Estella Launches Organic Baby Gift Line with Messages of Hope

We are thrilled to announce the launch of organic baby gifts with messages of hope.  Amid the fear of terrorism, war, climate change and intense division on a number of issues, we wanted to put forward a message of hope in the next generation, hence the launch of the "Generation Hope" organic baby gift set. 

Not that this gift set will make all our problems go away, but it can serve as a gentle reminder that we can bring up our babies to know and do better.  While a lot is outside of our control, we can influence the future by teaching the next generation to do better.  Also a part of this collection is the "Global Citizen" gift set for those who find it important that the next generation be good global citizens.

We also wanted the collection to be classic and fun so we designed an 'Old Soul' gift set for those who have the throw back kids.

More fun, bright & colorful pieces include our Avocado and Banana gift sets:

In addition to these new fun bodysuit, hat and baby rattle combinations, we have brought back our popular gift sets: Taxi, Pretzel & Hot Dog ones.


 Take a look and share!