Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with Estella!

The holiday season brings a whirlwind of joy, warmth, and the long-cherished tradition of the "12 Days of Christmas." This festive period, marked by the giving of unique gifts each day, mirrors the heartwarming ethos of Estella.

With our artfully curated selection of organic baby clothes, toys, and gift sets, you’re sure to find your perfect gifts for the holiday season. Estella intertwines this age-old tradition with modern, eco-friendly options for the youngest members of our families. And, in the spirit of the holidays, we've even marked down our top picks to make the season merrier and brighter!

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Let’s unwrap the magic of the 12 Days of Christmas, Estella style!

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The Twelve Gifts for Twelve Days

Day 1: Bunny Gift Set with Jumpsuit Zipper

Was $89 and Now $71.20

Start the holiday season with the adorable Bunny Gift Set. This comprehensive set, featuring a jumpsuit with a convenient zipper, is a delight for both parents and babies. The soft, organic fabric is kind to delicate skin, ensuring comfort during holiday travels and gatherings. The bunny motif adds a touch of whimsy, perfect for creating memorable Christmas photos and keeping your baby cozy during chilly winter nights.

Day 2: Organic Baby Onesie | I Love NY Apple

Was $33 and Now $26.40

The iconic "I Love NY" baby one-piece is a stylish homage to New York, making it a unique gift for the second day. This onesie, in a crisp white color, is crafted from high-quality organic cotton, offering unmatched comfort for your baby. Ideal for festive outings to see holiday lights or for a cozy day in, it pairs beautifully with other winter garments, ensuring your little one stays both warm and fashionable.

Day 3: Organic Cotton Baby Bodysuit Sunshine Print

Was $33 and Now $26.40

On the third day, bring a dose of cheer with the Sunshine Print Baby Bodysuit. This piece, adorned with a vibrant sunshine print, is a great way to brighten up the winter days. Made from soft, organic cotton, it's gentle on the skin and offers flexibility for your baby to move and play. Whether it's for a family photo session or a casual holiday get-together, this bodysuit is a versatile and cheerful choice.

Day 4: Organic Baby Onesie – Hot Dog and Pretzel

Was $33 and Now $26.40

Day four offers a playful twist with the Hot Dog and Pretzel Onesie. Capturing the essence of New York's street food, this onesie is not only adorable but also incredibly soft and comfortable. It's perfect for laid-back family gatherings, offering a unique and whimsical outfit choice for the baby’s first holiday season.

Day 5: Eagle Stuffed Animal Toy 

Was $49 and Now $39.20

The Eagle Stuffed Animal Toy on the fifth day is more than just a plush companion. It embodies the spirit of freedom and adventure, making it an inspiring gift for your child. Its soft, cuddly texture makes it ideal for snuggles during storytime, and its majestic design encourages imaginative play, adding an extra layer of fun to the holiday festivities.

Day 6: Apple Embroidery Baby Bodysuit in Organic Cotton

Was $33 and Now $26.40

Celebrate the sixth day with the chic Apple Embroidery Baby Bodysuit. This piece features a charming apple design, paying tribute to the Big Apple with a touch of elegance. The organic cotton material ensures all-day comfort, making it suitable for everything from Christmas Eve gatherings to leisurely days at home. This bodysuit is a stylish and practical addition to any baby’s holiday wardrobe.

Day 7: Organic Baby Booties in Red 

Was $23 and Now $18.40

On the seventh day, the Organic Baby Booties in vibrant red are the perfect holiday accessory. These booties are designed to keep little feet warm and cozy during the winter season. Whether it’s for a family outing to a Christmas market or staying snug at home, these booties add a festive touch to any outfit.

Day 8: Bunny Gift Set with Separates

Was $95 and Now $76

Day eight introduces another adorable option with the Bunny Gift Set featuring separates. This set allows for creative dressing, mixing and matching pieces for different looks. Each item is made from soft, organic materials, ensuring your baby is comfortable and stylish for all holiday events, from visiting relatives to participating in holiday photo shoots.

Day 9: Organic Taxi Baby One-Piece in Gray Stripe 

Was $33 and Now $26.40

The ninth day's Taxi Baby One-Piece is a trendy choice for urban adventures. The gray stripe design is chic and versatile, making it an excellent outfit for family outings in the city. The organic cotton fabric provides comfort and warmth, perfect for a baby's sensitive skin during the cooler holiday season.

Day 10: Baby Bunny Pilot Cap

Was $19 and Now $15.20

On day ten, the Baby Bunny Pilot Cap is a charming addition to your baby's winter wardrobe. This cap is not only cute but also functional, keeping your little one’s head warm during outdoor activities. Its adorable design makes it an excellent accessory for holiday photos and family gatherings.

Day 11: NYC Toddler Pajamas Set 

Was $59 and Now $47.20

The NYC Toddler Pajamas Set is an ideal choice for cozy Christmas Eve nights. These PJs are perfect for cuddling up with a bedtime story, waiting for Santa's arrival. The soft fabric ensures a comfortable sleep, preparing your toddler for the excitement of Christmas morning.

Day 12: Los Angeles Baby Onesie 

Was $33 and Now $26.40

On the final day, the Los Angeles Baby Onesie offers a relaxed and stylish option for your baby's holiday attire. Its comfortable design is perfect for a laid-back Christmas day at home or for visiting friends and family. The playful Los Angeles theme adds a touch of West Coast cool to your baby's festive look.

Wrapping Up the Joy with Estella

As we conclude our "12 Days of Christmas" journey with Estella, we are reminded of the joy and wonder that each gift can bring to the littlest members of our families. From cozy onesies to engaging toys, Estella offers a range of organic, stylish, and comfortable options for your baby's first or second Christmas. These gifts are not just items– they are memories in the making, wrapped in the softness of organic care and the warmth of holiday love. Celebrate this magical time with Estella, where each day brings a new reason to smile and cherish these precious moments.