Why an Organic Blanket Makes a Great Baby Gift

Babies have a way of making us all happy. Their smiles, their coos and even their little spit-ups make our hearts melt. This is why everyone loves being around these little ones and why you gladly buy gifts for both moms and babies.

However, finding that perfect gift can be a challenge. After all, there are so many different tastes, styles, and preferences. Do you get something for amusement or something practical? How about something lasting and memorable versus something that will only be used for a short time?

This is why I think organic baby blankets are the best gift you could possibly give. Let me explain why.

The Reasons for a Baby Comfort Blanket

A comfort blanket is something many of us carry long into our childhood, and for some even longer. Whether you call it a comfort blanket, a binky, or a blankie, it soothes and comforts for years. Blankets and other lovey items provide a transition item that helps a baby make the transfer from a fully dependent being to an independent, confident child. By having their own item to give them comfort on demand, a child can feel soothed even when they are not in your arms. This can mean better sleep for both them and you.

As the little one gets older, what was intended as an organic baby gift keeps providing that comfort. Some kids will keep their blanket as a source of emotional support throughout their childhood years. This can lead to more confident children.

Organic Cotton Blankets Are Practical

Let’s get real for a few minutes; so many gifts for mom are really not practical. You do need some supplies, but many other things are not useful and just get in the way. Baby bathrobes, for example, are rarely used. After you towel baby off, you will more likely return them to a diaper and some warm, comfortable clothing to keep them from getting chilly. While they look cute hanging in the bathroom, these bathrobes are rarely considered to be a practical item that gets regular use.

The best organic baby blankets are extremely practical. Mom does not have to worry about the materials being grown or processed with any chemicals or how her little one’s skin will react to a synthetic material. That makes the blanket more than a throw that adorns the back of a chair. They are also very versatile, with many ways mom and baby can find to use them, both now and in the future. Best of all, when they’re dirty you can just pop them in the washer.

A Baby Blanket Gift Is Versatile

One of the best things about giving an organic blanket for a baby is that it is extremely versatile. Sure, it is going to be used as a blanket. However, there is a plethora of other uses when you have a blanket you actually love.

As a mom on the go, one of the things I find useful is a popular baby blanket to take with me for my little ones to play on. You never know where you are going to go and when you want to be able to set your baby down. When you have an organic baby blanket, you get a clean barrier from the floor.

For the nursing mom, an organic cotton blanket is useful as a privacy drape. Sure, she could carry a special drape made just for that purpose, or she can use something she has already brought with her.

Baby blanket gifts also make great props for those monthly age photos. When you receive a baby blanket gift you like and your little one enjoys snuggling, it can make for some of the greatest pictures.

Blankets can also become a car seat or bassinet sun protector, a makeshift hand puppet, a last-minute drool mop, a makeshift hood and an extra layer above or in place of a jacket.

The Best Organic Baby Blanket Will Last

Probably one of the best things about an organic baby blanket is that they last more than most other popular baby gifts. So many things I have seen given to friends, family, and co-workers are used and then discarded. Do not get me wrong — there is absolutely a need for cute outfits, baby bottles, and oh my goodness the diapers!

However, when you really want to give something meaningful, an organic cotton blanket is about as intimate as you can get with a little one. They will carry that with them as they grow. That little blanket will comfort them during tumbles and falls, both physical and emotional.

Too many moms are given cheap fleece blankets that may look cute but are anything but functional. When you invest in an organic cotton baby blanket, you are investing in the memories of that baby and mom.

An Organic Baby Blanket Is Perfect for Baby’s Skin and the Environment Alike

One of the reasons why everyone loves to snuggle babies is because of their soft skin. That skin is a reflection of their entire system, not yet tainted by anything. People give a lot of blankets to moms and newborns. However, what most people do not realize is the number of chemicals those blankets contain and what they do to the body or the environment.

For instance, many popular baby blankets are made from some blend with polyester, a substance derived from fossil fuels. Polyester can be extremely irritating to a baby’s skin. Beyond that, polyester is extremely taxing on the planet to produce. In fact, some estimates suggest producing polyester for textiles will account for 25% of the world’s carbon output by 2050. That is horrible for the planet on so many levels!

So, invest in more than a token gift and give that special mom-to-be or little one the best organic baby blanket you can buy.