Luxury Baby Gifts from Commonfolke, Leslie Mitchell Art and more


How many times have you given a baby gift and later realized the person had something just like it or even worse didn’t like it all and subsequently returned it?

If this has happened to you then perhaps it’s time to think out of the box…and by that we mean big box, as in big box stores, and choose from luxury baby gifts made in small batches by boutique brands who care less about the bottom line and more about the craftsmanship, quality and fit of what they make. These types of gifts go above and beyond your everyday newborn gifts and will long be cherished and never returned! Let’s take a look at just some of the choices out there…


Megabear by Commonfolke If you look in any baby’s room you’ll likely see dozens of teddy bears. They’re usually all the same look and feel, with not much setting them apart. When you add the Megabear by Commonfolke into the mix you’ll immediately notice it not only looks different but feels different. The bear is intentionally understuffed to make him cuddlier. The Megabear, like all others from Commonfolke toys, are handmade from original designs. The creator, a stay-at-mom turned entrepreneur, started making bears for her babies and it soon blossomed into this unique company.


Car Series Print by Leslie Mitchell Art- High end baby gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, including in the shape of exceptional art. Photographer Leslie Mitchell showcases her love for cars in this series of photos that make a great addition to any nursery. The colors come alive to provide a gift that will be remembered for years to come. There are a variety of prints to choose from so you’re bound to find the perfect infant present!


Octopus Baby Blanket by Estella Every baby needs a lovey blanket, so why not give the highest in quality? You can tell something is different with this one at first touch. The difference is that the octopus baby blanket by Estella is handmade in Peru from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. You don’t have to worry about giving a gift made from harsh chemicals. Besides the octopus blanket, Estella also has a full line of organic cotton baby blankets in different styles to choose from.


Swimming Pool Gift Box by Noe & Zoe - Moms can never have enough infant onesies. Instead of just giving any old onesie, why not give one that not only is super cute, but is soft to the touch and made from environmentally safe materials? This adorable gift box from Noe & Zoe includes a onesie and matching beanie made from organic cotton so it’s safe for baby’s sensitive skin.


Very Big Hug Blanket by Calhoun & Co. When you want to give a very big hug, literally, there’s this blanket by Calhoun & Co. At 50”x68”, this blanket is big enough for mom and baby to cuddle in together, making it an extra special gift. It’s also made from 100% cotton so it’s extra soft.

When you’re looking to give gifts that are a step above the rest, check out our blog where we list top luxury baby gifts that we make and sell and ones that we love, but do not make and sell.  They are all well made by small designers who love the art and invest more in making quality products and not quantity.



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