Estella’s Affordable Luxuries: Best Baby Gifts Below $50

The arrival of a baby is a celebration of new life and endless possibilities. Choosing the perfect gift for these tiny newcomers means finding something that speaks to the heart while catering to their developmental stages. At Estella, we take pride in offering a selection of organic baby clothes, toys, and gift sets that are not only thoughtful and safe but also budget-friendly. 

Explore our guide to the top 5 gifts for babies, each under $50, thoughtfully selected for each delightful phase from birth to six years.

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For the New Beginnings: 0-3 Months

Gifts for newborns should offer a gentle introduction to sensory experiences. Look for plush, comforting items and visually stimulating patterns that provide the softest touch and the simplest joys, all at a price that’s as gentle as the fabrics– under $50.

Monkey Embroidered Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Cradle them in comfort with this endearingly embroidered Monkey Bodysuit, tailored from the softest organic cotton for a gentle touch on delicate skin. Its easy-snap fasteners make diaper changes a breeze, ensuring that baby stays comfy and happy. Plus, the playful monkey design adds a dash of whimsy to their wardrobe.  

Organic Baby Bonnet Hat

The Organic Baby Bonnet Hat provides a cozy fit to protect little ears and heads from the elements, made from breathable organic fabric ideal for sensitive newborns. Its classic design pairs beautifully with any outfit, making it a stylish and practical accessory. The bonnet’s softness and snug fit ensure it stays in place to keep your baby warm and content.  

Muslin NYC Baby Swaddle

Swathe your baby in the essence of the city that never sleeps with the Muslin NYC Baby Swaddle, crafted for comfort with lightweight, breathable muslin. This swaddle is not only perfect for secure wrapping but doubles as a nursing cover or stroller blanket for versatility. The iconic NYC print serves as a backdrop to your baby's dreams, ushering them into a world of urban tales.  

Organic Baby Booties

Dress tiny feet in our Organic Baby Booties, designed to provide warmth without compromising on style. These booties are made with the softest organic yarn, ensuring no irritation to baby's skin, while the snug fit ensures they stay on active little feet. Choose from a variety of colors to add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  

Organic Taxi Rattle Toy

The Organic Taxi Rattle Toy is a quintessential New York souvenir and a baby’s delight, offering auditory stimulation with a gentle rattle sound. Made with organic cotton, it’s safe for chewing and cuddling during naptime. Its bright yellow color and soft knit texture are sure to capture your little one’s attention, making it an ideal first toy.  

For the Little Explorers: 3-6 Months

As infants blossom into their 3 to 6-month milestones, their grasp on the world strengthens– literally. Toys within easy reach, designed for tiny fingers, become cherished objects. Each item, priced under $50, is curated to entice their tactile and sonic curiosity without overwhelming their senses.

Little Feminist Baby Gift Set

Encourage the spirit of greatness with the Little Feminist Baby Gift Set, including an organic bear plush and a book highlighting female trailblazers. This set is designed to nurture empowerment from the earliest age, inspiring little ones with stories of strength and determination. The soft bear is perfect for snuggles, making this set a beloved companion for storytime.  

Train and Metrocard Rattle Set

Chug along the path of sensory development with the Train and Metrocard Rattle Set, designed with the littlest New Yorkers in mind. Each rattle is hand-knit from organic cotton, ensuring a safe and soft experience for curious hands and mouths. The set’s engaging sounds and textures are bound to keep your baby entertained and learning.  

Organic Firetruck Rattle Toy

Sound the alarm for fun with the Organic Firetruck Rattle Toy, a handcrafted treasure that's sure to ignite joy in any infant. Its bright red hue and soft, knit design are easy for little hands to hold, while the gentle rattle noise is sure to delight. This rattle is not only a playtime favorite but also a comforting friend during naptime.  

Organic Baby Hat

Top off your baby’s ensemble with the Organic Baby Hat, a stylish and comfortable accessory for any occasion. Available in an array of colors, this hat is made from the finest organic cotton to ensure your baby stays warm and itch-free. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and function for your growing explorer.  

Organic Hot Sauce Rattle Toy

Spice up playtime with the Organic Hot Sauce Rattle Toy, a zesty addition that’s sure to capture your baby’s gaze and imagination. With a soft, knitted texture and a fun rattle inside, this toy offers the perfect blend of sensory stimulation and play. Its unique design makes it a standout gift that's both safe and lovable.  

For the Adventurous Souls: 6-12 Months

Babies on the move need toys that keep up! Opt for dynamic, interactive options that cater to their growing mobility and curiosity, at costs that allow exploration without financial expedition. Here are our top picks under $50.

Organic Pear Rattle Toy

Introduce a taste for healthy play with the Organic Pear Rattle Toy, an adorable addition to your baby’s playtime routine. Its soft, organic cotton knit is safe for teething gums, while the delightful rattle sound it makes shakes up the joy. This charming pear is not only a cute toy but also an early learning tool that helps develop grasping skills.  

Hotdog and Pretzel Organic Baby Onesie

Bring on the fun with the Hotdog and Pretzel Organic Baby Onesie, a whimsical outfit that’s as playful as it is practical. Made with organic cotton, it’s gentle on the skin and easy to wash, perfect for the messiest of adventures. The delightful print is sure to be a conversation starter and a hit at any family gathering.  

