Must Have Baby Book Gift Sets for New Parents




Must Have Baby Book Gift Sets for New Parents

I am totally sold on early childhood education and yes I mean early as in from day 1, not literally, but from as soon as you can sit with them and comfort them.  I read to each of my three kids, initially to pass the time and then eventually because it was part of their nap time or bed time routine and they needed it to go to sleep.  The time together was invaluable and it created a bond not just between me and each kid, but now with everyone in the family, since my kids are now older and discuss their childhood memories of me reading various books to them.

So if you are looking for a newborn baby gift, I highly recommend a gift set with a classic book with these accompanying presents:


New York Themed Baby Gifts- It’s fitting to give gifts inspired by the city that never sleeps seeing that babies never sleep! You can put together a great gift set centered around the “This is New York Book” and Estella’s fun organic baby toys. I love these gifts because you can give children some of the items they’ll see in the book as a gift, like the authentic New York City taxi. Our city collection even includes baby’s own Metro Card.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit Gift Set (courtesy Anna & Amy)-“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” is a classic story by Beatrix Potter that tells the story of the rambunctious Peter Rabbit as Mr. McGregor chases him around the garden. Pair the book with a baby wooden rattle toy, stuffed animal, and baby layette set. Baby will love the toy and stuffed animal while he listens to mom read this well-known tale. I think the combination makes the perfect gift set.


Goodnight Moon Gift Set- “Good Night Moon” is an iconic children’s book that deserves its own gift set. I loved reading this book just as much as my babies enjoyed hearing it and had to carry in our online store. We make a collection of moon-themed organic baby gifts like the cotton baby blanket and the moon rattle baby toy. I think they accentuate the book’s storyline and make the book even more fun for babies.


“The Giving Tree”- This book by author Shel Silverstein is a must-have for any child’s library.  This classic book tells the story of a little boy and his evolving relationship with an apple tree. It’s a story with a message about giving that can be read over and over again. It’s a great gift partly because the book is all about giving.  To complete the gift, you can combine this or any of our Baby books with a baby blanket or infant rattle toy.  We at Estella offer a rich selection of organic baby clothes, toys and accessories that will complement this or any of our book.

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Baby book gift sets are truly the epitome of a gift that babies and mom will cherish for years to come! 


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