Why You Should Be Buying Estella's Luxury Baby Gifts



If you’ve ever shopped for an expecting parent or for your own child, you’re probably familiar with how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for a baby or toddler. It can often be difficult to identify choking hazards, and when it comes to clothing and fabric, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re buying a product that isn’t filled with harmful chemicals. Estella’s commitment to environmental stewardship and to the production of luxury baby gifts has made it easier than ever to shop for the little ones in your life. From organic cotton baby blankets to handmade toys for toddlers, Estella’s luxury baby boutique has it all! In today’s post, we’ll explain in detail why you should be shopping with Estella if you’re an environmentally conscious and globally minded individual. When you’re finished reading this post, browse our luxury baby gifts online today, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions you may have!

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

You’ve probably read some of the stories regarding sweatshops and other unethical manufacturing processes that still occur around the world today. While institutions and governments are working to combat these abhorrent practices, many manufacturers are able to stay under the radar by relocating to foreign countries that are still developing. This practice leads to the exploitation of the country’s workers, and these practices are often detrimental to the surrounding areas as well. Because these manufacturers are outside of the United States, chemicals used during the manufacturing processes are often dumped into local bodies of water, harming both the environment as well as the people and animals that depend on them. 

If this information sounds grim, it is. Think about your child or a loved one’s child – nobody wants their little one to be playing with a toy or wearing clothing that contains harsh chemicals and exploited foreign workers during the production process. That’s why Estella has committed to environmental stewardship and ethical manufacturing processes for all of our luxury baby gifts. When you shop Estella, you can rest assured that you’re buying products that support environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes from workers that are treated with respect and dignity.

As manufacturers with a global reach, we understand that we have a duty to be ethical in all of our business dealings. Estella partners exclusively with men and women around the world who love what they do, and we ensure that all of them are paid wages that are fair. From our small group of knitters in Peru to our group of sewers in India, we ensure that our company has a positive impact on the people who make our products. You’re buying so much more than a gift for a little one when you shop with Estella – you’re also supporting a global community of artists. View one of our handmade baby toys being made below!

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton

If you’re a health-conscious person, you’ve probably heard about how detrimental some of the chemicals used in modern fabric manufacturing can be to the body. From various cancers to birth defects, cheap chemicals used in mass-produced goods can cause serious problems for you and your children’s bodies. Estella’s handmade baby toys and luxury baby clothing are crafted using Global Organic Textile Standard- (GOTS) certified organic cotton, which is a certification obtained by only the most environmentally conscious companies. Some of the stringent criteria for a GOTS certification include:

  • “At all stages through the processing organic fibre products must be separated from conventional fibre products and must be clearly identified.
  • All chemical inputs (e.g. dyes, auxiliaries, and process chemicals) must be evaluated and meeting basic requirements on toxicity and biodegradability/eliminability.
  • Raw materials, intermediates, final textile products, as well as accessories must meet stringent limits regarding unwanted residues.
  • Employment is freely chosen.
  • Child labour must not be used.
  • Harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited.”
These are just a few of the stringent standards that must be met before a company can receive a GOTS certification. Estella’s luxury baby clothes and handmade baby toys are safe for your child to put in his or her mouth, and they are safe for the planet and the people who make them. Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are more expensive than traditional manufacturing techniques, but we know that our customers are happy to pay just a bit more for products that have a positive impact on every life they touch.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should choose to shop with Estella. With accolades from Vogue, CNN, the New York Times, and other popular media outlets, it’s no surprise that Estella is becoming the go-to resource for baby showers, birthdays, and holiday gifts. When you buy from Estella, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re supporting a global community of artists around the world. Shop Estella online today for organic infant clothes and eco-friendly baby toys that are sure to impress!


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