The Best Baby Shower Gifts According to The Experts

Baby showers are all the rage, and expecting parents use it as an opportunity to bond with their loved ones and get excited about their new baby. Perhaps one of the most awaited segments in a baby shower is gift-opening time where all the guests gather together and squeal in delight to see and unwrap the different presents.

Aside from your presence, the best present you can give to expecting parents is something they can use during this new chapter of their lives. From toys, clothes, and accessories for the new baby to spa trips and ways to relax for the expecting parents, there are many gifts you can choose from that will make a lasting impact on the recipient.

Here, we have compiled some of the top picks by editors from some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious media outlets. These experts review an immense amount of baby shower gifts and here are some of their suggestions for your next baby shower gift, most made by Estella. Happy browsing!

One of Yahoo! Life’s Inspirational Picks for Baby Clothes

Kindness is key, and this organic baby gift set from Estella is here to show you that! Yahoo! Life featured Estella’s Organic Baby Gift Set - be kind! Infant Onesie, Newborn Rattle Toy & Hat as a unique present to give during baby showers. The cartoon apple print on the striped onesie is certainly a standout, and the white beanie is warm and comfortable– great for keeping the baby’s head nice and toasty in cold weather or in air conditioned rooms. Plus, the pear rattle is one of the cutest toys you will ever see!

One of Good Housekeeping’s Selections for Baby Toys

Spice things up with this Good Housekeeping recommendation: the Estella Hot Sauce Rattle. Bright and bold, this toy is sure to keep any baby entertained. Its red and green colors are perfectly complementary, and the embroidered “HOT” label is extra sturdy. As a bonus, it is quirky and cute– something new parents will surely enjoy giving to their little one.

VeryWell Family’s Suggestion for Baby Rattles

Lauded by VeryWell Family as one of the best toys for babies who are three months old, this organic Metro Card Rattle by Estella is a unique, one-of-a-kind toy perfect for kids who are always on the go. Its bright yellow fabric is hard to miss, and babies are sure to enjoy playing with it. To top it all off, this baby rattle is incredibly sturdy, and it will make for hours and hours of fun playtime.

Your Tango’s Recommendation for Your Little New Yorker

With the holiday season fast approaching, Your Tango recommends this present for the Little New Yorker: the I Love NY Baby Gift Set by Estella. Featuring five organic, New York-themed rattles, a book about New York, a pacifier clip, and a cute and cozy romper, expecting parents are sure to be delighted by this creative gift set. If your recipient is a New Yorker, this will be an extra exciting gift for them to receive.

A Cozy Blanket as Recommended by BuzzFeed

Expecting parents can buy some peace of mind by investing in the Estella Baby Lovey Blanket. Babies initially look at it and explore the colors & feel of it, but as you offer it to them when they are out of sorts, they learn to use it to self soothe. Recommended by BuzzFeed, this cozy, organic blanket features a red embroidered heart that is sure to catch everyone’s attention. You can even select different colors for the blanket on Estella’s website!

Rookie Moms’ Recommendation for a Future-Forward Gift for Baby Girls

For expecting parents of a little girl, the future is female. Rookie Moms recommends this empowering gift set from Estella called The Little Feminist Baby Gift Set. This adorable set features an organic teddy bear with a shirt that says “Elect Women” and an inspirational book for little feminists.

One of PopSugar’s Recommendations for Baby Gift Sets

For those who are looking around for matching sets, PopSugar’s recommendation may tickle your fancy. This Octopus Organic Baby Gift Set by Estella features a blanket, a rattle toy, and a beanie all designed with an adorable turquoise octopus.

A spa day with a Post-Natal Massage at The Ritz-Carlton New York, as recommended by Gotham Magazine

Carrying another human being for nine months is no small feat, and new moms deserve to be rewarded with a luxurious spa experience. According to Gotham Magazine, you should consider giving a spa day at the Ritz-Carlton New York as a baby shower gift. The Ritz-Carlton New York spa features a post-natal massage for new moms that is sure to soothe and relax them– the perfect pamper experience.

A subscription to their favorite streaming platform, as recommended by NY Mag

From Hulu, Netflix, to Amazon Prime Video, there are many streaming platforms you can choose from as a gift. NYMag recommends this because expecting parents may want to enjoy some downtime– and what better way to do that than by binge-watching their favorite shows?

A spa gift set for an at-home spa experience, as recommended by Cosmopolitan

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with having a new baby, it may be difficult for new parents to head out to the spa. As recommended by Cosmopolitan, you can bring the spa to them by gifting them with a spa gift set– perfect for an at-home spa experience.