Little Learners Book Bundles

Little Learners Book Bundles

Welcome to Estella's "Little Learners Book Bundles" initiative. For every purchase from this collection, Estella pledges to donate essential items—be it baby clothing, a book, or a toy—to our charity partner, Room to Grow. This initiative specifically aids low-income families in the Bronx, ensuring their children have the resources they need for a promising start in life. Why Room to Grow? Their mission resonates deeply with us: to level the educational playing field for children up to 3 years old by providing vital support to low-income families. Astonishingly, 90% of children in Room to Grow's care achieve their developmental milestones on time, thanks to the comprehensive support they receive. Join us in this meaningful endeavor. Each item in the "Little Learners Book Bundles" is chosen with the intent to enrich the early years of all children, setting a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success. Shop now to contribute to this vital cause. Together, let's ensure every child has the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive.

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    Welcome to Little Learners Book Bundles

    Embark on Themed Adventures with Our Unique Baby Book and Gift Sets

    At Estella, we're thrilled to introduce our "Little Learners Book Bundles" – a delightful collection that combines the magic of reading with themed baby toys, clothes, and accessories. Each bundle is an adventure in itself, taking your little one on a journey through enchanting worlds, from the wilds of the jungle to the bustling streets of New York, and beyond.

    Educational Baby Book Sets with Matching Outfits and Toys

    Our Educational Baby Book Sets are thoughtfully paired with matching outfits and toys to create a comprehensive learning experience. Whether it's an ABC-themed set or an exploration of jungle animals, each bundle is designed to stimulate your little learner's imagination and curiosity.

    Baby Reading Gift Baskets: A Complete Thematic Experience

    Our Baby Reading Gift Baskets go beyond just books. They are complete thematic experiences, with each item in the basket reflecting the theme of the book. Be it a New York story with a matching taxi rattle or an underwater tale with ocean-inspired clothing, these baskets are a treasure trove of themed delights.

    Interactive Book Gifts for Babies with Playful Companions

    Each Interactive Book Gift is accompanied by playful toys and accessories that align with the book's theme. These sets are perfect for engaging your baby in a multisensory story experience, making reading time interactive and fun.

    Baby's First Book Collections with Coordinating Essentials

    Start your baby's literary journey with our Baby's First Book Collections, complete with coordinating essentials like themed clothing and accessories. These collections are not only perfect for introducing the joys of reading but also for immersing your baby in a cohesive thematic world.

    Nursery Rhyme Baby Gift Packs with Timeless Accessories

    Our Nursery Rhyme Baby Gift Packs come with books and timeless accessories that bring these classic tales to life. Each pack is a blend of nostalgia and contemporary design, ideal for modern-day storytelling.

    Storytime Baby Gift Sets for a Holistic Thematic Adventure

    Create unforgettable storytime experiences with our Storytime Baby Gift Sets. Each set includes a charming book and related items like plush toys and themed apparel, turning every reading session into a holistic thematic adventure.

    Baby Book and Rattle Sets for Engaging Play and Learning

    Explore our Baby Book and Rattle Sets where captivating stories meet playful learning. Each set features a book and a rattle or toy that complements the story's theme, offering both comfort and stimulation.

    Baby Book Club Gifts: Monthly Themed Surprises

    Delight your little one each month with our Baby Book Club Gifts. These monthly surprises come with a book and an array of matching items, keeping the theme fresh and exciting.

    Infant Book and Toy Combos: Discover Themed Worlds

    Our Infant Book and Toy Combos are perfect for little explorers. Each combo includes a book and toys or clothes that bring the story's theme to life, making each reading a discovery of a new world.

    Join the Little Learners Journey

    Our "Little Learners Book Bundles" offer more than just gifts; they are an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and joy. Join us in nurturing your child's love for reading and exploration, where each bundle opens up a new world of themed learning and fun.