Trendy Baby Gifts – Wish list Items loved by Vogue, Elle, Buzzfeed & More



Trendy Baby Gifts – Wish list Items loved by Vogue, Elle, Buzzfeed & More

Who says babies can’t be trendy? Baby can have some great fashion sense, with a little help from mom, dad, and other fashionista friends. I love baby fashion because of the intrinsic beauty of infants and because unlike adult fashion, it is for the most part, unpretentious, baby is not dressing up simply to keep up with the Kardashians.  I also love it when others with style appreciate kids fashion, especially those in the fashion industry which generally has little time for kids wear.

Estella has had the fortune of being included in numerous top fashion magazines for trendy baby gifts


Estella Whale Baby Gown Gift Set

Vogue magazine featured the organic cotton baby gift set with whale gown. This is a fashion favorite because it’s graphic, luxurious and comfy, perfect for baby. It’s also a smart choice for those looking to give a gift made from soft natural cotton, not your everyday materials that can irritate baby’s skin. There’s nothing fashion friendly about that!


Organic Pretzel Romper Estella Elle recently featured Estella's sleeveless pretzel baby romper.  In design, I believe that less is more and this baby romper exemplifies that.  The silhouette is simple, the cream base color is subtle and allows the brown pretzel to shine along with the hand stitched “salt” on the pretzel. I just love little details like that and believe it's what set apart good design from bad.


Organic Taxi Gift Set Estella Buzzfeed featured Estella's organic taxi baby gift set.  Part of our organic baby clothes line, this newborn gift set celebrates the city baby.  Fun, graphic and extremely popular, this gift set includes Estella's organic taxi onesie, a matching hat and its signature taxi rattle, which as a standalone is a darling of the press and has appeared in a Gap commercial, Vogue, My Domain, and has won some awards.


Estella Organic Metrocard Rattle Finally, Time Out New York featured Estella's Metrocard baby rattle. This is a huge hit at baby showers, especially those with a New York story.  Licensed from the MTA, this organic baby toy is a fun little way to welcome babies with New York City dreams.  Whether they are born in the city and have it as their first subway card or whether they are destined for the City and need a daily reminder to visit, this newborn toy is more fun than anything else and has entertained many babies and adults.

When you’re looking for trendy baby gifts, these gift ideas are among my favorites and I know they’ll be yours too.  Visit Estella and find more trendy baby gifts.


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