The Top 5 Gifts for Babies By Age: Curated Selections by Estella

Choosing the perfect gift for babies and toddlers can be an overwhelming experience, especially with the myriad of options available. Whether you're a new parent, a family member, or a close friend, you'll want to pick something meaningful, practical, and age-appropriate. 

We at Estella have you covered. We've scoured our collections to bring you the top 5 gifts for each age bracket, ensuring a heartwarming surprise for the little ones in your life. Let’s dive in!

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Welcoming a New Life: 0-3 Months

During the initial months, babies are most receptive to soft textures and gentle sounds. Their vision is also gradually developing, making high contrast and engaging shapes intriguing. The first three months of a baby's life are all about warmth, comfort, and gentle stimulation. Gifts should be soft, snug, and introduce them to the world in a subtle manner.

Organic Baby Gift Set - New York Onesie, Bib & NYC Rattle Toys

Celebrate the vibrancy of NYC. The high contrast designs on the onesie, bib, and rattle toys can captivate a baby's attention and aid visual development. Organic materials are delicate on the baby's skin and environmentally friendly. 

Organic Baby Gift Set - Handmade Lovey Blanket, Rattle Toy & Hat

This ocean-inspired set offers tactile stimulation with the lovey blanket and auditory engagement with the rattle. The soft hat keeps the baby warm, prioritizing comfort.

Rhinoceros Organic Newborn Rattle

Hand-knit and crafted, this rattle provides gentle auditory stimulation. Its unique shape can intrigue a baby, fostering early hand-eye coordination.

Pineapple Organic Baby Romper

Lightweight and breathable, this romper ensures the baby remains comfortable while the vibrant pineapple design offers a touch of fun. It’s a great romper for both rest and play.

Organic Baby Gift Set - New York Bib & Taxi Rattle Toy

A playful nod to NYC, this set not only ensures a mess-free mealtime with the bib but also hours of gentle play with the taxi rattle. It’s a great set to take with you on the go!

Discovering the World Around Them: 3-6 Months

In this phase, babies begin to explore using their hands. That means toys that are easy to grasp are more ideal. Their sense of hearing is also developing, so rattles and toys with sound can be particularly engaging.

"I Love NY" Baby Gift Set

A well-rounded gift package, this set introduces the baby to various textures, shapes, and sounds, stimulating multiple senses simultaneously. It has five different rattles for your little one to play with, as well as a baby book that can get them started into reading.

Crocheted Animal Finger Puppets

Designed to spark imagination, these puppets encourage interactive play, enhancing the baby's cognitive development and hand-eye coordination. It’s also a great way to introduce storytelling into a baby’s routine!

Bunny Gift Set with Jumpsuit Zipper

This set offers comfort and ease. The zipper design makes dressing hassle-free for parents, while the soft material keeps the baby cozy. Plus, it’s cute to boot, and it comes with a cuddly bunny toy.

Cuddle Me Dog Baby Gift Set

Catering to the baby's developing love for animals, this set combines fashion and function with a comfortable romper and a matching bib. Plus, the cute dog rattle makes space for engaging play. 

Monkey Organic Newborn Rattle

A delightful blend of texture and sound, this monkey rattle is crafted to be easy to grasp, stimulating motor skills development. It’s great to stimulate curious, little hands and minds.

On the Move and Exploring: 6-12 Months

At this stage, babies are more mobile and active. It’s essential to have products that can adapt to their increased movement and curiosity, as well as support them as they grow and play.

Rainbow Silicone Baby Placemat-Rainbow

Babies start to self-feed at 8 months. As they begin this process, this placemat not only makes clean-up easy but its vibrant colors can make mealtime more engaging. 

Baby Bear Romper Gift Set

A complete set ensures the baby is warm and stylish, making them ready for both rest and recreation. The bear design adds a touch of whimsy, while the soft material ensures comfort. 

Baby New Yorker Organic Gift Set

An ode to NYC, this set combines practicality with play. The soft onesie and bib keep the baby comfortable, while the doll and rattle toys offer hours of entertainment. 

