Baby & Toddler Costumes: Magical Halloween Ideas for kids






Looking for a baby or toddler Halloween costume that will be memorable? Check out these magical baby clothes and accessories that transform these little kids into fantasy land.

Sweet Dreams by littlegriffon

Bring the gorgeous fall foliage home to baby with this beautiful autumnal costume 🎃🍂

Stall for Olaf by joanna.buda

Baby and his best friend can set up shop and sell only the best in local produce with this adorable backdrop—apple and bunny emojis 🍎 🐰 

Moving Figures by kasia_biecek_

Your baby will find herself in an enchanted forest with all of her magical forest friends 🦊🌲🎈

Bonfire and Foam by joanna.buda

Why rough it in the frigid temps? Bring the s’mores indoors to baby with this amazing set up! 🔥🍂☕

Lifting Unicorns by franzisaidwhat

Girl power prevails with this magical little shot! 🦄💪

Flying with Winnie the Pooh by waterforlilies

She’l l be lifted up, up and away with her favorite friends in tow! Loving this dreamy idea for a baby photoshoot. ☁️🎈

Dream picnic to Reality by joanna.buda

Winter may be coming but it’s never too late for a baby picnic! Share the blanket with a favorite friend or two and let the picnic fun begin! 🍎🍄🍂

Scare-wee by sienna.and.i

Your little Halloween Witch will ride over the moon with the bats and cast her magical spells past midnight with this frightful little costume! 🦇☁️🌙

Jasiek vs the Wind by kamciamamciaa

It may be windy out there, but baby’s nursery is warm and cozy. Recreate the beauty of winter without the chill. 🍃🍃

 I love all of these, which is your favorite and why?

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