Estella's Founders' Favorites

When it comes to welcoming a new life into the world, the joy is unparalleled. The founders of Estella understand this profound happiness and have curated a selection of favorites that reflect not only a passion for quality but also a celebration of new beginnings. Their handpicked items are more than just products; they are a gateway to creating lasting memories with your little ones. 

Let’s check out the Estella products chosen by Chike and Jean, Estella’s founders, and discover why these gems from Estella’s collection are the perfect gifts for parents-to-be.

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Founders' Top Selections

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Picks by Chike

The Lion Toy & Summer Ensemble

Inspired by the spirit of summer and the majestic aura of the wild, this organic baby gift set featuring a lion stuffed animal, a summer romper, and matching lovey & bootie is one of Chike's top picks. The lion toy, crafted from organic cotton, is not just a soft companion for the baby but also a symbol of courage and strength. The summer romper accompanies the set with a stylish yet breathable design, ensuring the baby stays cool and comfortable during the warm months.

Baby New Yorker Organic Gift Set

Nothing spells unique like the Baby New Yorker Organic Gift Set. Chike's choice reflects a slice of the Big Apple, with organic rattles shaped like taxis and apples, and a onesie that screams NYC chic. It’s the perfect starter kit for an urban adventure in comfort.

Penguin Stuffed Animal

For those chilly nights and cuddle sessions, Chike's pick of the Penguin Stuffed Animal is spot-on. As a gift, it stands out as an emblem of nurturing and gentle companionship. It's a way to say, "Here's a friend for your little one to hold close, to dream with, and to cherish." This organic, huggable friend from the Antarctic is the perfect, cozy companion for any baby.

Vehicles Organic Rattle Gift Set

The Car, Plane, and Truck Organic Rattle Gift Set is chosen by Chike for the gentle rattle sound and the soft, organic cotton exterior, which make it a perfect set for sensory development and play. Each rattle is lovingly handcrafted to ensure the best quality for your little one.

Little Baller Organic Baby Blanket

Chike’s favorite, the Little Baller Organic Baby Blanket, is a tribute to budding athletes. This blanket is a soft landing spot for all of a baby's milestones, from tummy time to their first steps. It’s also extra warm and cozy– perfect to keep your little one snug and comfy throughout the night!

Picks by Jean

Avocado Bundle of 5 Organic Gift Set

As fresh as the morning dew, Estella's Avocado Bundle of 5 Organic Gift Set is a green-thumb’s dream come true for their little sprout. Why does Jean recommend this? It's simple: each piece is crafted from the softest organic cotton, promising a pesticide-free embrace for a baby’s sensitive skin. The set includes a charming onesie, an adorable avocado toy, a matching hat, a bib, and a blanket– each telling a story of sustainable agriculture and love for Mother Earth. It's a complete starter pack for eco-conscious parents who don't want to compromise on style.

Organic Baby Cactus Gift Set

For the little adventurer at heart, the Organic Baby Cactus Gift Set offers a taste of the desert's whimsy. Jean's heart leans toward this ensemble because it embodies Estella's signature blend of comfort and playful design. The hand-knit cactus toy sparks joy and imagination, while the organic bonnet and romper ensure that the baby's playtime is cozy and ultra comfy. 

Fruits and Vegetables Organic Baby Blanket

To swaddle a child is to wrap them in love, and with Estella's Fruits and Vegetables Organic Baby Blanket, you envelop them in a harvest of affection. Jean finds this blanket a fundamental piece because it is more than a warm cuddle; it's an early lesson in the bounty that nature provides. Made with ultra-soft organic cotton, it's a tactile delight for sensitive skin and a visual feast with its vibrant, educational pattern.

Bicycle Baby Onesie

Every child’s journey is a ride filled with discovery, and Estella's Bicycle Baby Onesie captures this spirit on a cozy canvas of organic cotton. Jean's fondness for this onesie lies in its homage to the simple joys of life - like a family bike ride on a sunny day. The onesie’s practicality for easy changes and its breathable fabric make it an everyday essential, while its hand-stitched bicycle evokes a sense of whimsical nostalgia.

Paris Baby Gift Set

The Paris Baby Gift Set is Jean's ode to the city of lights and love. This set is a ticket to charm and elegance, featuring an Eiffel Tower toy, a striped romper, and a matching hat– each piece echoing the chic spirit of Parisian life. Jean recommends this ensemble for its soft, organic make and its cultural flair. It’s a perfect gift for the cosmopolitan baby or the parents who dream of strolling through the streets of Paris with their little one.

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These founder’s favorites are not just products. They’re a set of values wrapped in organic luxury. Each item reflects Chike and Jean's dedication to sustainability, safety, and the belief that the best start in life is one that's in harmony with our planet. 

Estella's commitment to quality and care is evident in every stitch and fiber, making these picks the perfect gifts for parents-to-be who wish to give their children a world of love– right from the first touch. Shop Estella today!