Organic Baby Gift Sets

Discover newborn gift sets that new parents love.

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    Discover organic baby gift sets that new parents love.  Not only are they made of sustainable materials by ethical manufacturers, but these natural pieces have tons of personality! There are baby clothes gift sets with dinosaur, giraffe, monkey, New York City, under the sea, feminist themes and more. Perfect for shoppers who want to include clothing in their present, Estella also offers newborn sets that have strictly accessories. Shop this section and find rattle toys, security blankets, board books, booties, hats and more, all grouped in themes that new parents will love. There are sports themed gifts, food collections and more. All designed in New York City and made in small batches in Peru and India, Estella is family owned and places a high value on making quality pieces that babies can use not just for a few months, but can use as toddlers. For example, our toys are designed so that newborns can use them for imaginative play as toddlers. Browse our site and see more!