Top 10 Unique Baby Gifts for Summer 2024


Summer is the perfect time to celebrate new arrivals with unique and thoughtful gifts. From lightweight clothing to playful toys, our curated list of summer baby gifts will bring joy to both parents and babies. Discover our top picks designed for summer 2024, each crafted with care and made from the finest materials.

1. Organic Cotton Summer Onesie

Printed Baby Onesie - Dogs


Made from soft organic cotton, this onesie is breathable and gentle on a baby's skin. The playful dog print adds a touch of fun, making it a perfect choice for summer outings or casual days at home.

Usage Tips

Ideal for layering or wearing alone on hot days. Pair it with a matching bib or hat for a coordinated look.

Why Parents Love It

"The fabric is incredibly soft and the print is so cute. Perfect for my baby during hot summer days." - Jane D.

"My baby feels comfortable and looks adorable in this onesie!" - Sarah M.

2. Summer-Themed Baby Rattle

Organic Hot Dog Rattle Baby Toy


This unique rattle, shaped like a hot dog, is crafted from organic cotton and filled with eco-friendly materials. The bright colors and fun shape make it an engaging toy for babies.

Usage Tips

Perfect for stimulating your baby's senses and encouraging hand-eye coordination. Great for playtime at home or on-the-go.

Why Parents Love It

"My baby loves the hot dog rattle! It's the perfect size for little hands and the sound keeps him entertained." - Emily R.

"Such a fun and safe toy. We take it everywhere!" - Michael T.

3. Organic Baby Blanket

Organic Baby Blanket - Fruits and Vegetables

  • Features: Lightweight and breathable, this blanket is made from 100% organic cotton. The fruit and vegetable print adds a vibrant touch, perfect for summer.
  • Usage Tips: Use it as a stroller blanket, for tummy time, or as a light cover during naps. It's versatile and easy to pack for summer outings.
  • Why Parents Love It:
  • "The blanket is so soft and lightweight, perfect for summer. I love the colorful print!" - Laura K. "Great quality and perfect for my baby's sensitive skin." - Amanda S.

4. Lightweight Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Muslin Safari Jungle Baby Swaddle

  • Features: These muslin swaddle blankets are breathable and gentle on the skin, featuring charming safari jungle prints. Made from high-quality muslin cotton, they are perfect for swaddling, nursing, or as a cover.
  • Usage Tips: Ideal for swaddling newborns, as a nursing cover, or for use during stroller rides on warm days. The lightweight fabric keeps babies cool and comfortable.
  • Why Parents Love It: "These swaddle blankets are amazing! They are breathable and the safari prints are adorable." - Lisa P. "A must-have for summer. So versatile and cute!" - Rachel W.

5. Organic Cotton Baby Bibs

Baby Kerchief Bib - Dogs

  • Features: Practical and cute, these kerchief bibs are made from organic cotton and feature fun dog prints. They are designed to keep babies clean while adding a stylish touch to their outfits.
  • Usage Tips: Great for mealtime, drooling, or as a stylish accessory. Easy to wash and maintain, making them a convenient choice for busy parents.
  • Why Parents Love It: "The bibs are not only practical but also super cute. They wash well and the prints are lovely." - Anna F. "Perfect for my messy eater. Looks great and does the job!" - Katie H.

6. Summer Books for Babies

I Love You to the Moon and Back Baby Book

  • Features: This heartwarming book is perfect for bedtime stories, making it a great gift to encourage early reading habits. The beautiful illustrations and sweet storyline make it a favorite among parents and children alike.
  • Usage Tips: Ideal for bedtime reading or quiet time during the day. Helps create a bonding experience between parents and babies.
  • Why Parents Love It: "Such a sweet book! My baby loves the pictures and it's become a favorite bedtime story." - Jenny L. "A beautiful story that we read every night." - Mark D.

7. Knitted Baby Toys

Monkey Stuffed Animal Toy

  • Features: Handcrafted with care, this knitted monkey toy is soft, cuddly, and perfect for summer playtime. Made from organic materials, it's safe for babies to play with and snuggle.
  • Usage Tips: Great for playtime, naptime, or as a comforting companion. Easy to carry around, making it a favorite for outings.
  • Why Parents Love It: "The monkey toy is adorable and very well made. My baby loves cuddling with it." - Laura J. "A favorite toy in our house. We take it everywhere!" - Tom R.

8. Baby Gift Sets

Dog Print Baby Onesie, Bib, Swaddle, Book, Toy Set

  • Features: This curated gift set includes a onesie, bib, swaddle blanket, book, and toy, all featuring charming dog prints. It's the perfect all-in-one gift for new parents, combining practicality with adorable designs.
  • Usage Tips: Ideal for baby showers or as a welcome gift for new parents. Each item in the set is carefully chosen to be useful and delightful.
  • Why Parents Love It: "This gift set is amazing! It has everything you need and the dog print is so cute." - Megan S. "A perfect gift for new parents. High quality and beautifully packaged." - Daniel T.

9. Summer Activity Kits

Organic Octopus Baby Gift Set

  • Features: This kit includes fun and engaging items for summer activities, such as a toy, book, and blanket, all featuring an octopus theme. It's designed to keep babies entertained and stimulated.
  • Usage Tips: Great for beach days, picnics, or playdates. The items are easy to pack and carry, making them perfect for summer adventures.
  • Why Parents Love It: "The octopus theme is adorable and the items in the kit are perfect for keeping my baby entertained." - Sophie C. "A wonderful set for summer outings. My baby loves it!" - David P.

10. Handmade Baby Clothes

Organic Baby Romper Sleeveless Knit - Whale

  • Features: This sleeveless romper is ideal for hot summer days, featuring a cute whale design and made from organic materials. It's lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for babies to wear.
  • Usage Tips: Perfect for casual summer days or special occasions. Pair it with a hat or lightweight blanket for added comfort.
  • Why Parents Love It: "The romper is perfect for summer. It's lightweight, and the whale design is super cute." - Emily B. "High quality and adorable. My baby gets so many compliments!" - Jessica N.


These unique baby gifts are perfect for celebrating the summer season. Each item is thoughtfully designed with quality materials to ensure comfort and joy for both babies and parents. Explore our collection and find the perfect summer gift today. Visit Estella for more details and to shop the collection.