Estella Summer: Swimwear For Girls

June 24, 2013


We’ve rounded up our top swimwear picks for babies and boys, so now it’s time for girls! P.S. The Stella McCartney yellow striped bag also includes a beach towel that packs away into this backpack. How clever?

1. Petite Bateau Girl’s Milleraies Swimsuit 

2. Stella Cove I Am Loved Swimsuit 

3. Stella Cove Salvatore Swimsuit 

4. Mini Rodini Sailor Swimsuit 

5. Stella McCartney Marcie Swimsuit 

6. Mini Rodini Jaguar Cap 

7. Mini Rodini Tiger Sunglasses

8. Mini Rodini Jaguar Sunglasses 

9. Stella McCartney Sunny Towel


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