Holiday Gift Guide For Baby's First Christmas

Purchasing a gift for the little one in your life can be a challenge, especially when the rows are filled with adorable toys. 

For easy and quick shopping, we've created an in-depth holiday gift list to make the best of your baby's first Christmas. Here are some tips to remember, along with the top 5 gifts to add some sparkle to your bundle of joy's very first winter holiday:

Factors To Remember When Purchasing a Gift for Your Baby's First Christmas

Here are a couple of things you should remember when purchasing toys for your baby:

  • Encourage your baby to move around with a toy that promises physical activity
  • Find a gift that has an age range suitable for your baby 
  • Lookout for toys with small parts your baby might take in their mouth. Make sure your desired toy is 100% baby-proof
  • Purchase a toy that encourages creativity and imagination 
  • Spot a toy that offers an exciting multi-sensory experience 

The Top Gifts for Your Baby's First Christmas 

Make baby's first Christmas perfect by showering them with the perfect gifts. One way to shop is to look for themed gifts:

NYC Themed Baby Gifts

With the devastation brought on by the global pandemic, New York City has had a rough time.  While it is not quite time to celebrate the defeat of Covid 19, we are optimistic and are excited to reopen NY and welcome people back to visit Broadway, see sites and enjoy what makes this big apple one of the greatest cities on earth. For NYC transplants and those who love the City and have a baby, Estella has a perfect holiday collection. The all organic line includes clothing (rompers, onesies, t-shirts), rattle toys, blankets and gift sets.

Feminist Baby Gifts

For new parents who admire female pioneers and want to raise strong girls, Estella has an organic line holiday shoppers should see.  The line includes The Little Feminist book, a girl power knit onesie, a cotton print girl power bodysuit, a teddy bear toy with elect women and more. Choose from individual products or different bundles.

Under the Sea Baby Gifts

For those parents who love sea creatures, surfing & the beach, look for under the sea baby gifts that will introduce their newborn to the wonders of the sea.  There are plenty of plastic bath toys that will suffice, but there are unique interesting items in the market that are unusual & fun. Estella has an under the sea line that baby can use on the play mat & for imaginative play as a toddler.  The line includes rattles, lovey blankets, knit clothing and more. Checkout the all organic, handmade collection including:

Giraffe Baby Gifts

Safari themes are always fun regardless of what time it is - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other holiday. So if you have a baby in your life with a giraffe themed nursery or whose parents just love the animal and it's soft toned colors, find something with that jungle animal front and center. There is a lot on the market and it can be overwhelming.  Find something that lasts, something that adults can use to interact with babies when they are too young to play alone, then something that they can develop with and eventually engage in imaginative play with.  Visit Estella and take a look at their giraffe baby gift sets and toys:


Newborn Knit Outfits 

In this busy world, hand-making newborn knit outfits for your grandchild or the baby in your life is not an option.  Not just is the skill hard to acquire, but it takes precious time even for the most well intentioned people. For those who want to gift baby handmade clothing, there are options in the market. Estella offers a line that is made in Peru with soft organic cotton and includes toys, security blankets and much more. 

This could be a perfect way to gift baby something special without a huge investment in time.

The Bottom Line 

Say goodbye to the confusion that comes with purchasing the ideal, safe, and organic baby gift. Purchase one of the above-mentioned toys to make your baby’s first Christmas extra memorable.