cheerful sound effects that your baby can press. Toy telephones also have bright flashing lights, which will attract the attention of your little one.

This educational toy encourages role-play, hand-eye coordination, and basic communication skills. Plus, it's a great way to stimulate your baby's language development.

Overall, educational toys are important for babies and toddlers in their first year of life. They foster problem-solving abilities, sharpen motor skills, and can help encourage creative imagination.

Christmas Presents for a 9-Month-Old

best 9 month old toys

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but buying the perfect gift for a baby can be overwhelming. The best gifts for a 9-month-old will stimulate their minds and help them learn new skills. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Activity Cube

An activity cube is a great gift for a 9-month-old. It has many different activities, like color matching and shapes, music, and lights. It helps to keep the baby engaged while they play and develop their fine motor skills.

Baby Walker

This is the age when babies start to take their first steps, and a walker can help them get around. Look for one with adjustable seat heights so it can grow as they do. Also, look for a built-in model with fun activities, like animal sounds and buttons.

Baby Blankets

educational toys for 9 month old

Baby blankets, such as this organic handmade baby blanket, are the perfect gift for a 9-month-old. Soft and gentle, these blankets keep the baby warm and cozy during nap time or playtime. Make sure to pick one with bold colors and patterns that will capture your baby's attention.

Doll Strollers

Doll strollers are fun to get your baby involved in pretend play. Look for one that is lightweight and easy to maneuver, as well as one with adjustable handles so it can be used for many years.

Rocking Toys

Rocking toys provide the perfect opportunity for babies to practice their balance and motor skills. Look for ones with plush animals and soft materials that are comfortable for the baby.

Blocks and Building Sets

developmental toys for 9 month old

Block and building sets are great gifts for 9-month-old babies. These toys help to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, reasoning, problem-solving, and creativity. Look for ones with stimulating colors and textures.

Final Thoughts

A 9-month-old is at the age of great development when it’s important to provide them with toys and activities that are fun and stimulating. 

From teethers and rattles to shape sorters, stacking cups, blocks, and more – these toys can help your baby develop their motor skills, explore problem-solving, and discover the world around them. Buy the best quality toys you can, and get toys that correspond to your baby’s age and interests. Above all, have fun with your little one during this amazing time!

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