Cool Looks for Babies for Fall

Fall Baby Clothes

Fall means it’s time to wrap your baby in loads of layers so they stay warm and cozy. If you’re a new mom, it can be somewhat difficult to navigate through the baby section at a clothing store. 

Fortunately, we’ve made a list of cool yet comfortable clothes to dress up your little bundle of joy:

Tips to Remember when Dressing a Baby for Fall 

Fall means chilly winds, leaves turning brown, and new moms fretting about their little one catching a cold. Here are a few tips you must remember when dressing your child during the Fall season:

  • Make sure your baby wears one layer more than you
  • During the fall season, the temperature tends to fluctuate. You need an outfit that’s cozy and comfortable but adjusts to cold, rainy and sunny weather.
  • Ensure your baby’s head is covered by putting a hat on them
  • Choose natural fiber like cotton, wool, and bamboo to keep them comfy and happy
  • Avoid using extra blankets and snowsuits while your baby is in the car where they might get hot

Cool Looks for Babies for Fall 

Here are some stylish yet comfortable clothes to keep your little one safe from the elements of fall:

Whale One-Piece Long Romper, Hat and Romper by Estella

Choose Estella’s organic Whale One-piece romper baby set so your baby looks cozy and fashionable. The set includes three items: a GOTS-certified, hand-knit romper, a whale rattle toy, and a comfy striped hat. 

This fantastic gift set is designed for infants who are a day old to 18 months. Dress you're little one in Estella’s whale romper, whether it’s for an event or you’re just lounging. 

Pare Baby Romper by Caramel

Opt for a vintage theme by dressing up your little one in Caramel’s Pare baby romper. This high-quality romper has an ecru tone complemented by tiny navy dots. 

It's 100% cotton lining ensures your baby is comfortable while looking stylish. The romper comes with extendable straps and copper-colored buttons to make sure you can easily layer your little one.

Shark Baby Romper by Estella 

Perfect for kids obsessed with baby shark, this 100% organic romper ensures a snug fit and keeps your baby warm. 

The soft cotton is hand-knitted with a friendly shark and lettering. A bonus of the Estella romper is that it has button closure on the legs and shoulder. 

Navy Two-Tone Gingham by Tartine et Chocolat

This Fall, make sure your baby girl is cozy and stylish with Tartine et Chocolat’s navy two-tone gingham dress.

This must-have dress has a Peter Pan collar, sleeves with lace details, and 98% cotton.

Baby Star Leggings by Noe and Zoe

Combat the chilly winds during the fall season with the help of Noe and Zoe’s comfortable baby star leggings. 

These stylish, super-soft cotton leggings come in four pretty colors: plum, blue, white, and khaki. 

The Bottom Line

You need to keep your newborn warm once the fall winds start, but don’t compromise on style. Choose one of the above-mentioned clothes to make sure your bundle of joy feels comfy and looks stylish!