7 Ideas for Baby Gifts and Toys in 2021

Finding the perfect gift for babies can be a daunting task. The best gift for your friends or family member’s baby is valuable, thoughtful, and personalized. 

Here we’ve made a list of foolproof baby gifts and toys for all budgets:

7 Best Baby Gifts and Toys 

The following seven baby gifts are super unique and ideal for making your loved one’s bundle of joy happy:

Swaddle Blanket by Loulou Lollipop

It’s nearly impossible for new parents to leave the house. Surprise them by gifting them a high-end soft swaddle blanket.

Loulou Lollipop’s high-quality swaddle blanket is super soft and comfy, perfect for wrapping a baby snugly. Not only will your friend/family member love the swaddle blanket, but their baby will feel safe and happy in it too.  

Petit Collage’s Alphabet Wooden Tray

Petit Collage’s alphabet wooden tray helps encourage letter recognition and learning abilities in a baby. This fun yet educational toy makes for the perfect gift as it allows the baby to learn new languages. 

You may choose between four different languages, i.e., English, French, Italian, and German. In addition, Petit Collage’s toy is fabricated from FSC certified wood and non-toxic paint to ensure the baby’s safety. 

Apartment Building Block Set by Misha and Puff

The perfect birthday gift for growing children, Misha and Puff’s apartment building blocks are inspired by architecture. 

The block set includes aesthetic, eye-catching colors such as terracotta, clay, pink, and white. Misha and Puff’s high-quality apartment block set is manufactured from solid wood and features non-toxic paint.

These safe products come in an adorable cotton pouch. This way, the baby can store the blocks in its bag once they’re done playing.

Star Envelope Onesie by Nununu

Allow your friend or family member to swaddle their bundle of joy in a comfy onesie from Nununu. Nununu’s star envelope onesie features three colors; a solid black with gray stars, a white one with black stars, and a heather gray onesie with black stars. 

This luxe onesie keeps the baby secure and cozy throughout the day and night. The onesie features crotch and side snaps to ensure ease, as well as style. 

Bunny Bonnet by Oeuf

Ouef’s soft bunny bonnet truly makes your friend/family members’ baby look super cute.

Manufactured from 100% organic Pima cotton, this bonnet promises sustainability and strength. This breathable, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic bonnet is perfectly safe for babies.   

Its touch-tie makes it look fashionable and increasingly adorable. You can choose between four aesthetic shades. 

Soft Motion Rhett Sneaker by Stride Rite 

Make your friend/ family members’ baby look fashionable and athletic with Stride Rite’s soft motion Rhett sneakers. 

The sneaker has faux laces, memory foam footbeds, and a hook and loop strap closure. This way, the baby feels comfy and looks adorable. 

Baby Blocs by Loveevery

Baby blocks are the ideal gift for growing children as it encourages them to be creative and learn problem-solving skills. 

In fact, in-depth research by AAP reveals that baby blocks encourage children to practice basic math concepts, improve fine motor skills, and boost their imaginations.

Loveevery’s high-quality baby blocks are baby-safe and feature aesthetic colors to attract the baby’s attention.

Choose one of the above-mentioned gifts to surprise your close friend or family member on their baby shower.