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    This baby clothes gift set collection includes only bundles that contain clothing items in them. Be it a onesie, bodysuit, knit romper or some other piece of clothing, all the gift sets in this line have newborn clothes. Shop this collection if you want to get baby a bodysuit or some apparel, but also want a rattle, stuffed toy, security blanket or an accessory. Shoppers like this collection not only because they like to pick out something for the baby to wear, but because they also get the baby an accessory that will likely outlast the clothing. For example, a lot of bundles in this section contain organic baby rattles. These are great gifts because unlike clothing, they last years, not months or weeks. At first infants cannot use them, their grown ups use them to interact and bond with them. As they develop, they will grasp them and explore the texture, the sound and the colors. Then as toddlers, they will use them for imaginary play and comfort. Often, using them as a sleep aid and comforter when they need self sooth. Browse this collection and see if something catches your eye for the little one in your life.