Top 5 Organic Baby Brands to Consider When Shopping for Something Special

As parents, we’re hyper-focused about what we put on our baby’s sensitive skin. From choosing a gentle soap to cozy diapers, we want something non-toxic and chemical-free for our kids. 

Why not follow the same rules for baby clothes? To help you find the best organic baby clothes, we’ve created an extensive list of the top organic baby brands:

Why Choose Organic Baby Brands? 

Here, we discuss the top benefits of choosing organic cotton sleepwear, dresses, and other outfits for your little one:

  • Synthetic fabrics are popularly used in baby clothes; however, these contain petrochemicals, plastics, and harmful chemicals. In contrast, organic materials are free of toxic and risky substances and cotton pesticides. It helps ensure your baby’s skin doesn’t suffer from irritation
  • Organic cotton is comparatively more durable and sustainable than regular cotton. In addition, organic cotton is farmed with great care, which ensures high-quality products
  • If you’re a parent who actively seeks eco-friendly solutions, you’ll love organic baby clothes. It is because farmers detoxify the land to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Organic cotton ensures your baby feels comfortable and cozy. Plus, the material adapts to the surrounding temperature to make sure your baby’s body maintains a healthy temperature   

Top 5 Organic Baby Brands 

Here we’ve added our top 5 organic baby brands:


Estella NYC is a baby clothing brand dedicated to providing you easy access to optimum quality organic clothes. 

Here you can find an array of high-end children’s clothing items, including rompers, bodysuits, dresses, tops, and even toys. 

We ensure that every item is manufactured from GOTS certified cotton and lacks chemicals and harsh treatments.


By combining their expertise and creativity, two fierce women, Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, developed an amazing line of unisex and organic baby clothing.

Nununu offers high-quality maternity clothes sourced from organic cotton. The brand aims to break stereotypes and accepted norms with its innovative clothing boutique. 

Hannah Andersson

Another excellent organic baby brand to check out is Hannah Andersson. Committed to fabricating organic, sustainable, and diverse clothing articles, the brand ensures you can easily find what you’re looking for. 

From adorable sleepwear right down to fancy jumpsuits, each product by Hannah contains organic cotton. The brand offers you cute baby clothes while minimizing its carbon footprint. 

Tartine et Chocolat

Dress your baby in French elegance embellished with floral designs and stylish finishes by visiting Tartine et Chocolat. 

The brand uses organic cotton and cashmere to sew high-end baby clothes intricately. Make your baby look like royalty by visiting Tartine et Chocolat’s website. 

Petit Collage 

On a mission to provide you with sustainable and eco-friendly products, Petit Collage combines contemporary designs with organic guidelines to ensure your baby wears comfy clothes. 

Here, you can find baby clothing items manufactured from organic cotton and non-toxic puzzles and toys. 

The Bottom Line 

It’s no secret that every parent has their kid’s best interests at heart. Choosing organic clothing for your little one keeps them safe from toxins and chemicals prevalent in inorganic clothes.