The Top 10 Popular Social Media Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancies are joyful events that deserve to be celebrated. Parents-to-be are ecstatic about their little bundle of joy, and they would almost immediately share the great news to their close family and friends. However, we are living in the age of social media. Naturally, many parents would also like to take to social media to announce that they are expecting. 

With that, here are 10 of the most popular ways to share that you are pregnant on social media!

Post your sonogram on Instagram

Nothing says that you are expecting quite like a snapshot of your baby’s sonogram. Sonogram pictures have a vintage-like quality that can perfectly match any feed, and they are sweet and intimate– the perfect preview of your little one.

Check out the creative photoshoot done by katiebaranowski and her partner did to announce that they are expecting!

Instagram post: 

Do a creative photoshoot with the rest of the family

For couples that already have kids, getting the rest of the family involved is one of the cutest ways to announce that they are expecting on social media. Expecting parents can line up their little ones from oldest to youngest– with the last spot naturally being reserved for the newest member of the family.

lenaterlutter from Germany used this idea to announce that she was pregnant with her fourth baby. Complete with a small sign board saying “One more to adore”, the picture-perfect moment encapsulated the joy of the family at their little bundle of joy!

Instagram post: 

Do a behind-the-scenes special video of your maternity shoot

Maternity shoots are a great way to celebrate bringing in new life into the world, but photos are not the only things you can take away– you can also record a few snippets of your behind-the-scenes moments. Behind-the-scenes takes are precious memories that expecting parents can look back to fondly because they are raw, real, and unfiltered. To share the news on social media, consider creating an Instagram Reel or a TikTok post out of your BTS videos. 

TikTok personality jessmarigarcia garnered a whopping 3.3 million likes on her TikTok showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of her stunning maternity shoot. Check it out below!

TikTok post: (3.3 million likes on TikTok)

Take a video of you announcing the news to your loved ones

Your loved ones will surely melt at the news of you expecting a new baby. Perhaps this is why reaction videos are some of the most popular pregnancy announcements on social media. Many expecting parents record the reactions of their family and friends when they reveal they are expecting, and the result is always heartwarming. 

faviolaalm took to TikTok to share the reaction of her parents when she announced she was expecting a son. The video has collected a stunning 2.5 million likes since, and it is enough to make anyone emotional.

TikTok post: (2.5 million likes on TikTok)

Take a picture of the older sibling/s and their reaction to the news

This is another creative idea for expecting parents who already have children. Sometimes, older siblings can be ecstatic at the thought of having another baby in the family. However, sometimes, they are not so pleased. 

This was certainly the case for mrsajori’s son in this cute Instagram post. Featuring her then-youngest son and a quirky, little sign board that says “Promoted to older brother”, this post collected tons of likes and comments wishing the expecting family well. 

Instagram post: 

Incorporate a little bit of humor

Humor makes everything a little bit brighter– especially pregnancy announcements. This, of course, is totally up to the expecting parents. You would want something that can showcase your dynamic best or highlight your personality.

This Instagram post by madame_mitza uses humor to creatively announce their pregnancy. By touching her baby bump to her partner’s beer belly, this snapshot highlights the fun, love, and companionship between the couple– as well as showcases the new addition to their little family.

Instagram post: 

Use a creative letter board

As you may have already seen from the previous examples in this article, a creative letter board works wonders in announcing your pregnancy. Letter boards are cute and whimsical, perfect for any type of social media post. You can even customize them any way that you want!

Check out komaldj’s Instagram post to see the artfully crafted letter board for a new baby! As a tip, you can even incorporate different decorations and elements to personalize your announcement.

Instagram post: 

Go the simple route and post a picture of your baby bump

Simple and sweet– this social media pregnancy announcement is one of the most popular for good reason. A picture can tell a thousand words, and posting a photo of your baby bump is enough to spread the joy and cheer of your pregnancy to your followers.

Clad in a gorgeous pink sweater, angelica_homesweethome announced her pregnancy by taking an up close and personal shot of her baby bump. 

Instagram post: 

Post a photo of a cute, little baby’s onesie

Subtle, yet effective– this pregnancy announcement is sure to catch anyone’s eye! Feature a cute baby’s onesie on your feed to tell your followers that you are expecting soon. Estella’s collection of organic, comfortable baby onesies and rompers can help you pull this off. Here are a couple of suggestions:

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Accompany your post with a heartfelt, touching caption (like Beyonce’s!)

When Queen Bey announced her pregnancy, she broke the Internet. With 6.33 million likes and over 340,000 comments in under eight hours, Beyonce’s pregnancy post to announce that she and Jay-Z were expecting twins broke the record for most number of likes on a single post on Instagram!

The clincher? The sweet caption that she wrote, accompanying her maternity photoshoot: We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. - The Carters 

Instagram post: