The Best Toys for Babies, Based on Their Zodiac Sign!

Astrology can be a nifty tool for helping you pick out a gift for your baby, grand child, niece, nephew or that special little one in your life, especially since there are so many toys to choose from. According to astrology, babies have distinct personality traits based on when they were born, and selecting a toy according to their star sign may help you choose the perfect gift for them.

After all, German astronomer, Johannes Kepler, who in the 17th century discovered laws of planetary motion said: “The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind.”

Now, whether you believe in astrology or not, you can’t deny that a gift that compliments the little one’s star sign is fun and unique. Here are the best toys for newborn babies based on their zodiac signs!


Capricorn babies are little achievers. They are ambitious, and they love to read and stimulate their brains. Because of this, books and sensory toys may be the best types of gifts to give them. Estella’s Eat, Read, Snuggle Gift Set is your best bet for a Capricorn baby girl because it features a variety of toys and a colorful book that’s sure to keep your little one engaged.


The little Aquarian possesses a creative, individualistic spirit. They thrive best when their imagination and creativity are fed, and they enjoy playing with toys that help them express their individuality. Pave the way for creative and imaginative play with this unique gift bundle: Baby Gift Set-Foodie Baby Rattles And Blanket. This set of cute and quirky food-themed rattles is sure to keep the little Aquarian intrigued, and it sure is an excellent way to promote their individuality!


Caring and affectionate, Pisces babies are the perfect cuddle buddies. Because of this, they’re sure to enjoy being gifted a cuddle buddy of their own, too. These little dreamers love sleeping and relaxing, making ocean-themed toys just the right fit for them. That’s why if you’re looking for a gift for Pisces tots, Estella’s Under The Sea Ocean Baby Gift Set ($137.99) will certainly tick all the boxes.

The Under The Sea Ocean Baby Gift Set includes a summer romper decked with the little one’s favorite underwater friends, and it comes with a shark stuffed toy, and octopus, starfish, and whale rattles. Check it out!


Feisty and energetic, Aries babies are always on the go, go, go! These adventurous little tots have a penchant for running, and they love to explore the world around them. Now, what better way to explore than in the most comfortable little outfit? Estella’s Organic Baby Gift Set Banana Knit Romper, Lovey, Hat & Toys feature adorable banana-themed clothes and toys for your little one to step out in. It also comes with cute, embroidered blanket! Satisfy your Aries baby’s thirst for adventure with this imaginative gift set.


Down to earth and drawn to nature, Taurus babies thrive best surrounded by animals and plants. They also enjoy routines and are somewhat stubborn, refusing to shy away from their habits. Because of these characteristics, Taurus babies would surely enjoy Estella’s Jungle Baby Gift Set. The set includes a bright, colorful footie, a beechwood pacifier clip, and several cuddly animal friends!


Gemini babies are bright and mischievous, and they love making new friends. They also thoroughly enjoy learning, being some of the most intelligent children of the bunch. Introduce a group of new friends to them to let their curiosity and imagination soar! This Baby Gift Set- Paris Baby is sophisticated and creative, two things the little Gemini would definitely appreciate!


Soft and sensitive, Cancer babies are perhaps the most emotional of the bunch. As a water sign, Cancers are very much in tune with their emotions, and they enjoy expressing and being in their feelings. They also enjoy bonding and spending time with their parents and loved ones. As such, this Organic Baby Gift Set | Knitted Romper & Stuffed Animal - Love Bug may just be the best choice for these little ones.

Soft, cuddly, and embroidered with a big, red ladybug, this romper is perfect for snuggle time with your little Cancer. They’re sure to feel the love every step of the way, and you can enchant and delight them with the fluffy, red ladybug toy!


Leo babies are very much like their namesake, the lion— grand, beautiful, charismatic and majestic. Leos love being pampered with attention, and they love bright, bold colors. And what better way to enchant a little Leo than with the king of the jungle himself?

Estella’s Baby Gift Set - Animal Love features jungle animal toys made from organic cotton yarn, all strong and durable for hours and hours of fun playtime. Encourage your little one to unleash their loudest roar as they spend an afternoon frolicking and playing with their new best friends!


Virgo babies are curious by nature, and they love analyzing, calculating, and examining. They enjoy routines, clean spaces, and organized playtime. They also enjoy it when things match, and they enjoy strategizing. That’s why this Future Sports Star - Baby Gift Set is a great choice for a little Virgo baby.

With a matching onesie, blanket, and sports-themed rattles, this baby gift set is perfectly complementary in its colors and designs. Beautifully organized and easy to handle, your Virgo baby will certainly enjoy playing with this gift set and learning how to be a future sports star!


Little Libra babies LOVE music. From listening to it to making it, the way to a Libra baby’s heart is through soothing tunes. And, for babies, there is usually no better sound than the sound of their own rattles. Estella has a collection of organic cotton rattles that are fun, musical, and comfortable to play with. However, this adorable Baby Gift Set-Animal Road Trip Rattles And Blanket featuring FIVE animal rattles takes the cake!


Scorpio babies tend to live life on the edge, and they are known to grow up to be thrill seekers. They love to explore, and they love trying out new things, which makes them seek out adventure. They are also unconventional, and they tend to enjoy toys and activities that other little ones may not.

For Scorpio babies, this Luxury Baby Gift Set - Spicy Baby Foodie Knits may be right up their alley. This quirky, colorful set is perfect for your little daredevil, and you can dress them up in something as unique and lively as their personality!


Last, but certainly not the least, we have our Sagittarius babies. Sagittarius babies, especially New Yorkers, always want to be entertained, and they love engaging and attractive visuals. That’s why bright and colorful toys, like this Organic Baby Gift Set - New York Taxi Onesie, NYC Rattle Toys, Knit Doll And Blanket, Baby Hat | Apple, Taxi And Dog , may be the best gift for them.

With a variety of colors, textures, and patterns, this set is sure to keep your little one away from boredom. It can help their imaginations soar, and they can spend hours of fun playtime thinking up scenarios with their new toys.

We at Estella pride ourselves in creating fun, durable, and eco-friendly baby toys that will engage your little one in imaginative play. Browse through our collections here, and find the best organic toys for baby to play and grow up with!