Baby Clothes Sale | Buy a Onesie, Get 30% Off a Hat

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    Looking for a great deal on newborn gifts, shop Estella's organic baby clothes sale and get either a free gift with purchase or buy 1, get 1 free or discounted or benefit from another short term promotion.  We periodically offer flash sale on a variety of our exclusive styles, designs and collections of clothing, toys and presents for babies.  Estella’s collection includes organic infant onesies, hats, rompers, toys, stuffed animals, sweater knitted clothing and much more.  Designed in New York and made in specialty factories in Peru & India, Estella does not mass produce its items.  Rather it makes limited quantities that are unique and become part of the family.

    Baby Boy Clothes Sale

    Shopping for an infant boy, look no further.  Our sale & discounts includes our all organic cotton bodysuits, hats and much more designed for littles boys.  We offer unique graphics, colors and designs that flatter any boy no matter their skin tone or the family’s interest.  Whether the family loves food, cars, animals, travelling, sports, we have something unusual for them.  Rather than thoughtlessly discounting, we work hard to offer matching pieces. So we may promote onesies and offer a matching hat or rattle for a discounted price when bought together.  This makes it easier if you’re shopping for a baby shower gift.

    Baby Girl Clothes Sale

    We also offer discounts on baby girls clothing.  So if you're shopping for a little girl, we have you covered.  We have onesies, tee shirts, knit rompers and more for newborn girls.  With a variety of fun, one-of-a-kind colors and designs, we offer something exclusive for every little girl. We offer newborn clothing with different themes so that families that there is something for every family, no matter their interest; baseball, basketball, hot sauce, avocadoes, pineapple, hamburgers, hot dogs, taxis, roller & cement trucks, octopus, whale, cold brew coffee, dogs, New York City and much more.

    Designer Baby Clothes Sale

    Style & design is at the core of Estella’s existence.  Since we opened our doors in 2001, our mission has been to bring to market designer baby clothes. We started by introducing boutique children’s clothing designers to the US and have since morphed into designing our own collection. Estella has appeared in most of the major fashion magazines, has been cited on numerous celebrities and has earned a reputation for setting the trend in the children’s market. Our sales offer customers an opportunity to shop our designer kids clothing for less than usual.

    Organic Baby Clothes Sale

    Estella specializes in organic baby clothes.  Over a decade ago, we decided that we did not need to compromise on style to make our children’s clothing using 100% organic cotton.  So we started making our onesies, bibs, hat and even sweater knits in certified organic cotton and never looked back. Now, almost everything we design is made using cotton that is naturally grown and dyed without chemicals that are harmful to the farmers, workers and kids that wear them. While using this sustainable cotton is a little more expensive, the benefits to the planet and all creatures in it, far outweigh the costs.  This sale offers an opportunity to enjoy our eco-friendly baby clothing for less than usual.