8 Perfect Gifts for a 12-Month-Old Girl

The first birthday is coming up, and it’s a big deal. 

You thought the pressure was on when you were buying a newborn gift, but now it’s almost a year later and you have no idea what a good gift would be for the 12-month-old girl in your life. 

There are so many options that it can be overwhelming, especially since children develop at wildly different paces, making this a difficult age to buy for. And yet you want to deliver a thoughtful, useful birthday present that at least her parents will like. 

The key to effective shopping for a one-year-old’s birthday gift is to find something that will actually be used and benefit the child in some way. 

There are 8 foolproof categories that you can choose from that are sure to be popular gifts for a 12-month-old girl. Let’s take a look at each. 

1. Organic Clothing 

Organic clothing for baby girls is quickly becoming one of the most popular first birthday gifts out there. 

Clothing has always been a popular gift choice because children at that age grow like weeds, and parents find themselves needing the next size up before you know it. And with sustainability and health at the forefront of our thoughts, goods made with organic materials are a good choice.

Best gifts for a 12-month old girl - baby wearing pretzel romper smiling

Organic clothing is environmentally-friendly, as it reduces the number of pesticides and chemicals used to grow the materials. You can also rest easy knowing that organic cotton is a safe choice for children and adults alike, as it works for sensitive skin that may be irritated by other clothing. 

If you’re considering gifting organic clothing for a baby’s first birthday, we have plenty of styles and prints to choose from so you can make a choice that suits the baby perfectly. Check out our organic baby clothes

2. Sensory-Engaging Books  

One-year-olds are actively learning the world around them, and a great gift idea to engage them is a book that is designed to engage their senses.

There are plenty of books created for children in this age range that have simple stories you can read to your children and tactile elements. With the parent guiding them, they can see pictures, say new words, touch fabric pages, press buttons to hear sound effects, and be delighted by pop-up elements. 

First birthday gifts - Poke-a-Dot Pet Families Book by Melissa & Doug

Image source: Melissa & Doug

These books are all about connecting a word with your senses. There are plenty of options out there, but we love the Poke-a-Dot line available from Melissa & Doug.

3. STEM Learning Kits 

If you’re unfamiliar, STEM is the practice of nurturing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills. And while it may be a surprise to some, one-year-olds are at the perfect age for honing these skills. 

Encouraging learning and the development of critical thinking skills at an appropriate age can help them build essential skills that will benefit them from years to come, and there are plenty of STEM kits and toys that help one-year-old girls learn by doing, playing, and exploring.

If you really want to wow the family, consider getting a STEM kit subscription for several months. 

Baby toys for 1 year old - Bead Maze

Image source: KiwiCo 

KiwiCo is a great place to look. They offer STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) boxes that arrive once every other month, though you can also opt for a one-time purchase. Their Panda Crate is designed specifically for children ages 0-24 months old. 

4. Balance Bikes

Gone are the days when bicycles are just for “the big kids.” 

This is a particularly great gift for a 12-month-old girl who has “monkey see, monkey do” syndrome with older siblings, but it works well for only-children, too.

Balance bikes are self-powered and designed to help develop coordination and balance skills. It actually even helps teach the mechanics of learning to walk, so children as young as 10-months old can use it.  Both sturdiness and support are taken into consideration.

Toys 1 year old - Balance Bike

Image source: Bammax 

If this sounds like something that the birthday girl might love, check out Bammax Bikes. They have a model designed specifically for use as young as twelve months old that can act as a walker and a bike-riding-learning aide for when they’re older. 

5. Handmade Plush Dolls 

Children love dolls, which can sometimes become their most treasured toys. They allow children to play make-believe and develop their imagination. Plush dolls in particular can also be both comforting and very cherished.

If you really want to go above and beyond, look for handmade, eco-friendly plush dolls that are designed for young children. These are often safe for one-year-olds to have, and they make wonderful luxury gifts with a clear commitment to quality. 

Here at Estella, we offer a line of handmade, sustainable plush dolls that are perfect gifts for 12-month-old girls. We’ve got plushes of endangered animals, holiday-themed plush toys and more. You can see our full line of knit dolls

6. Push Toys 

If you’ve ever seen a one-year-old pushing around a toy lawnmower in their yard, that’s a perfect example of a push toy.

Push toys are excellent gifts for twelve-month-old girls because they can help improve coordination and motion as the child is learning to walk. It can also help with everything from fine motor strength and problem-solving. 

Best toys for 10 month old - Push Toy by Fatbrains

Image source: Fat Brain Toys 

This Scoop n’ Scoot Ice Cream Walker is an excellent choice for a girl’s first birthday gift. It’s interactive and easy-to-use. And who doesn’t love ice cream?  

7. Outdoor Activities 

According to pediatricians, outdoor play can have positive impacts on toddler’s health and socialization skills. It can also improve their vision, bone, and cardiovascular health

In order to get those benefits, though, it helps if the child actually wants to spend more time outside. The right toy or a favorite activity can help with that.

Outdoor Activities for 1 year olds

Image source: Little Tikes 

The options are endless here. You can purchase splash pads, sand and water tables, mini-slides, play tents and tunnels, ball pits, and more. There are also outdoor playhouses you can purchase and playsets that can be adjusted to be age-appropriate as the child gets older. 

What you give will depend slightly on the child’s interests, but this outdoor playhouse or a climber & swing set are both popular choices for gifts for a 12-month-old. 

8. All-Encompassing Gift Set 

Looking for something that will really stand out, and don’t want to just choose one gift?

Sometimes the perfect gift is a gift set! 

Gift sets are a collection themed curated items that allow you to give gifts that are thoughtfully and carefully chosen. Whether you’re overwhelmed and aren’t sure what to get or want to choose several items that work well together, you can’t go wrong here. 

Our gift sets at Estella, for example, may include some combination of an organic outfit, an age-appropriate book, an accessory like a bib or hat, and a handcrafted-plush toy or two. We have plenty of options to suit the interests and personality of the little girl (and her parents!). Check out the full line of 1 year old baby gift bundles

Final Thoughts  

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for a twelve-month old girl, don’t sweat: There are plenty of outstanding options to choose from at all different price points. This makes it easy to pick a gift that’s tailored to the child and their stage of development.

The best tip we have is to pick a gift that’s high-quality and practical. An item that’s used often is as good of a gift as you could choose and will be treasured. 

Looking for gifts for a twelve-month old girl, or for babies and toddlers under the age of two? Check out our line of baby gift sets