Celebrating Pride Month: 10 Handpicked Gifts for New LGBTQIA+ Parents

It's that time of year where we don the most vibrant hues in our closets, wave our rainbow flags, and celebrate love in all its beautiful diversity. Pride Month isn't just about the parades and parties, it's also about acknowledging the strength and resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community.

One such strength lies in the hearts of LGBTQIA+ parents who form their families in a myriad of beautiful ways. To honor these loving parents and support LGBTQIA+-empowering brands, we've curated a list of 10 luxury, sustainable, and innovative Estella products they will love.

Rainbow Baby Gift Set

rainbow baby gift set

Celebrate the power of love and unity this Pride Month with the Rainbow Baby Gift Set. The joyous spread of color on the organic cotton blanket symbolizes the inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community. Accompanied by a hand-knit rainbow baby rattle and hat, it is a beautiful reminder that love and kindness come in all colors.

Organic Feminist Baby Gift Set 


Empowerment starts young with this Organic Baby Gift Set. The 'Girl Power' onesie, made from organic cotton, is a charming statement piece for your baby feminist. Paired with a 'Little Feminist' book that introduces trailblazing women, it fosters an early appreciation for equality, making it a perfect tribute to Pride Month's spirit of equal rights.

Love in the Wild Baby Board Book

Celebrate love in all its forms with the 'Love in the Wild' baby board book. This charmingly illustrated book introduces your little one to love as it exists in the natural world, fostering a sense of inclusivity. It's an ideal read during Pride Month, reinforcing the message that love knows no boundaries.

Eat, Read, Snuggle, Baby Feminist Baby Gift Set 

The 'Eat, Read, Snuggle, Baby Feminist' Gift Set is a heartwarming blend of essentials that promote equality. The 'Baby Feminist' book, featuring pioneering women from history, encourages early awareness of gender equality. It's a perfect match for Pride Month, symbolizing the ongoing fight for equality and acceptance.

Heart Cotton Baby Blanket by Estella

Envelop your baby in love with Estella's Heart Cotton Baby Blanket. Crafted from pure organic cotton, it's an embodiment of affection, making it a fitting tribute to Pride Month, a celebration of love in all its forms. Its timeless design ensures it will remain a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Knit Feminist Baby Gift Set

Make a statement this Pride Month with the Knit Feminist Baby Gift Set. The 1973 romper serves as a homage to the historical year that marked significant progress in gender equality. It's a charming reminder of the strides taken towards equality, mirroring the spirit of Pride Month.

Organic Girl Power Baby Onesie 

The 'Girl Power' Organic Baby Onesie is a miniature manifesto for equality. Its strong message, complemented by the soft, organic cotton fabric, makes it a perfect Pride Month outfit, encapsulating the spirit of empowerment and equal rights for all.

Muslin Rainbow Baby Swaddle

The Muslin Rainbow Baby Swaddle is a symbol of inclusivity. Its beautiful rainbow print, representative of the LGBTQ+ flag, is an excellent way to introduce your baby to the spirit of Pride Month. The soft, breathable muslin ensures a comfy swaddle, wrapping your baby in a message of love and acceptance.

Printed Hearts Baby Onesie

Show your little one an abundance of love with the Hearts Printed Baby Onesie. Its charming heart print is a testament to the power of love, resonating with Pride Month's celebration of love in all its forms. Made of organic cotton, it ensures your baby's comfort as they join in the celebration of love.

Organic Girl Power Striped Baby Onesie

The 'Girl Power' Stripes Organic Baby Onesie is a vibrant celebration of feminine strength. Its bright stripes and empowering message make it an appropriate outfit for Pride Month, reflecting its message of gender equality and inclusivity. The soft organic cotton ensures comfort as your baby makes a bold statement.

Each of these items recognizes the beauty of diversity and the importance of sustainability, echoing the spirit of Pride Month. In celebrating and supporting LGBTQIA+ parents, we also contribute and work towards a brighter, more inclusive future for our children. Happy Pride Month!