Estella Launches Sustainable Packaging Line in Time for Holiday & Christmas Baby Gifts

Nowadays, sustainability is crucial, especially for new babies who will be growing up in the atmosphere we leave for them. During the holidays, we generate a more significant amount of waste compared to the rest of the year because of all the wrappers we use for gifts. That’s why Estella is launching a sustainable packaging line just in time for the holiday season.

With Estella’s holiday packaging, you can send out baby gifts in beautiful, custom gift boxes that are 100% FSC certified, compostable, compostable ink, and recycled. We are incredibly proud of our movement towards sustainability, and we hope to deepen our impact on the community by making these steps. Here is why we decided to switch to FSC certified boxes.

Why did we choose to use FSC certified boxes?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, it is an organization dedicated to the protection, conservation, and development of our global forests. By purchasing products that are FSC labeled and certified, you get to promote products that make a difference to our planet. Our use of FSC labeled boxes shows that we don’t just pay lip service to sustainability, but are actively working towards a healthier environment for us all and for newborns. FSC products promote zero deforestation, fair wages & work environment, biodiversity preservation and community rights.

Zero Deforestation

One of today’s key causes behind pollution, climate change, and loss of biodiversity is deforestation. This comes as no surprise because since 1990, over 420 million hectares of forest have been lost. This has led to climate change’s impact worsening with each passing year, so movements that encourage the protection of our forests have become more crucial. 

With the FSC, trees are harvested responsibly. This prevents the net loss of forest over time, and it keeps the forests intact. Old-growth forests are also given special care and maintained to ensure their longevity. 

Fair Wage and Work Environment

All workers deserve to have a living wage and a decent working environment. FSC requires certified makers to pay a living wage and work in a healthy environment.. All workers must be given proper training and be equipped with adequate safety measures.. By promoting a fair wage and work environment, the FSC believes that workers are more motivated to do their tasks, which helps their movement to protect all forests around the globe.

Biodiversity Preservation

There are many different kinds of plants and animals across the globe that thrive and rely on our forests to survive. Deforestation displaces animals and kills plants, which also greatly contribute to the destruction of the planet. Additionally, deforestation leads to the endangerment and extinction of different plants and animals. 137 species are eliminated each day because of deforestation.

At the FSC, the preservation and protection of biodiversity are prioritized. The organization recognizes each species's importance in taking care of the environment and is taking steps to ensure that each one is given proper care and treatment.

Community Rights

The FSC acknowledges the communities that live in and around our forests. Many indigenous people populate forest areas, so the FSC consults them on strategies and movements to protect the forest. Additionally, both their legal and cultural rights are taken into consideration when making decisions about the forest.

The FSC plays a major role in ensuring that the environment is given the care it deserves. Climate change is a great threat to everyone, and we risk our little ones growing up in a world plagued by its effects. By championing sustainability with products endorsed by the FSC, steps can be made towards protecting the planet and reversing the damage done to it. 

Estella has always been dedicated to providing little ones with the best organic products. Providing a sustainable packaging option is one action that shows we are serious about our thrust towards sustainability, and you can be a part of the sustainable movement.

What does 100% FSC Certified mean?

There are three different kinds of FSC labels, and each one promotes responsible forestry. There is FSC 100%, FSC Recycled, and FSC Mix. FSC 100% uses FSC resources from start to finish. FSC Recycled is made from 100% recycled products and materials, which puts old materials to good use. Lastly, FSC Mix utilizes resources from a combination of sources: FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, or FSC-controlled wood. Regardless of source, however, all materials are checked to ensure that they are ethically harvested.

Estella’s new holiday packaging is 100% FSC certified. This means that all materials used to develop and create it come from FSC certified forests. They are sourced from responsibly managed and preserved resources, making them good for the forests and good for the environment.

100% FSC certified labels identify products that have the most impact on the movement towards sustainability. According to the FSC, they “contribute most directly to our mission to ensure thriving forests for all, forever”. That’s why Estella has decided to launch the 100% FSC certified gift box. It’s our hope that by taking these steps towards sustainability, we can promote a future where every child can grow up happy, healthy, and safe in a stable climate. 

Estella’s Push Towards a More Eco-Friendly Future

Estella baby gifts, a luxury baby gift brand based in New York City, has launched a custom FSC certified gift box just in time for newborns to enjoy their first Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other holiday presents. Gone are the days that you may worry about all the waste generated by packaging and wrapping. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, a 100% FSC certified, compostable, compostable ink, recycled means that the packaging is sustainable. 

If you’re looking for baby gifts fit for this holiday, Estella has a wide selection of baby items that are guaranteed to delight your little ones. Choose from organic baby clothes, organic baby toys, organic baby blankets, and themed baby gift sets– each one sure to make the holiday season shine a little brighter. Plus, you can send Estella products as a gift to your loved ones with its custom FSC certified gift box!

Celebrate your holiday season the sustainable way. Shop Estella’s holiday gift collection today!