A Conversation With: Cassaundra Of The Blue Closet


When we discovered Cassaundra’s blog, The Blue Closet, it was love at first post. Whether it’s fashion for babies, toddlers, tweens, or moms, Cassaundra’s discerning eye and beautiful photos have us visiting her site daily and dreaming of Southern California’s sunny weather. What we love most about Cassaundra is that she encourages her children to express themselves through the clothes they wear, whether it’s by mixing patterns, rocking sequins, or dressing up for formal events. And since she often includes posts on her own outfits and picks for the season as well, it is the perfect one-stop shop for fashionable moms with stylish children. We had the chance to sit down with the lovely Cassaundra to talk all things children, motherhood, and what her family’s plans are for the summer. Thanks, Cassaundra!

1. Why did you decide to start The Blue Closet?
My friends and family have always asked me where to find (fill in the blank) for their child. I LOVED answering their questions. I love researching to find them the best of whatever they were asking for. It seemed like a natural idea to post my constant gatherings and finds for everyone.

2. What’s the best part about blogging?
Oh, that is tough. I think it is having a creative outlet. The need to create and visualize is something I was born with. I have expressed that need in many ways throughout my life. This is all-encompassing because it fuels my passion for photography, my children and fashion all in one place.

3. You take beautiful photos! Do you have any tips for beginners?
1. Read your camera manual. 2. Study the lighting around you. Recognize places where there is good lighting. For me, it is in my master bathroom where the light filters through the windows into this white space. 3. Practice shooting in manual and study your settings. 4. Be patient.

4. What’s your favorite trend in kids fashion right now?
My favorite trend in kids fashion right now has to be the Tomboy trend for girls. I love ruby’s loose cutoffs, button-up shirts, baseball hats, and hi-tops and boots. My boys and I are still loving neon and geometric patterns. It’s a fun carefree time in fashion for boys and I like that.

5. Do your kids have a favorite piece of clothing or brand they’re obsessed with?
Ruby could wear the graphic tees and leggings from Crewcuts every day. She also loves her tanks and cutoffs from Peek Kids. Ello loves stripes so that is easy, we find them everywhere from Target to J. Crew. Myes is at that turning point. He is a tween now. Everything has to be cool. As a toddler he would only wear blue, now he will not leave the house without a snapback hat. He is just as obsessed with shoes as I am. He is always scheming for a new pair, Vans, Converse and Nikes SB are always on the list.

6. Best parenting advice you’ve ever received?
I am surrounded by amazing parents so I get to soak in all their wisdom, it is hard to choose just one. Right now it might be turning off all the electronics in the car when I am doing my school pickups and LISTEN. The kids are ready to chat and tell me all about their day when they get in the car. We don’t turn on any radio, TV’s or iPods until everyone has gotten everything off their chest…and they have a lot to get off their chest. A friend recently asked me how I knew all about what was happening in the classroom one day I wasn’t in there. I told her, “Myes spills it when he gets in the car. He wants to tell me every detail.” I know this is not going to last long so I am soaking it up now.

7. Proudest moment as a parent so far?
Myes has an innate sensitivity towards small children and children with special needs. Recently, at a Parent Teacher Conference, I could not have been more proud then when his teacher told us she can always count on Myes to treat the two “special needs” children in the class with kindness and respect. In fact, he runs with them during PE to ensure they are not alone. It warms my heart.

8. What’s your favorite way to unwind?
After the kids are in bed my husband and I chat about our days, sitting on the couch, drinking Perrier. It is often a venting session. Then we turn on horrible reality tv and laugh.

9. When or where are you your happiest?
Nothing does more for my soul then being at the beach between 4pm and 6pm, when everyone else is leaving, the sun is going down and my children are still playing in the sand. Complete peace and happiness.

10. What are you most looking forward to this summer?
No schedules. No homework. This summer we are not signing up for any camps or classes. I am so excited to be able to drive to the beach when we want and leave when we want to. Spending real, uninterrupted time with my kids is really good for all of us.