Organic Stuffed Animals From Estella Make the Perfect Gift


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    Babies bring so much joy to our lives. When someone you know is pregnant or has recently given birth to a bundle of joy, it is almost human instinct to want to spoil that new precious little one. The challenge often comes in finding the perfect gift. You want to find something that mom, dad, and baby will enjoy while also choosing something unique and thoughtful. Organic stuffed animals from Estella most definitely satisfy all of these criteria. You’re sure to bring a smile to the baby’s face as well as the face of his or her parents when you choose to gift them one of the unique stuffed animals offered by Estella. 

    Stuffed Animals Are a Great Gift for Babies

    There are so many reasons why stuffed animals are an ideal choice when selecting a gift for a baby. First, they are toys that babies can enjoy both now and later. No matter a baby’s age, he or she will be able to enjoy the stuffed animal you purchase.

    Very young babies can receive visual stimulation as they watch you or their parents moving or shaking a stuffed animal in front of them. They can also begin to associate animal sounds with a particular animal if the adult moving the toy makes the corresponding sound for the baby.

    As the baby gets older and starts to learn how to grab objects, they can experiment with moving and manipulating the stuffed animal around on their own. Since Estella’s stuffed animals are small, they are the perfect size for babies to practice their grips and to develop their fine motor skills.

    A stuffed baby toy, such as a shark stuffed animal, will continue to bring joy to a little one as they move from the baby stage to the toddler stage. They’ll be able to start engaging in pretend play using your thoughtful gift. A kid may decide to make a habitat for a stuffed animal, to give it “checkups” at the vet, or to create a delicious meal for the animal to enjoy. The possibilities are endless, and imaginative children are certain to develop new ways to play with their stuffed bunny rabbit, stuffed alpaca toy, or stuffed ladybug than we could never even dream of.

    What Stuffed Animals Are Offered by Estella?

    When you visit the Stuffed Toys section on our website, you’ll be amazed at all the original and creative options waiting for you. Estella offers a mix of beloved stuffed animals as well as some other novel masterpieces. Each toy is hand-knitted in Peru and features a soft, 100% organic cotton exterior. They can all be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and placed flat to dry.

    If you’re looking for an animal toy for the little one on your list, one option for you to consider is the adorable lion stuffed animal. This king of the jungle is more cuddly than ferocious. He has a yellow body complete with a tufted mane and tale.

    Duunn dunnn…duuuuunnn duun…..duuuuunnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnn dunnn! Be on the lookout for the organic stuffed shark from Estella. This soft and friendly shark is gray with the signature shark fin on top. His mouth is open, showing his teeth, even though he looks readier to give baby a big kiss rather than a bite.

    Hooooo do you know that loves owls? They’re sure to love being gifted Estella’s owl toy. This light tan owl is all tuckered out after a long night flying. He has his eyes closed so he can catch some zzzzzzs. The owl has gray detail work to show his feathers, beak, and feet.

    Real alpacas have super-soft fur. Our stuffed alpaca is so soft that it may have people thinking it’s the real deal. This friendly stuffed animal has a rainbow blanket over his back and a few strands of colorful hair on his head. He looks like the perfect companion for a nice snuggle session.

    Ladybugs aren’t actually bugs; they’re beetles, or in the case of this cute toy, they’re a stuffed animal. No ladybug is complete without its red shell and black dots, and our friendly ladybug toy is no exception. We’ve also written “love bug” on the underside of his belly to help him share the love with his new companion. Babies and toddlers will love this ladybug’s warm and welcoming smile.

    In addition to all of the cute and cuddly stuffed animals, Estella also offers a collection of other fun stuffed creations. You can choose from a smiling avocado toy, a classic yellow taxicab, a red NYC apple, a happy cactus, a friendly banana, a stuffed peanut or a stuffed red airplane.

    How to Select the Right Stuffed Animal

    Estella has so many cute and unique options, so how are you supposed to pick one to gift to the little prince or princess on your list? First, you can think about what you know about the baby’s parents to help you select something. Have they traveled anywhere they may have seen some real animals that you could purchase a stuffed version of? For example, if they have recently been on a safari where they saw lions, gifting their son or daughter with a stuffed lion may bring back some happy memories of the trip.

    If the stuffed animal will only be part of your gift, you could try to coordinate it with the other items you’re giving to the baby. The baby shark stuffed animal would be the perfect complement to this octopus organic baby security blanket, and the stuffed owl paired with this moon cotton baby blanket would make a lovely gift together.

    Finally, when trying to decide on the perfect stuffed animal, you can always pick an animal that has special meaning to you. This way, you’re gifting the little one something that they’ll always associate with you. When you get to visit, you can share why you love the animal you selected to help the baby learn more about you and the animal. This can lead to a very special bond between you and the baby as he or she grows up.

    Why Choose Estella for Your Stuffed Animal Gifting Needs?

    When you are searching for cute stuffed animals to gift to your favorite little one, look no further than Estella. Our selection of unique stuffed animals is sure to delight parents and babies. Plus, you can feel confident that your gift will not only be cute but that it will also be safe for the baby and eco-friendly.

    When you shop with Estella, you’ll find one-of-a-kind, magnificent creations. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for the new little one in your life. The stuffed baby toys offered by Estella are specially designed to be perfect for babies and very young children. They are smaller than many other options you’ll see from other retailers, making them a good size for little hands to grab. This will allow babies to work on developing their fine and gross motor skills as they grab and move the stuffed animals around.

    Our stuffed animals for babies are hand-knit in Peru using certified organic cotton. This material is very soft and will feel great against a baby’s skin. All of our quality stuffed animals are nontoxic. The cotton yarn fabric we use has been certified organic due to the minimal chemicals and pesticides we use in the growing process. We know babies put everything in their mouths; you won’t need to worry if your little one places one of our stuffed baby toys in his or her mouth.

    Estella’s organic stuffed baby toys are also ethically sourced. We have developed a partnership with our knitters in Peru to produce our organic cotton stuffed animals. The knitters who work for us are truly a member of our team. We pride ourselves in providing these workers with fair treatment and wages. Supporting them and their communities is a central part of our work.

    We’re confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with your decision to purchase one of our stuffed animals for babies. The gift recipient will be delighted by the thoughtfulness of your gift and knowing that the new toy is completely safe for their little one. They’ll be even happier when they see all the joy it brings to their baby as they grow and develop.

    Who do you know who is pregnant or just gave birth to a bouncing bundle of joy? Which special stuffed animal will be right? Maybe it will be an owl stuffed animal. Perhaps you think a stuffed alpaca toy or lion stuffed animal will be the best fit for the baby. Place your order today, and get ready to sprinkle some joy into the life of a new baby. Whichever option you select, you can remain confident that you chose the perfect gift to delight the little one on your list.