5 Must-have Baby Items for Strong Feminist Moms

Feminist Mom

There are all kinds of moms across the globe: from professional moms to housewives and moms who homeschool their kids. But one particular kind is a fierce feminist mom. 

If you’re a feminist mommy, chances are that you’re having trouble finding the perfect toys for your baby’s nursery. Here, we’ve included the top 5 must-have baby items for all feminist moms:

What do Strong Feminist Moms do Different From Other Parents? 

Let’s discuss what puts feminist moms apart from other types of parents:

  • Fierce feminist women provide their children access to gender-balanced entertainment 
  • Feminist moms don’t focus on sticking to gender norms 
  • Strong feminist mothers help kids learn body positivity to boost their self-esteem 
  • These strong women pay attention to the adjectives they use to raise and praise their little ones
  • They teach their kids consent from a young age 

5 Must-Have Baby Items for Fierce Feminist Moms 

Empower your child with the help of the following must-have baby items:

Girl Power Set by Estella

Teach your child to value diversity with the help of Estella’s educational and fun Girl Power set. This incredible set includes a 100% organic cotton blankie and bib. 

It also includes a cozy Girl Power onesie with a snap crotch to help you change your baby’s diaper quickly. 

The set comes with an informative and exciting ‘Little Feminist’ book. This storybook celebrates the differences between diverse women and includes beautiful illustrations to help with your child’s visual development. 

Gender Neutral Cardigan by Album Di Famiglia 

Make a fashion statement while denouncing unnecessary gender biases with the help of Album Di Famiglia’s gender-neutral cardigan. 

This high-quality cardigan is manufactured from 100% luxe cotton and is available in aesthetic shades, including olive, white, black, and grey. 

‘The Future is Hers’ Set by Estella

The perfect five-set gift is perfect for growing babies. ‘The Future is Hers’ set helps your child learn that they have unlimited potential and capabilities. 

The set includes a lovey blanket that’s super cozy and perfect for wrapping your little one in, whereas the cactus stuffed toy is fantastic nursery décor. The set also includes a fun Elect Women baby soother and a comfy organic baby beanie hat. 

You also receive a ‘Superheroes are Everywhere’ book full of enthralling illustrations and exciting tales.

Gender Neutral Fox Jumpsuit by Noe and Zoe 

Empower your little one while ensuring they look stylish with Noe and Zoe’s cozy Fox Jumpsuit. 

Spruce up your baby’s wardrobe by choosing either the black or coral Fox Jumpsuit manufactured from first-rate polyester and cotton.

Elect Women Baby Soother by Estella

Pay homage to the incredible Elect Women Movement kick-started in 2008 with Estella’s top-notch quality Elect Women Baby Soother. 

With 100% organic GTS-certified cotton material, this baby soother is entirely safe for your baby. Encourage your baby girl to dream big and look forward to a bright future with this baby soother. 

The Bottom Line 

Teach your growing child to respect, value, and embrace diversity by choosing the aforementioned toys, ideal for strong feminist moms.