Baby Registry Clothing Checklist

Creating a baby registry can be lots of fun, but it can also be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to your baby’s clothing needs. This is why we created this guide to creating your baby registry clothing checklist. 

Understandably, first-time moms in particular can feel intimidated by this task. You want to be sure that you don’t overlook anything, and that you include enough of everything. Just how many items of clothing does a baby need? Are some items more essential than others?

Most things in life are easier to accomplish with a to-do list, and creating a baby registry can benefit from this too. So use our checklist below as a guide, and you will get your baby registry list done quickly and with confidence.

What This Article Covers:

The Ultimate Baby Registry Clothing Checklist

General Clothing

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This is the centerpiece of any baby registry clothing checklist. Your newborn baby will be spending most of his/her time wearing these. This is why we offer the most adorable rompers that are practical for playtime and coordinate beautifully with our range of handmade toys.

baby registry clothing checklist for first-time moms

Because your baby will be spending so much time in rompers, they must be delicate enough for your baby’s sensitive skin. So opt for the very softest organic cotton baby bodysuits to keep your baby feeling comfy and looking cute.

Long-Sleeved Onesies

As with rompers, onesies will be in constant use during your baby’s first few months. They are great for playing in, as well as sleeping in. Once again, only the softest cotton will do, to be sure that your baby is always comfortable.

A babywear staple for generations, the knitted baby onesie has come a long way. Modern onesies are soft and comfortable while being super practical and ultra-stylish. Choose between sports themes, stripes, polka dots, or fun animal motifs. 


Don’t forget to add some pants or leggings to your baby registry checklist. These are ideal for layering over rompers or even onesies when added warmth is needed. Baby pants should be soft and stretchy. And they should preferably have a stretchy waistband as well.  


Beanie-Style Soft Hats

Soft baby hats are another example of those baby registry must-have items you need on your checklist. Much like booties, soft hats or beanies will offer protection and warmth when taking your baby out for a walk in the fresh air. 

Because your newborn’s skin is so soft and sensitive, ensure that you do not choose hats made of rough fabric. This will irritate the skin and cause your baby discomfort.



Just because your newborn won’t be walking yet, that doesn’t mean their feet don’t need to be protected. Soft cotton socks offer protection and warmth to delicate little feet.  


Baby Clothing Registry

Knitted booties offer additional warmth when outdoors, and look super cute when taking your baby on an outing. Our traditional styled, handknitted booties with adjustable tie closures will keep your baby’s feet cocooned in comfort from 3-6 months of age. 

Other Essential Items

Swaddling Cloths and Baby Blankets

To swaddle or not to swaddle? If you choose to wrap your newborn up snugly in a swaddle cloth, or just stick with traditional lightweight baby blankets is up to you. Ideally, you should have both for the newborn stage.

But you will need several baby blankets, of different weights. This is also highly dependent on the season your baby is born in. And don’t forget a couple of comfort blankets. These are smaller than ordinary baby blankets, very lightweight, and useful for soothing a fussy baby. 

An example of this is our beautiful range of Loveys blankets, designed to coordinate with our range of clothes and soft toys. They are made of the softest, purest cotton, and will delight both you and your baby with their colorful prints and motifs.


Baby bibs are essentials for your registry checklist, as they keep your baby's clothes clean during feeding time. And our cotton baby bibs are fashionable, as well as functional. Our kerchief-style cotton bibs are reversible and adorned with fun prints to complement our range of baby clothes. 

Special Items 

Coming Home Outfit  

Most moms love the idea of an extra special coming home outfit for when their baby arrives. Even if you want a very simple baby registry list, you’d probably like some special items for your baby’s arrival. 

A newborn baby set is ideal for this occasion. Don’t forget to add a pretty receiving blanket to the outfit. And be clear about it if you want it to match the coming home outfit. 

Clothing Sets for Visiting Friends and Family 

Sometimes you have to take your baby with you to visit friends but there’s nothing there to entertain them with. Well, we have the solution. We have a variety of themed baby gift sets, including combinations of clothes, toys, and sometimes also baby Lovey blankets. 

Your baby will look adorable when going out with mom, and also have fun toys to play with, all beautifully coordinated. And we know you’ll love our animal-themed gift set, Road Trip”. It is suitable for babies aged 3-6 months and includes a romper, a comfort blanket, and several knitted toys. 

There’s even a book for reading to your baby at bedtime.

Sets for Other Special Occasions

If you like the idea of including outfits for special occasions, add 1-2 gift-themed baby gift sets to your checklist. These usually include a romper or onesie, with coordinating items and perhaps a themed swaddle or toy to match. Our delightful sets contain toys lovingly and sustainably handmade in Peru. 

