Stuffed Animals that Won's Get Lost in the Pile - from Big Stuffed, Petit Bateau, Bonton & more



Stuffed Animals that Won's Get Lost in the Pile - from Big Stuffed, Petit Bateau, Bonton & more

It’s no secret that babies and stuffed animals are the best of friends. For that reason babies get tons of them and end up with a pile with only one or two standing out.  Whether it’s at playtime, nap time, during a hard time or for snuggling, baby will rely on the right stuffed animal and ignore the rest.

So when purchasing one as a baby gift, it’s more important than ever to choose a soft toy that baby will love, not just one that the big boxes push and that end up at the bottom of the pile. If you’re looking to give a stuffed animal that’s a step above the rest take a look at these pieces from smaller boutique brands. I love them for their unique look and durability and I’m sure you will too! 


Albino Octopus by Big Stuffed

Albino Octopus by Big Stuffed-When it comes to designer baby gifts that will leave a lasting impression, the Albino Octopus certainly qualifies! I love that it is so different and creative. When have you ever seen a stuffed animal octopus this big, beautiful and unique? Who would have thought of an Albino Octo soft toy for babies?  I love it and congratulate designer and Big Stuffed founder, Dana Muskat, on a job well done.  If you like this piece, take a look at some of the other wonderful creatures that this European company makes.  All their items are handmade in France and Europe..  


Print Rabbit Comfort Object by Petit Bateau

Print Rabbit Comfort Object by Petit Bateau-Baby can easily grab this rabbit’s long, floppy ears and legs, which is just one of the reasons why I love this stuffed rabbit more than so many others out there. Made by Petit Bateau, a French company that has been around for decades and has a solid reputation in the children's fashion world, baby will want to cuddle up with this soft cotton rabbit toy…it really is a comfort object as its name suggests. 


Handmade Stuffed Bunny by Rylee & Cru

Handmade Stuffed Bunny by Rylee & Cru- I always like to see baby toys and stuffed animals that children will love that are also good for the environment. There are an increasing number of eco-friendly baby toys on the market including this Handmade Stuffed Bunny by Rylee & Cru. This bunny got my attention because it’s not only handmade from GOTS organic cotton, but also comes with a hand illustrated star print romper. It’s just the right size for little hands to cuddle too! 


Brown Bear Baby Soother in Stripes by Estella

Brown Bear Baby Soother in Stripes by Estella-I would be remiss not to mention our very own Brown Bear soother from this list of top baby soft toys.  It is so popular and loved that we have created other versions of this wonderful character.  This brown bear baby soother in stripes is available in 4 two tone stripes - brown and black, brown, grey and navy.  Like all Estella baby toys, these bears are handmade from GOTS certified organic cotton.  You can pair them with one of Estella’s matching infant rompers or newborn hats when you’re looking for the perfect luxury newborn baby gifts.


Striped Cuddly Toy by Bonton

Striped Cuddly Toy by Bonton-

I fell in love with this French brand over a decade ago and sold their items when I had a boutique in New York's West Village.  It is great to see that they are still doing fabulous work. I love this monkey stuffed toy.  There's something very attractive about its cute face and long soft cuddly legs. As an adult I just want to give this monkey a squeeze! This monkey would make a great lovey or toy for any baby.  


When you’re looking for stuffed animals that won’t get lost at the bottom of the pile, these make great choices because they’ll be loved and played with over and over again! 


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