High End Baby Gifts – What Barneys Shoppers Love for Babies






High end Baby Gifts – What Barneys Shoppers Love for Babies

Growing up in New York in the 1980's, Barneys was to me THE trend setting store.  It had the most interesting designers from the US, Japan, Belgium and more.  They were daring and brought in exotic pieces and collections that other stores were too afraid to carry.  They were true trend setters and I looked forward to going there to discover new things.

Fast forward 30 years and not much has changed.  Barneys continues to set the trend not just in adult fashion, but in high end baby gifts too.  Everything there is eye candy and I enjoy going there to see what's new and interesting in women's fashion, home, baby and more.  Estella is proud to be a part of Barney's baby gifts.  Here are some of what their shoppers love:


Baby Rattle, Hot dog - Handmade with soft organic cotton in Peru, this rattle has been a best seller for many years, especially for those looking for something that represents New York for baby.  One of New Yorker's favorite street food, this hot dog toy is detailed with ketchup and mustard.  A well designed and fun gift for baby.


Organic Baby Toy, Taxi Rattle - Also a NYC favorite, this infant toy has been in Barneys for a few years now.  Shaped like the iconic New York taxi, it is also made with GOTS certified organic cotton, is soft and gently on babies skin and has been the talk of many baby showers.  A must for any newborn with a connection to the big Apple. 


Estella Organic Metrocard Rattle

Baby Toy, Organic Metro Card Rattle - Similarly, this newborn toy has been in Barneys for many years and has amused many revelers at baby showers all over the City and beyond.  A staple for any native New Yorker, the metrocard rattle represents baby's first pass to NYC.


Estella Football Rattle

Baby Rattle, Football Toy - Also a staple at Barneys for the past few years, this football rattle is a must for the sporty family.  No matter which NFL team they love, football fans all agree on this organic baby toy for their newborn.  It is soft, well made and represents one of their favorite pass times, football!


Estella Pretzel Onesie

Pretzel Baby Onesie - Estella's organic cotton baby bodysuit with a Pretzel print is relatively new to Barneys.  Graphic and bold, this onepiece suit is a must for food lovers, especially those with a NY connection.  Combine it with the hot dog rattle for a complete gift for the NY food loving family.


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