Avocado Embroidered Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Dress your little one in the Avocado Embroidered Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit, a soft and stylish choice that celebrates healthy eating. The cheerful avocado embroidery adds a splash of fun to their wardrobe, while the high-quality organic cotton ensures comfort throughout the day. Snap closures make for easy changes, so your baby can get back to the important business of playtime with minimal fuss.  

San Francisco ABCs Baby Board Book

Take your child on a page-turning journey with the San Francisco ABCs Baby Board Book, introducing them to the alphabet through iconic sights of the City by the Bay. This board book is a gateway to literacy, sparking curiosity about letters and the world around them. It’s a must-have for your little one’s growing library, offering colorful illustrations that are both educational and engaging.  

Celebrate Diversity Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Embrace inclusivity with the Celebrate Diversity Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit, a meaningful garment that’s as profound as it is cozy. This bodysuit serves as a reminder of the beautiful spectrum of humanity, encouraging acceptance from the earliest age. Its comfortable fit and soft organic fabric make it ideal for day-to-day wear while imparting an important message. 

For the Curious Wanderers: 12-18 Months

For toddlers asserting their independence, the ideal gifts are those that foster self-expression and growth. Select playful, creative, and interactive gifts that support their developmental leaps without breaking the bank. 

Moon and Stars Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit

Inspire dreams of the cosmos with the Moon and Stars Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit, a cozy garment that brings the night sky closer to home. The enchanting celestial print stimulates visual development, while the soft organic cotton ensures comfort during both play and sleep. It's a versatile piece that combines imaginative design with practicality for the curious little wanderer.  

Hello, World: New York Baby Board Book

Introduce your toddler to the bustling streets of Manhattan with the Hello, World: New York Baby Board Book, filled with bright illustrations and simple language to captivate young minds. This board book takes young readers on a delightful tour of the Big Apple’s landmarks, fostering a sense of adventure and curiosity. It’s the perfect size for little hands, making it an excellent companion for on-the-go exploration.  

Organic Peanut Stuffed Animal

Meet the Organic Peanut Stuffed Animal, a cuddly companion that’s perfect for your adventurous tot. This stuffed peanut, made from soft organic cotton, is just the right size for hugs and play. Its unique design encourages imaginative play and provides a comforting presence during rest times.  

Lion Stuffed Animal

Roar into playtime with the regal Lion Stuffed Animal, a noble friend for your brave little one. This majestic creature is knit from organic cotton, making it both plush and safe for all-day play. Its mane and friendly face are intricately detailed, providing tactile and visual stimulation that will keep your child engaged and enchanted.

Organic Construction Roller Rattle Toy

Ideal for tiny hands discovering the joy of movement and sound, this rattle toy echoes the excitement of a construction site. The organic construction roller rattle is handcrafted with soft cotton, and the gentle rattle sound is perfect for sensory development. This toy’s bright colors and tactile knitted fabric will help to engage your baby’s developing vision and desire to explore.

For the Growing Dreamers: 2-6 Years Old

Gifts for this imaginative age should match their boundless energy and burgeoning interests. From storybooks that spur imagination to toys that feed their playfulness, each gift in this list under $50 is an investment in their creative potential without stretching your budget.

Alpaca Stuffed Animal Toy

A treasure for both playtime and nap time, this alpaca stuffed animal is a luxurious friend for any child. Beyond its cuddle-worthy softness, it's made with hypoallergenic alpaca wool, making it safe and comforting for children to snuggle with. Its charming design makes it an elegant addition to the decor of a child's nursery or playroom, standing out with its unique and lovable features.

Franny Flamingo Organic Knit Doll

Franny Flamingo is a burst of color and personality, lovingly knit with organic cotton to be soft, safe, and sustainable. Her slender legs and graceful neck are just the right size for little hands to grasp and hold. Franny is not just a playtime companion but a catalyst for imaginative play and storytelling, encouraging your child to create her adventures in their burgeoning world. 

Love in The Wild Board Book

This enchanting book is an exploration of love within the animal kingdom, perfect for parents and children to enjoy together. Each page is a delightful journey, with vibrant illustrations and gentle rhymes that teach about the different forms love takes in the wild. It’s a way to instill empathy and a deep appreciation for nature from an early age while enjoying a bonding experience with each read.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Baby & Toddler Book

This book is a gateway to the world of Christmas traditions and holiday cheer. Its sturdy pages are toddler-proof and filled with classic illustrations that bring the story of Santa's visit to vivid life. It’s a perfect way to introduce the youngest readers to the joys of reading and the spirit of the holiday season, laying the foundation for what may become a cherished family reading ritual every Christmas Eve.

Toddler Heart Pajamas Set: 

Embrace the end of each day with a set of pajamas that's as sweet as a goodnight kiss. These heart-themed pajamas are crafted with soft, breathable organic cotton, ensuring your toddler stays comfortable all night long. The snug fit and cheerful pattern are designed not only for peaceful sleep but for energetic morning play, making waking up just as delightful as tucking in. View Product

Find Your Perfect Gift with Estella

Gift-giving for little ones is a chance to show your love and support for the newest and dearest member of any family. With Estella’s selection of organic, thoughtful, and delightful gifts, each less than $50, you can shower the baby with items that care for their well-being, ignite their curiosity, and dress them in comfort and style. 

From the snugly swaddled newborn to the imaginative play of toddlers, these gifts are tailored to each phase of a child's early years, making them the perfect present for every milestone. Choose one or a few– they're designed to be cherished, just like the little ones in your life. Shop Estella here!