Discover Why This Grandpa Loves Estella Baby Toys for Himself


Raymond, a grandpa with a passion for public transportation-themed toys, stumbled upon Estella’s subway car rattles and couldn’t resist their charm. His story showcases the joy our handmade toys bring to all ages, not just the little ones they’re intended for. Here’s why Raymond loves Estella and why these toys have become a cherished part of his collection.

A Grandfather’s Delight: Raymond’s Review

Raymond’s experience with our subway car rattles highlights the unique appeal and quality of Estella’s creations:

I’m a grandpa of nearly grown grandchildren. A few years ago, a friend's baby had gotten an Estella subway car rattle, and when I saw it, I think I was drooling over it more than the baby did! So I bought one, ostensibly to give to the next newborn we knew, but it was really for me. It's on my wife's and my bed with a bunch of other public transportation-themed plush toys (we love subways, the El, the Tube, etc). I got another Estella subway car rattle recently so that the first one would not feel alone! Someone also gave me an Estella subway Metro card rattle for our collection. They are so cute. We love Estella's work, and I'm trying to justify buying a whole fleet of subway car rattles—it will be a long subway train lined up against the pillows! I highly recommend all of Estella's work. All her creations are wonderful. And someday a real newborn baby will get our collection and be the luckiest baby around...but not for a while I hope. Thank you for super products.

Raymond’s enthusiasm speaks volumes about the delight and quality Estella toys bring into people’s lives.

The Unique Appeal of Estella’s Toys

Raymond’s story showcases how our toys can transcend their intended purpose. Initially designed as baby rattles, these toys have found a special place in Raymond’s collection of public transportation-themed items. This broader appeal highlights the universal charm of Estella’s products.

Why They Stand Out:

  • Handmade Craftsmanship: Each toy is hand-knit by skilled artisans in Peru, ensuring unique, high-quality pieces.

  • Organic Materials: Made from 100% organic cotton, they are safe and gentle for all ages.

  • Distinctive Designs: The themed designs resonate with both children and adults, making them ideal collectibles.

Customer Stories: Joy Across Generations

Raymond isn’t alone in his appreciation for our toys. Other customers have shared similar sentiments, highlighting the quality and emotional connection they feel with Estella products:

  • The Octopus lovey is going to be hard to give up to my new grandson! It’s wonderfully soft and well made.” - Diane
  • My favorite brand for kid’s gifts. Great quality and the most adorable pieces! Their customer service was fantastic!” - Maria

These reviews underscore the universal appeal and cherished nature of our handmade toys.

The Craft Behind the Magic

Each Estella toy is a product of meticulous craftsmanship. Our artisans in Peru use traditional knitting techniques, ensuring that every piece is a labor of love. This commitment to quality is evident in every toy, providing comfort and joy to families worldwide.

Caring for Your Collectibles

To keep your Estella toys in pristine condition:

  • Machine Wash: Use a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Drying: Lay flat to dry to maintain the toy’s shape and quality.

Conclusion: A Humble Invitation

We are grateful for the heartfelt reviews from customers like Raymond, who highlight the joy and quality our products bring. If Raymond’s story has inspired you, we invite you to explore our collection of unique baby toys and find the perfect addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Discover more about our handmade subway car rattles and see why they’re loved by all ages.