But rest assured, they don’t contain a single thing that will conflict with your eco-friendly baby registry list. All our baby clothes, toys, blankets, and accessories are made from organic cotton. No harmful dyes or toxic agents are used in the manufacturing of any of our products. 

How Many Clothes Do I Actually Need for My Registry?

This is a basic guideline for the number of clothes you need to include on your list.

General Clothing Checklist

7 Short-Sleeved Bodysuits/Rompers (0-3 Months)

Add in the details here of the rompers you want for your baby. Unless it is not important to you, be specific about colors, styles, and prints. We recommend our baby short-sleeved striped bodysuit with a cheeky embroidered monkey for your newborn.

The Best Baby Registry Clothing Checklist

Although pajama sets for babies can be included, virtually any romper or onesie can be used as newborn sleepwear. If you want one that can be used specifically for bedtime, how about our Moon and Stars romper and rattle set? The romper can also be bought on its own.

Baby Registry Clothing Checklist for the first-time moms

4 Long-Sleeved  Onesies (0-3 Months)

As above, specify here which fabrics, colors, patterns, and prints you prefer. You and your baby will also love our long romper with a New York-inspired theme for little native New Yorkers. This colorful all-over print is sure to turn anytime into playtime.

baby registry clothing checklist for first time moms

Or perhaps our long-sleeved knitted romper with its fun oversized dot motif. It’s suitable for any gender and available in sizes from 0-to 6 months old. And is perfect for outings with your baby.

Baby Registry Clothing Must Haves Checklist

3 Pants/Leggings (0-3 Months)

Match these to the rompers or onesies, for a coordinated look. This will make creating a practical baby registry checklist much simpler. Based on your own region’s weather conditions, you can decide if these are necessary.

5 Pairs Of Cotton Socks

If you would prefer certain colors, name them here. But it’s always fun when the socks match or coordinate with your baby’s clothes. Booties can replace socks if you prefer. 

2 Beanie-Style Soft Cotton Hats 

If you have a preference for a certain color or print, give the details. Our cream-colored cotton hats will go with any outfit your baby wears. Made in India from certified organic cotton, they are available in 4 sizes to safely cradle precious little heads up to 18 months of age.

Clothing to put on baby registry

You can also coordinate these to the rompers and onesies. An example is in our banana-themed organic baby gift set. It includes a delightful banana motif romper and a beanie in coordinating colors, with a cute knitted monkey toy. 

clothing for baby registry

3 - 4 Bibs 

Be specific about the type of bibs you are looking for. Must they have snap neck fastenings? Do you want them to match the clothes, or can they have other fun prints on them? If you prefer those with a waterproof coating, be sure to include that. 

A bib is not an item of clothing per se, and therefore you may not be sure where in your registry checklist to include it. That is why the humble bib is one of the most often forgotten baby registry items. Include a few of these in your clothing checklist, so that you don’t forget about them.

3-4 Swaddling Cloths

Include 3-4 swaddling cloths on your checklist too. Because you need to have one to wear and one spare when there's a swaddle or two in the laundry hamper. Ensure that one of them is our beautiful NYC Baby swaddle, a stunning landscape of iconic NY landmarks on a bamboo/cotton blend muslin cloth.

Baby Registry Clothing items 

For Summer Babies

Will your baby be born in the summer? Or do you live in a much warmer climate? Warmer, sunnier weather means your baby needs to stay cool, but also be protected in the sun when outdoors. If you’re creating a summer baby registry, add the following items to the list.

Add to the General List Above:

  • 2 soft, brimmed baby sunhats 
  • 2-3 sleeveless baby rompers (or baby tees and stretchy shorts)
  • 1-2 baby dresses (an optional extra for little girls)

For Winter Babies 

Add to General Clothing Checklist:

Will your baby be born in the winter? Or do you live in an area with a typically colder climate? Colder weather means extra warm clothing will be needed. These items should be added to the general list above if you need to create a winter baby registry checklist.

  • 3 additional baby onesies 
  • 2 additional pairs of baby pants/leggings
  • 2 sweaters/cardigans/baby jackets
  • 2 extra beanies - knitted ones for winter weather
  • 2 additional pairs of socks
  • 2 pairs of knitted booties
  • 2 pairs of mittens


To create the best baby clothing registry, it’s best to follow a logical order. 

Narrow down your choices according to the season your baby will be born. Consider gender and any special needs they might have. And remember that your friends and family have different budgets, so include items at various price points to accommodate all budgets.

You now know what basics to include, and how many of each item you will need. You're well-equipped to create the ultimate baby registry clothing checklist of your own. But always be true to your own wishes. This will ensure that your baby registry is functional and that you love every single item that you receive.

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