New Baby Mobiles, Handmade Cotton Bird Toys for Newborn Nurseries

We are so excited to share our new baby mobiles with you!  Like most of our collection, these nursery decor pieces are handmade in Peru.  The center piece to this mobile is the cotton bird.  The bird is a soft purple with a green beak, brown eyes & feet and most importantly, sequined wings.  The sequins are not only fabulous looking, but they pick up on any light in the room to delight baby with a light show while they drift in and out of sleep. 



Newborns will also enjoy looking at the colorful pom poms, flowers and grass patches that surround this infant toy.  Perfect for infants, this marvelous baby gift is adjustable.  The knit line that allows it to hang over a crib can be pulled up or down to allow parents and care givers to place it safely away from baby's hands, but close enough that they can see and enjoy it.  This new mobile can be combined with any of our organic baby toys to complete an infant gift set.


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