"Go Green!" Baby Gift Set

Fostering eco-awareness early on, this set is made of sustainable materials and introduces the baby to the concept of caring for the environment. Plus, it’s a versatile outfit that can be worn in any weather.

Organic Baby Gift Sets, Handmade Romper with Pretzel Graphic & Hot Dog Rattle Toy

Marrying design with comfort, this set is not only visually delightful but also soft on the baby's skin. The rattle toy adds an interactive touch, perfect for little ones who are more active and playful at this age.

Stepping into Toddlerhood: 12-18 Months

As babies transition into toddlerhood, they become more independent and expressive. This age is characterized by rapid growth and exploration. The gifts should cater to your little one’s newfound independence, allowing them to express themselves.

Organic Baby Bib Kerchief Reversible - Big City All Over Print

This reversible bib serves a dual purpose. On the practical side, it keeps the toddler's clothes clean during meals, given their increasing desire to self-feed. On the aesthetic side, the city-themed prints cater to their growing recognition of patterns and images, making mealtime a bit more fun. 

Organic Baby Bib Kerchief Reversible - Sports All Over Print

Sports are a universal symbol of activity and energy. This bib, with its sports-themed print, not only serves the practical purpose of protecting clothing but also introduces them to varied sports symbols, aligning with their active nature at this age.

Baby Sunglasses

As toddlers become more mobile and spend time outdoors, protecting their sensitive eyes becomes crucial. These sunglasses shield their eyes from harmful UV rays while making them look stylish, catering to their budding sense of individuality.

Doggie Delight: Sibling PJs, Toy, Book & Bib Bundle

At this age, shared experiences, especially with siblings, can be foundational for social development. This bundle encourages shared moments, from wearing matching pajamas to storytime, fostering sibling bonds.

Cotton Baby Blankets - Heart

This blanket is more than just warmth; it's a symbol of love and security. Its soft texture ensures comfort, and the heart design serves as a reminder of the love surrounding the child, creating a sense of safety during nap times or snuggles.

Imagination and Independence: 2-6 Years Old

As children grow, so does their world of imagination and their desire for independence. This age group is characterized by boundless energy, curiosity, and the development of individual interests. Gifts for this age bracket should resonate with their dynamic personalities, their need for self-expression, and their exploratory nature.

Penguin Stuffed Animal

Every child needs a companion growing up, and this penguin stuffed toy may just be your little one’s next best friend. 2-6 years are the years for imaginative play, and this organic stuffed animal is great for both cuddling and recreation.

Toddler Dog Pajamas Set

Dogs are often a child's first introduction to the world of animals, and many kids develop an affinity for them. These pajamas, with their delightful dog print, resonate with this love while ensuring the child remains comfortable through the night.

NYC Toddler Pajamas Set

The bustling energy of NYC is captured in these pajamas. For kids who are city dwellers or those fascinated by the urban jungle, this set allows them to carry a piece of the city to their dreams, all while being wrapped in comfort.

Toddler Heart Pajamas Set

 At the core of every child's life is love. These pajamas, with their heart motif, serve as a nightly reminder of the affection that surrounds them, ensuring they drift into sleep feeling cherished and secure. 

"The Heart of a Whale" Baby & Kids Book

Reading is a window to vast worlds, and this book is no exception. "The Heart of a Whale" delves into themes of love, connection, and the vastness of emotions. It not only nurtures their reading skills but also introduces them to deeper feelings, building emotional intelligence.

A Gift for Every Age with Estella

Estella, with its curated collection, ensures that every gift is more than just an object. Each product resonates with the child's age-specific curiosities, developmental milestones, and budding personality traits. 

From the comforting rattles for newborns to the imaginative books for growing children, Estella’s offerings emphasize thoughtful design, organic materials, and meaningful engagement. So, whether you're a parent seeking the perfect product for your child or a well-wisher looking for a memorable gift, Estella is your trusted companion in celebrating every precious moment of a child's journey. Shop Estella today!