Seven Most Creative Ways to Deal with Crying Babies, Bath Time & Pregnancy Fatigue

As we all know too well, taking care of babies is not easy.  Whether it is being 40 weeks pregnant with swollen feet and feeling like you're carrying the weight of the world. Or whether it is trying to figure out why baby won't stop crying - are they hungry, tired, colicky or something else?  Or you're just tired of breastfeeding and strapping on the breast pump every couple of hours to keep baby fed.  It is all so much and managing without losing it is not always easy. I know that when I had my first child I was overwhelmed, stressed and certainly had no time to take care of myself.  And that first child was just the beginning because after I had my second and then my third, the you-know-what really hit the fan every day.  So when I see moms, dads, and even older siblings, rocking baby care with a smile, calm and joy, I am amazed.  Here are such heroes:


1. 40 Weeks Pregnant Surfing

Check out this 40 weeks pregnant hero killing it on water skis, hands-free!  I don't remember what I was doing when I was that pregnant, but I can tell you that I was NOT doing this: 



2. Headstand while watching a baby

Headstand while watching a baby, no problem, just relax and watch this mama multitask:



3. Sleeping while feeding a baby


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Sunday nights...🙃🍼

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4. Dancing pumping mama.

This pumping mama is my HERO! Why cry when you can dance it out (volume UP🔊) 💃🏽🍒🐮



5. Rocking while pumping

Now check her out rocking Michael Jackson's Thriller, while pumping! Is that legal, rocking while pumping?



6. Sweet big brother

He's not a mother, he's not a father, he's just a fantastic big brother! I love this kid, check him out and you will too:



7. Dancing for bathing?

This dad makes it look fun and easy.  Be patient while you watch, there's more to it than dancing:



Share for fun and comment with any links to videos you have or have found of creative ways to deal with the difficulties that arise during pregnancy baby and toddler care or contact us now.

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