Funny Babies Reaction to Baby Toys

Try Not to Laugh When Cute Baby Gets Rattled

It's hard to resist a baby. After all, they can't help but be cute. One thing is for sure: babies will always give us an honest reaction. Get ready for a heavy dose of cute to come your way, because these babies are going to bring on cute by the truckload!


Baby Is Discovering the World 

The thing about babies is that we have to remember that everything is still new in the world for them. We already know that baby toys can sometimes move, jump or talk on their own. It's a huge surprise, though, for the baby!

Of course, we love to spoil a baby with baby rattles and baby gifts. The best part? When baby plays with the baby toys for the very first time. Watch as the baby reacts with looks of confusion and even shock when the toy does something completely surprising!

For all the babies, they can't help but express wonder and delight. After all, it's impossible for babies to know what things are make-believe and what things are real. To a baby, any toy put in from of them — it's real, as far as the baby is concerned!


We Can't Help But Spoil Babies 

It's just human nature; we sure do love the babies in our lives! Watch as the babies discover the joy of simple baby rattles and toys. A baby loves having that very first chance to control the world around them, and a baby rattle is the perfect baby gift. A rattle is something that baby can play with and it helps them stay entertained while learning about the world at the same.


Classic Baby Gifts are Perfect

Often, the best baby gifts are simple classics. A stuffed animal or a puppet come to life in the eyes of a young baby. Do you know what's really surprising, though? A large number of babies will start to cry, out of surprise and not from discomfort. They can't help it! A baby's still so new to the world, it sure doesn't take much to surprise them sometimes.

There must be something about how we've gone through thousands and thousands of years of evolution that makes babies so irresistible and cute! Even when the baby is crying or reacting out of shock — they can't help but still be adorable! After all, it's not our fault that babies are so fun to watch.


Play is Serious Business for Baby

For babies, playtime is serious business. It's baby's first chance to play and interact with others. They sure don't mind if someone like Mommy and Daddy stay nearby, though, just in case. 


Babies Are Adorably Cute

These babies give us a daily dose of cuteness. The world sure is a much brighter place with such charming babies in it!


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