Best Toys for a 3 month old baby

A new parent may not know which toy is best for a baby. Newborns have limited mobility and are just figuring out how to maneuver their tiny bodies. They might be rolling, stabilizing their neck muscles or pushing themselves up from a tummy position. The toys chosen for these babies should encourage that development and provide entertainment.

When you are looking for toys for your baby or as a gift to give to others, ask these important questions:

Is this toy safe for an infant?
Toys are made with different stages of development in mind. You may see a toy that focuses on fine motor skills that looks perfect, but small pieces are not appropriate for babies. In our list of best toys for 3 month old babies, we focus on toys that are proven to be safe.

Is this toy practical?
A solid gold rattle is a beautiful luxury item. However, it is not an item that will add value to a family's day-to-day life. The baby needs a toy that will engage and excite them. Parents need toys that will help their babies grow.

Is the toy durable?
Durability may not seem that important for an item that will only be used for a few months. That is simply not true. The best toys for infants grow with them. They should be easy to wash and sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment.

Following are some of the best toys for a 3 month old baby. We have chosen these toys because they combine all of those factors that are so important to consider when buying gifts for a new baby.

Best Toys for a 3 Month Old Baby

1) Best Stuffed Toy for 3 Month Olds

The Estella lion baby toy is the perfect gift for a 3 month old child. The toy is all organic with a 100% cotton exterior. Handmade in Peru, this stuffed toy is as beautiful as it is safe. It makes a great addition to the nursery decor. The bright yellow of the lion is eye-catching and lovable to children of all ages.

One of the features we love about this handmade lion is that it is machine washable. Babies learn about objects by putting everything in their mouths. stuffed toys are not an exception. Parents can keep the lion germ-free by running it through the washer and letting it air dry.

Another plus to this bright and beautiful stuffed lion is that it is gender-neutral. Are you looking for the best toys for a 3 month old girl? Need the best toys for a 3 month old boy? This stuffed toy works for all babies.

2) Best Baby Rattle for 3 Month Olds

Estella gives us another winner with this soft baby rattle. The toy, styled after New York City cabs, is a big hit with babies and their parents. Unlike hard, plastic rattles, these organic toys won't hurt when baby gets overly excited and hits herself (or others) in the face. A baby won't throw it across the room and break it, shattering a flimsy exterior. This rattle can be dropped, squeezed and loved.

The soft rattle isn't upsetting to babies who might not respond well to loud noises. It is also machine washable, which means parents can keep it clean without worrying about damaging the organic material.

This toy, like other Estella products, is handmade in Peru. It is available in green or traditional yellow. We love the idea of getting one in each color so baby can continue to play with one rattle while the other is being washed!

3) Best Bouncer Toy for 3 Month Olds
A bouncer is a soft seat that rocks with the baby's movement. Any bouncer is enough to make a baby happy for about three minutes. After that, baby needs more. The Baby Bjorn Soft Friends bar is soft, safe and fits perfectly to the bouncer. The bar can be added and removed as needed.

Parents know how important it is to have a safe seat for baby when they can't be held. Lying in a crib or playpen isn't healthy. Tummy time is only safe when the baby can be closely watched. A bouncer lets parents cook meals, fold laundry or simply take the breaks they need.

A baby should not be in a bouncer for more than 20 minutes. This soft bar with three fun figures ensures those 20 minutes will be happy and entertaining.

4) Best Educational Toy for 3 Month Olds

"Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic for excellent reasons. The bright colors are attractive to babies, the repetition of words helps them to become familiar with sounds of the language and the gentle message is comforting.

"Goodnight Moon" has been a cherished classic since it was published in 1947. Children will grow with this book, first listening to parents read to them and eventually reading it on their own.

A board book is the right choice for babies because they are resistant to tears and can be cleaned from most spills with a dry or lightly damp cloth.

5) Best Teething Toy for 3 Month Old

Babies love to put everything they can find in their mouths, which cause many moms to forgo wearing necklaces until their children grow. Chewable Charm is one of the greatest chew toys to grace the necks of new moms. Are they teething toys or stylish necklaces? Amazingly, they are both.

Chewable Charms are the perfect gift for a new mom. We love the idea of adding a teething necklace to every baby shower gift to give new moms a wonderful surprise. The neutral colors and geometric shapes ensure that these necklaces will complement any casual clothing while also giving baby a safe plaything.

Along with these necklaces, Chewable Charm makes teether rings, pacifier clips and macrame teethers. Chewable Charm also makes pacifiers in a variety of colors and styles.

6) Best Travel Toy for 3 Month Olds

Traveling with babies isn't always the best experience for the parents, the baby or fellow travelers. A parent needs to make sure they have everything they need before they travel. Along with feeding and/or nursing supplies, multiple changes of clothes and about twice as many diapers as they think they may require, parents must have adequate travel toys.

A 3 month old doesn't have the same style of toys as a baby that is just a few months older. For an infant, the best travel toy is one that keeps him safe and warm. That is why we chose this organic security blanket from Estella.

The blanket is a stylish blue-and-white stripe with a happy, smiling whale. The whale's tail is padded, which gives baby something to hold onto and love while snuggling under the blanket. Knitted by hand in Peru, this lovey is 14" x 14", which makes it the perfect size for baby to carry, hug and squeeze.

Choosing the best toys for infants does not have to be difficult. With our guide, you will find buying the best toys for a 3 month old boy or best toys for a 3 month old girl is not just easy, but it is also fun