How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower, Part II

There’s almost nothing more fun than inviting friends and family to gather for a celebration. If you or someone you know is expecting a baby in the next several months, you may be wondering how you can plan the perfect baby shower to celebrate and prepare for the new baby. In a previous post, we gave you a few tips will make planning a baby shower easy and stress-free, and in today’s post, we’ll continue to provide you with instructions for planning the perfect baby shower.

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Find a Few Extra Hands 

If you’re planning your baby shower by yourself, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the logistics. From making sure the cake is picked up to planning the decorations, you certainly have no shortage of details to plan. To lighten your load, try recruiting one or two close friends for an extra bit of help. Whether it’s something as small as sending out the invitations or something larger like setting up on the big day, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to have an extra pair of hands helping you with the party. When it finally comes time to celebrate, see if you can recruit a few other people to help serve food and drinks. While it’s always more expensive to hire professional servers and caterers to work a baby shower, many people find that this allows them to focus on what really matters – having fun and celebrating the mother-to-be!

Double-Check Your Guestlist

In our previous blog, we mentioned that you should try to send out your invitations three or four weeks prior to the party. This ensures that all of your guests have enough time to attend the party, but it’s also not so far away that they’ll forget about it. Roughly a week before the baby shower, you should check to make sure that all of your RSVPs will indeed be attending, and you should also follow-up with anyone who hasn’t responded. As most of us know, even something as simple as sending an RSVP card can be easy to put off until it’s forgotten entirely, so don’t take the fact that you haven’t heard from someone as a “no.”

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