Is a Baby Registry Necessary?

You have a baby on the way and a ton of things to do, chief among them a baby registry. But is a baby registry necessary? Is it the right choice for your unique situation? 

For parents that already have children, it might feel excessive or even a little tacky. For new parents, it might sound like a lot of added-on work, especially if you aren’t exactly sure if you want one.

Let us help you decide whether a baby registry is the right step for you. And, if it is, how to make the most of your registry. 

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Is a Baby Registry Necessary?

when you share your baby registry

It all depends on how many baby products you have and whether or not you need - or want - more. 

If you are a first-time parent or are in need of some supplies, a baby registry might be necessary to stock up on essentials and get ahold of products you might not have the money for. 

Our tips for new parents on baby registries and guide on how much to put on a registry will help you get the most out of your baby registry without overwhelming the registry recipients.  

If you already have children or your house is filled to the brim with baby clothes, toys, and enough child-rearing products to last through an apocalyptic event, then a baby registry isn’t necessary. If you would like to add something new to your inventory for the new baby, opt for eclectic knitted newborn outfits or organic baby blankets to keep your baby’s skin safe. 

If you have friends or family members that are insisting on bringing gifts and you're on the fence about a registry, we’d suggest making a baby registry. This way you can avoid an influx of products you might not use or don’t want. Having a modicum of control over the products people bring you is one of the biggest benefits of having a baby registry. 

when do you share your baby registry

What Can I Do Instead of a Baby Registry?

If you are truly opposed to the thought of a baby registry or you have enough baby products at home, there is nothing wrong with just relaxing and enjoying your pregnancy with your partner. 

Skip the registry. You’re supposed to be stress-free and there is no shame in telling friends and family to kindly move on to something else.  

You can also swap out the registry for more practical baby shower gifts or services. When the time comes for your baby shower - if you are having one - friends and family can bring meals, diapers, cash funds, or even acts of service like a glorious cleaning service when the baby is born. 

If you have family or friends that are insisting on getting you something, organic baby gifts will always be welcome and won’t take up a lot of space.

is baby registry necessary

How to Make the Most of Your Registry

If you are still unsure about the process and baby registry etiquette, here are some tips on making the most of your baby registry. 

When to Share Your Baby Registry

If you are a new parent, you might now know when to create your baby registry and when to send it out and share it with friends and family. 

The optimal time to send out the registry is between 12 to 20 weeks into the pregnancy. If the registry is sent out too late, it can make it difficult for baby shower attendees to find your gift.

A rush purchase might just force them to grab whatever they can find instead of something you require from your baby registry. 

Practical Items Are Best 

Babies go through a lot of resources. Diapers, wipes, lotions, clothes - there is always something you might need. 

When setting up your baby registry, focus on the practical items you might need. Be specific about your choices and ask yourself whether this item is something you would definitely spend money on. You can never have too many diapers or some last-minute baby registry items

After you have added all your must-have items, you can move into other less practical but much more fun baby items like cactus print baby clothes or knitted baby rattles

when you can share your baby registry

Offer a Wire Price Range of Products

If you’ve ever wondered if you can put expensive items on your registry, the answer is yes. 

Offering a wide price range is beneficial not just for you but also for your baby shower attendees. 

While your parents or special friends might want to pay for something more luxurious like handmade stuffed animals, other attendees might not be able to afford something like that and will opt for a cheaper gift. A gift you are still sure to appreciate because you put it on the registry. 

Offering a wide price range of needed baby shower items will allow people to shop according to their own budgets while still feeling good for providing you with something you specifically asked for. 

baby registry might be necessary

Choose the Products You Want 

This tip ties in with the previous one. After you have added all the products you need, do some research on other baby products, ones you might not need but desperately want. 

This is the perfect opportunity to add a gorgeous organic baby bodysuit or some empowering feminist baby clothing. Have fun with this step and choose the items you’ve always secretly wanted but never spent the money on. 

You can put items that fit your parenting style, your aesthetic, and the personality you feel your baby will have. 

Remember, nobody is forcing your friends or family to buy these items. You only made the items available. If they buy you the items, they did so because they chose to buy them for you. And if they do, have fun with it.  

baby registry should be necessary


Baby registries are a super fun way to have some control of what you receive at your baby shower. It will prevent friends and family from buying baby products you won’t use that will require weeks of your time dedicated to handling returns. 

But they aren’t necessary. If you have enough products at home or don’t feel like receiving gifts from anybody, there is no pressure to send out a registry. At the end of the day, this is about you and doing what feels right during your pregnancy.

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