Unique Baby Gifts for Twins

I love twins, triplets & multi birth babies – fraternal and identical! I love the idea of shopping for multiple babies who are all the same age.  While I am sure dressing them, changing them and keeping the peace can be a nightmare for the parents, designing clothing, accessories, toys and unique baby gifts for them is so much fun for me. The challenge is to make each child’s gift truly unique – have character and personality that is different.  The following are some of my favorite unusual baby gifts for twins:

Unique Baby Clothes – Onesies & Bib Kerchiefs

When designing the prints for our organic baby onesies and bib kerchiefs, I spent a lot of time thinking about how each print would not only be truly unique, but beautiful.  Working with my graphic artist, I took a handful of Estella newborn rattle toys with complementary colors; drew and colored them; then placed them on a canvas in a pattern that not only looked good from afar, but also closeup; and then we added little details that people can get a laugh out of if they look carefully.  For instance, our Sea Creatures print has one of the octopus images dabbing, yes, the dance craze that my 11 year old is obsessed with! 

Organic Baby Clothes - Onesies with Sea Print & dabbing octopus

I used this concept to design our other four prints.  So for special baby gifts to twins, triplets or multi birth babies, you can get them each a baby onesie with a different fun print.  They can all wear the onesies at the same time yet have each print be different not just in color, but in character.  

Unique Baby Toys

Our organic baby toys are also unique baby shower gifts for twins.  I designed our baby rattles in collections – sports, food, New York City, animals etc.  There are several rattles in each collection.  For example, the sports collection has several baby ball toys – a football, baseball, basketball and tennis ball.  So what’s perfect for twins is to get them several toys from the same or different collections.  If for example, you know that the family loves sports, you can get them a few rattles from that collection and the twins can, in their first three months of life, play with the colors, textures and sounds and then as they get older, they can use them for pretend play.  What better way for parents and caregivers to connect with the twins and then for the twins to bond.  

Unique Baby Gifts for twins - Organic Baby Rattle Toys

Baby Gift Sets

I have never been a big fan of dressing twins in the same outfit, but in different colors - the colors are usually so bland and unattractive.  However, when done right, it can look phenomenal.  We have put together some unique baby shower gift ideas in sets with onesie outfits in complementary vibrant colors that match Estella baby rattle toys, newborn dolls and infant hats.  These sets can be mixed and matched and look good individually and together.

Unique Baby Gift Sets

To see more great baby shower gifts for twins, visit Estella, my online organic baby shop, and create your own special combination. Some background on me and my store: my name is Jean Polsky and I own Estella with my husband Chike Chukwulozie. We launched Estella in 2002 and have had the fortune of being featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, Martha Stewart and much more.  Shop our catalog of luxury baby gifts online for twins, triplets and any newborn!